Superphone shootout: what’s the best smartphone for this summer?

Apple’s iPhone 4 looks like it will be a killer device but there are a plethora of good smartphones on all of the major carriers. We take a look at some of the hottest handsets that will go head-to-head this summer season, so read on after the jump for a breakdown of the coolest new handsets (Update: If you think this one’s cool, check out Round Two).

iPhone 4
$199 on a new, two-year contract with AT&T (available June 24)

Specifications (Specs – sheet)

  • 3.5-inch Retina Display (960×640) capacitive touchscreen
  • Custom A4 CPU
  • 5-megapixel camera with LED flash
  • 16GB or 32GB internal storage
  • Quad-band 3G data connectivity
  • WiFi (b/g)
  • GPS (aGPS)
  • 3.5mm headphone jack
  • Front-facing camera for video calls
  • Second microphone for noise cancellation
  • Internal gyroscope offers six-axis motion controls

The Good

  • Display should make text, videos and pictures vibrant and clear
  • The A4 is also in the iPad and that runs blazing fast
  • Video calling should be simple to do
  • Thinnest smartphone on the market
  • Antenna, WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth integrated into steel frame
  • Gyroscope opens door for innovative games, apps
  • iOS 4 adds multiple features like multitasking

The Bad

  • Non-removable battery
  • No microSD slot for expandable storage
  • Locked into iTunes ecosystem (good or bad depending on your preference)
  • New AT&T data plans may limit usefulness of mobile data, apps
  • New design may polarize fans of the original’s design

After months of speculation, hype and leaks, Apple finally unveiled its next smartphone and the iPhone 4 looks like a winner. It features a new design – the handset is made entirely of glass and steel – and the stainless steel frame now serves as the antenna for WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth and 3G, which should help improve reception (AT&T still has to pull its weight, though).

The 3.5-inch Retina Display should turn a few head too, as it packs 326 pixels per inch. This should make text, videos and pictures extremely crisp and vibrant, and it packs a solid 800:1 contrast ratio. Apple said this will make text look as if you were reading it on a piece of paper and we came away impressed during our hands-on time.

The camera has also received a much-needed boost, as you now have a 5-megapixel shooter with an LED flash. There’s also a front-facing camera that can be used with Apple’s FaceTime for two-way video chatting. You can also record 720p HD videos that can be edited on the handset and uploaded to sites like YouTube, and there’s also a new iMovie for iPhone which will give you the ability to add titles, transitions and more.

The 1 GHz Snapdragon processor is becoming a standard in most high-end devices but Apple is sticking with its custom A4 chip for the iPhone 4. This is the same CPU that powers the iPad and it provides some strong horsepower. Apple has also claimed the better processor won’t impact power consumption too much, as the improved (non-removable) battery should give users ample juice for their smartphone needs. There’s also an internal gyroscope to developers the ability to create apps that utilize six-axis motion controls.

Beyond the hardware, the next iPhone will rock iOS 4 (previously iPhone OS 4.0). This plugs most of the major holes in the platform by including multitasking, iAd, a social-gaming network and more.

Check out our hands-on video of the iPhone in the video below for a closer look at Apple’s latest smartphone.

$199 on new, two-year contract with Sprint

Image showing Sprint HTC EVO 4G in the hand

Specifications (Specs – sheet)

  • 4.3-inch WVGA (800×480) capacitive touchscreen
  • 1Ghz Snapdragon CPU
  • 8-megapixel camera with dual-LED flash
  • 512MB RAM, 1GB ROM
  • 3G and 4G data connectivity
  • WiFi (b/g)
  • GPS (aGPS)
  • microSD
  • HDMI-out port
  • 3.5mm headphone jack
  • Front-facing camera for video calls
  • Mobile Hotspot feature
  • kickstand

The Good

  • Flagrantly large 4.3-inch capacitive touchscreen display
  • Integrated kickstand. Yes, it has a kickstand.
  • HDMI-out port
  • 4G for high speed data (where available)
  • Mobile Hotspot feature
  • Red-colored accents
  • Multi-touch support

The Bad

  • Battery life
  • MicroSD under the battery
  • Non-standard HDMI port
  • Battery life (or lack thereof. Did we mention that already?)
  • No simultaneous voice and data in 3G-only areas
  • Big for small hands and tight pockets

If bigger is better, than HTC’s EVO 4G on Sprint is the best of the bunch. The handset packs a large, 4.3-inch display that works well in sunlight and it makes browsing the web and watching videos on the go a pleasant experience. It’s still a big phone but it has slim profile and it doesn’t weigh too much.

