Steve Jobs D8 Video Interview Now Available, Full and Uncut

When Steve Jobs took the stage at the D8 conference last week, we were treated to all kinds of morsels of wisdom and a look into the mind of Jobs. Topics covered included the inception of the iPad, which was actually in Jobs’ plans well before the iPhone was first announced, and the issue of the stolen iPhone and the drama that came with it.

So, if you missed out on any of the D8 action last week, or perhaps the live blogs just didn’t cut it for you, you can see the interview in full below.

[Via: AllThingsD]

  • kdarling

    People are now confused and actually think the iPad was designed first.

    All Jobs said was that he was playing with a touch tablet screen prototype in the early 2000s and it inspired him to use some of its ideas on the iPhone.

    Work on the iPhone OS didn't even start until early 2006, and the iPad is clearly a blown up version of it.

  • David

    This guy is a hero

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