It rocks a 1 GHz Snapdragon processor, an 8-megapixel camera that takes pretty good shots, a front-facing camera that can do two-way video chats, HDMI-out port, and all the connections you want from a smartphone. It runs Android 2.1 with HTC’s Sense UI layered on top, and the company has promised users will get 2.2 by the end of the year.

Beyond the form factor and features, the most compelling thing about this is the ability to tap into Sprint’s expanding 4G network for home broadband-like speeds on the go. You’ll have to pay a price for that though, as EVO users are required to pay a $10 monthly premium on top of voice and data, even if you’re not in a 4G area. You’ll also be able to use this 4G connection as a mobile hotspot for up to eight devices, but this will cost $30 a month.

We put the handset through its paces in our full review. How did it fare?

So, does Evo live up to its striking good looks, killer feature-set, and the promise of a multimedia dream come true? Well, in case you haven’t been paying attention. Damn skippy. Evo’s huge screen just oozes sex appeal to any gadget geek – at the very least, it will draw the attention of just about anyone you happen to be near when you start playing with Evo.

Droid Incredible
Available for $199 on a new, two-year contract with Verizon Wireless

Specifications (Specs – sheet)

  • 1Ghz Snapdragon CPU
  • 3.7-inch AMOLED capacitive touchscreen display @ WVGA resolution
  • 8 megapixel camera with dual-LED flash
  • 3G data
  • WiFi
  • GPS
  • microSD
  • Bluetooth (Stereo (A2DP), Handsfree, Headset, Phonebook Access)
  • Android 2.1 OS with HTC Sense

The Good

  • Huge 3.7-inch AMOLED capacitive touchscreen display with WVGA resolution.
  • Slim form-factor
  • Dual-LED camera flash
  • 8 megapixel camera
  • 8GB internal storage for apps, music, video
  • Hot-swappable microSD card

The Bad

  • Android Market still lacking the app-diversity and breadth of Apple’s iPhone AppStore
  • No simultaneous voice and data service
  • Questionable battery cover design

The Droid Incredible has been flying off the shelves at such a fast rate that Verizon can’t keep up with demand. There’s a good reason for that, as the device does seem to live up to its name. According to our thorough review:

Overall, the Verizon Droid Incredible is a great Android phone. It’s got the hardware chops to take on the best of the best. It’s light on its feet and handles most tasks – UI, maps, apps, videos – with ease. HTC Sense makes everything better. We like the design. We like the specs. Despite it’s drawbacks, we really like the Incredible.

It sports a good-sized 3.7-inch AMOLED capacitive touchscreen with a WVGA resolution. It ditches a physical keyboard to maintain a slim profile, but some may not like the grooves on the back of the phone. Inside, there’s a 1 GHz Snapdragon processor, GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth, 8-megapixel camera with a dual-LED flash, and a microSD slot. It runs Android 2.1 with HTC’s Sense UI, which does add some needed visual panache.

There’s not much more to say about the Incredible, as it’s probably the best smartphone you can get on Verizon Wireless right now.

Samsung Galaxy S
Not clear which carrier, but it will likely be coming to T-Mobile or AT&T for similar pricing to the other phones.

Specifications (Specs – sheet)

  • 1Ghz CPU
  • 4.0-inch Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen display
  • 5 megapixel camera
  • 3G data
  • WiFi
  • GPS
  • microSD
  • Bluetooth (Stereo (A2DP), Handsfree, Headset, Phonebook Access)
  • Android 2.1 OS with Samsung S Life UI

The Good

  • Stunning 4-inch Super AMOLED display
  • Light, slim phone
  • Processor may be more capable than competitors
  • The screen’s gorgeous, just thought I’d mention it again

The Bad

  • The camera may not be as good as some of the competitors
  • No definitive U.S. release date or pricing
  • S Life UI may have some bumps out of the gate

The Samsung Galaxy S could very well be the wild card out of the bunch as we still don’t know which carrier it’s coming to (likely T-Mobile or AT&T) or how much it will cost. It may not have the largest screen of the bunch but it may very well have the prettiest. Photos don’t really do the 4-inch Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen justice, as this thing is crystal clear and extremely vibrant. We didn’t get a chance to check it out in direct sunlight (which can make these types of displays unusable) but this is by far my favorite screen to look at.

The custom processor may also be one of its main advantages, as tests indicate it could have up to 3X the power of other smartphones in terms of graphics. The Cortex-A8 processor with the PowerVR SGX540 GPU can reportedly pump out 90 million triangles per second, more than three times the graphical power of the iPhone 3GS.

The handset also packs all the connectivity goodies you’d expect and it packs it all in a thin 9.9mm frame. Custom UIs on top of Android can be hit or miss (Sense UI is pretty cool but MotoBlur is kind of a mess), but I tend to like Samsung’s S Life UI because it’s very minimalistic but adds some neat little flourishes like easier access to social networks. Still, these customs layers can lead to a delay in software upgrades, so we’ll see how dedicated Samsung is to keep its users up to date.

Samsung has teased that this will be hitting the United States very soon, so we’ll get this one in our hands soon enough and give you a thorough breakdown of Samsung’s high-end Android phone. In the mean time, check out our hands-on video below for some more details.

So, it looks like the coolest smartphones of the summer will either run iOS 4 or a version of Android but you won’t have to wait too long for some good devices if you’re not a fan of those platforms. Research In Motion is gearing up the next version of its OS and BlackBerry 6 should debut on some wild form factors. Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 looks pretty impressive too, and Dell, Samsung and others are sure to bring out some lust-worthy hardware with Microsoft’s latest mobile software. Any way you slice it, it’s a great time to be a smartphone lover.

What’s going to be your next smartphone, readers? Sound off in the comments.

  • Timi Azeez

    Either a Samsung Galaxy S or Samsung WP7 or Samsung BADA phone(not the 3.3" but a bigger screen say 3.7 or 4)

    • marinperez

      That Dell Thunder WP7 device has me salivating. Nothing's official on that one though.

  • Mandeep

    where is nokia n8?

    • marinperez

      Sorry, this was more U.S-focused and there's no guarantee that one will be hitting subsidized. Besides, N8? Really? It looks like a lot of Nokia's recent handsets: packed to the gills with specs but cruddy software.

      Would love to hear your perspective.

      • Al Pavangkanan

        Another vote for the Nokia N8.

        None of those listed are compelling to me, and I live in Los Angeles.

        • mattz

          ignorance is bliss. faith is blind. =)

  • kurleigh martin

    The only thing symbian^3 is missing is a snappy UI the guts on it is great look at the video editing they showed today! N8 deserves a spot … RIM though just need help

    • marinperez

      Agreed but I don't know if Symbian will be getting that good UI any time soon. Even the proposed Symbian^4 stuff looks stodgy.

  • Eric

    I'll wait for unlocked, uncrippled Android with GSM + CDMA, then buy w/o contract. Great as these computers with phone inside are, never another contract or Apple or M$!
    Waiting for CDMA + SIM Androids.

    • marinperez

      You're going to be waiting a long time, buddy.

      • mattz

        See Motorola XT800 sold in China. Dual Standby and Dual Active. Problem is VZW won't activate it.

  • Ajit

    This is really biased, iphone doesnt stand in competition with the N8 at all. N8 is a far more superior device than iphone.

    Iphone still doesnt have true multitasking, so you cannot call it a smartphone at all.

    Why you think a UI is more important than the functionality beats me. Symbian one of the best OS'es in time.

    iOS4 is still struggling with multitasking & Flash(after 4 generations!) while even a cheap Symbian S60 phone can do this easily. And people call this Smart!! I pity the "Smart" people!

  • Anand Srinivasan

    HTC EVO 4G..Wonder when that'll come to India. I am going to go camping all night then..hypePhone does not even deserve to be in the list, and you have it at number one!

  • bigfan

    evo stands alone above all others…. just look at what it has, specs for no other phone even compares….. EVO ALL THE WAY BABY!!!!! (o yeah, battery does kinda suck tho)

  • Ajit

    Yes, I almost forgot, Wheres the beloved N900 in this list?

    Its a mobile computer!

  • Westy

    Sigh even after 50,000 apps i really dont see how this can be a fault to android. The app diversity argument really shouldnt even be mentioned anymore. There are plenty of apps Android users have access to that Apple users will never have access to which should cancel out the app diversity argument. Google Nav and tethering alone to speak of a few. Then the whole No simultaneous voice and data service argument wasnt even an issue until AT&T started mentioning it in their ads. I dont think people even noticed that until they brought it up. This also isnt a fault to the phone its the network, which to me shouldnt be able to count as a fault.

  • JoC

    Evo is the BEST!!! ever..

  • JoC

    Evo is the BEST Ever!!!

  • JoC

    Evo rocks!!! but I do agree that battery life s–ks.
    Can HTC Evo get us a better BATERY? hey… this baby came with a 4.3 Screen, so we need a better BATERY 😉


  • @imaginess

    RIM should work with Google and put out an Android BlackBerry. That would stun the market.

    I got the EVO last Friday and love it. As far as lack of apps in the android market i feel there are plenty. For instance how many sodoku apps are there for the iphone, probably hundreds. There are more than a few in the android market. That being said, I am sure if you search you can find the right app for you. Plus you are not tied down to just the android market, though user beware using 3rd party apps could lead to security problems.

    • marinperez

      Would love to see an Android BlackBerry.

  • Robert

    i got a fever and the only prescription is htc Evo

    • willpark

      LOL, good one!

  • petrock

    Get a grip you bunch of cry babies. Has any new phone not had it's problems or weaknesses when first introduced as having the best technology of the day. The EVO is the best bar none even with the battery issues you bunch of idiots! Love the EVO for all it's rich features, save one small complaint for the dumb decision at HTC not to include Divx capability. With a few more tune-ups by the way of upgrades in the software and hardware department and maybe some MKV playback, Steve Jobs and all those dumb iPhone fans might start seeing the end of their inferior crap. Great job HTC, even if Sprint can't keep up with you. Let's rock into the future with the Andriod push. Mobile smartphones that can deliver media rich and cutting-edge technology is the wave of the future and it won't be in a crappy iPad, netbook, minibook, or laptop. Who cares about photo-editing crap in their phone? How about getting live mobile TV for the World Cup, major sports events, live newscasts, whatever turns you on streaming video and audio capability instead of just cable and satellite BS. Mobility baby, and this with the likes of an HTC EVO kick starter. Don't let up HTC. The EVO is a great platform and to hell with Steve Jobs' proprietary bull!

  • GbrilliantQ

    Forgot the 4.3" screen HD2!

  • JustinPerry

    just for solidarity sake… the iphone 4 is a wireless n capable phone, which the others arent… not that that will be relevant to too many people… also tethering is a possibility too… just wish att wouldnt charge so much… and yeah att went to non unlimited data plans but dont worry other networks will start to too, starting with Verizon (expected announcement soon)

    I do the math, and sadly getting the Evo with all its loveliness costs the most out of any package! Plus living in NYC, or almost anywhere else for that matter does not allow for 4G and spotty 3G at best… its like all this lovely technology came out before the lame phone companies could keep up.

    Look gents, I am a linux fan, have been for many years back when slackware was the shit… but all I hear is people saying how great android is and how great their phones are. but I have not actually heard any of you truly justify why its better, and I am seriously looking for a reason to switch over to an android based phone.

    Lets think about it… its not like Im debating on buying an overpriced under-equipped mac for 1600 when I could get the same thing for 500, these phones are ALL the same. The iphone comes stock 16 or 32 gb for 199 or 299, while these others come max 4 or 8 gb for the same price… and upgrading the SD card costs a fair amount. All these phones now have 1ghz processor, all have great resolutions, the iphone actually has a better resolution and a better ppi and aspect ratio…. both the Evo and the iphone record 720p which is sexy, evo has a better camera but any of you ever do photography? the difference between a 5mp and 8mp is slim and depends more on the resolution and ability to focus, which neither camera tells you much about that other than that they can focus… Both evo and iphone have forward facing camera, so both are capable of voice talk and with a simple app skype etc. The iphone has wireless n capability while the evo does not, which matters to me since I happen to use a wireless n router on a wireless n capable ISP. Evo comes stock capable of tethering which is sexy, BUT you have to pay out the ass for it, the iphone comes capable but limited atm by ATT however this will change shortly. Evo has a native HDMI which I love, but honestly I have a netbook and several other computers that have HDMI so why the hell would I hook my phone into it? Someone mentioned the EVO being able to stream mobile tv, but the iphone has this capability no? That would be nice to know I think.

    Please justify your responses, ffs I would love to switch to an android phone, but right now nothing has justified it to me, the iphone had problems with certain things and they fixed them (adding multitasking, and better everything else).

    Cheers friends,

    • @mauricegriffin

      The galaxy s has wifi-n, 16gb internal memory and 720p as well

    • Tachyon

      Well for one, try talking to your iPhone.
      Voice recognition is the killer app in Android OS. Well, that and being able to make calls while holding the phone in your hands.
      True multitasking.
      Choice in phones and carriers. Apple has 1 phone. LIke it or lump it. You can get Android phones in any form factor, feature set and price range.
      Freedom from iTunes. Need a computer to activate your cell phone! Come on Apple, WTF?
      Better user interface. Sure maybe the Apple brainwashed find the iPhone UI to be perfect. But hand someone who's never used a smart phone a Nexus One and an iPhone and see which one they find easier to use and navigate.
      Go customize the home screen on your iPhone. oops can't Steve's way or the highway.

      I think no one bothers to list the ways Android is superior to you is that they are so many and so obvious that it's not worth their time or effort to argue with Apple's cult members.

  • D2G

    EVO all the way – we got 6 on day 1.

  • barkleyfan

    All sick phones, but none of them make me wanna ditch my Droid. The processor is beast (1.3ghz) with root. Froyo is sick, and battery life rocks with it. Not sure about froyo wifi on Droid yet, but on Nexus, they have unlocked wireless N. So Evo and Incredible will likely support it eventually as well. And it includes *native* bluetooth voice dial. Apps2SD makes memory less of an issue. (also native to froyo) Maybe the Droid X/Shadow will change my mind, but for now I'm content. Naked Android UI is a big win for me. Sense and Motofail are bloat.

  • heymull

    Picked up the Incredible on day 1 (April 29) and have enjoyed it very much. My friend asked me at work "When do you turn that off?" and I said "When I'm sleeping". Fairly accurate. My favorite app: Engadget. They put out some amazing HD quality video, just amazing.

    Google's Navigation is better than my high-end TomTom. Incredible's 8 MP camera is better than my daughter's Canon: ultra clear with nice, wide angle shots.

    My friend's iPhone and iPad are very nice, but I am happier with Android's wider range of apps and freedom from iTunes. Justin Perry asked "why switch from Apple when their devices are better?" – I paraphrased but that was the essence. Answer: developers leaving Apple for Android greener pastures. With 50,000 apps already here, there is no shortage of apps on Android. But more and better are on the way as developers move away from Apple's restrictive programming policies. Nobody mentioned that here, but developers have been very vocal since Mr. Jobs railed against Adobe and Flash, which runs quite nice on my Incredible.

    My only wish: more screen real estate. I'd like the EVO's larger screen. But the Incredible is so small it is never in the way, so I have it with me all the time: easily fits in any pocket. And I am looking forward to Android 2.2, just because it is available on Nexus One. Android 2.1 is very fast though.

    What about not being able to browse the Internet and make a phone call? It has not come up in my use of the Incredible, so I can't say I miss it. Verizon will offer it in time anyway. 3G is coming out with improvements to capability and speed, to compete with 4G. This will benefit all smartphone users.

  • A2DP

    This article isn't much of a "shootout." More actual comparisons should be drawn. For example, am I to infer from this article that Samsungs 5 mp camera is inferior to Apples? It's a con for Galaxy but not Iphone.
    A "nonstandard" HDMI port is is a con for the Evo, so I'm guessing that having the HDMI port makes the phone worse off? With this being exclusive, it's hard to call extra features bad. This nonstandard HDMI port can be found on many small cameras, so nonstandard isn't really a fair tag.
    With a front facing camera on the Evo, shouldn't video calls be easy to do, just like the Iphone?
    It's ok to have favorites, but try to review items evenly across the board, otherwise your bias is made very clear.

    • matt

      yes, yes you are supposed to infer that. The samsung doesn't even have a flash….

  • NenniJ

    As soon as I saw the 'loading' graphic on the htc my heart sank. When, oh when will somebody release a true competitor to the iPhone?

  • Carlton

    Yawn, yawn more iClone reviews. It's pathetic that these companies are willing to do no more than imitate what apple was doing 4 years ago.

  • Kev

    Nothing compares to my nexus one the phone of the Gods

  • Mr Obvious

    God you are a horrible reviewer (like 4/5ths the idiots who blog these days)

    I didn't even read your crappy article I just went off your Footnotes of each phones features.

    There are some that hardly have anything to do with the phone that you list as positive features. (like iphone)
    Seriously man, do something productive than what everyone else does (which is reiterate everything they've read) and actually come up with your OWN conclusions that aren't biased by your poor observation skills.

    I bet you live in California, eat ONLY organic vegetables, drive a hybrid, and have more than 3 social network accounts.

  • Which is better

    HTC Evo Winds hands down!! Has a Bigger Screen, Has a Faster Processor, Has a Better Camera, Is a WiFi Hotspot, Has HDMI out, Don't have to live on At&t, oh and if has a kick stand!

  • RIM sucks

    EVo = Limited mobility with 3 hours battery, Features on top of iphone require extra fee and you get pay $10 extra for a $G which you will not get. This 4 G should not even be mentioned anymore. Oh and you cant get or send email/IM while ypu talk to your buddy. Dudes that is big. I have a sprint phone and that no dta while talking seriously sucks.

    I-Phone= You pay $50/month extra over the EVO and it cannot be used as a phone as it drops call constantly.

    Result= in reallife usability the EVO wins because the iphone is just too expensive as you have to buy a second phone that actually works as a phone. Otherwise the EVo features are mostly not useable for require extra payments which gets old quick. And carryin 3 batteries just to get you through the day is not workable either.

  • Rob

    Let me say, these phones get me hotter than this blistering summer sun, but I am still holding out until the end of the year/beginning of next because 1) my contract ends near the end of Oct, and 2) I still want to see some of the other superstars that we are supposed to be expecting: Dell's new, small stable of awesome known as Lightning, Thunder, Streak and Flash (the last not as much as the first 3); like some above, I expect big things from Nokia's N8 (but really, Nokia, 360 x 640 pixels…still?), and what about the new world-control devices that are being built with 1.5GHz & rumored 2GHz chips?

  • ewjr1inc

    iphone 4 HOT service provider NOT

  • dave

    I've owned an Iphone 3gs and am now a HAPPY EVO owner. The EVO battery life is a non issue folks. Once the battery is cycled it runs just as long as my Iphone ever did while probably doing more web browsing and video watching. I can see it being a problem if you leave wifi on, and 4g, and gps all the time. But why would you leave these features on while it's sitting on your desk at work? I turn on the radio I need when I need it, it's that simple. And honestly I'm 10 times happier with Sprint than I ever was with AT&T. This phone has the best GPS (and it doesn't cost extra AT&T) hands down. It doesn't use itunes (a plus for most). And I don't have to sync the damn thing everyday to get new stuff.

  • dukew

    Thanks for the overview on these phones. Just enough info — not all of us get hard-ons over techno-babble. I chose the Samsung Galaxy S (as the Captivate on AT&T) because it's got everything I need, and is on AT&T (trust me, iPhone fanbois, it's not the network, it's the device that's at fault). I like the extra memory in the S (16 onboard *and* an SD slot? Nice!) and the OMG screen (just the right size). I'm a little disappointed by the display's performance in sunlight, but it's worlds better than the Razr I passed on to the wife after she washed her Samsung A877 (don't look at me that way — I had an upgrade coming, and she got a new phone last year). It's sleek (a little too slippery, but a case should fix that), powerful, and hey, it functions well as a PHONE. Every device is a compromise, and this one strikes the best balance for my needs. Just one final note: if you don't like the blog, kids, try doing better yourself. Anybody can talk trash, but it takes some chops to deliver day after day, week after week. Give it a try, and let us know how you do.

  • James

    Again, you are including a “con” for the EVO 4G, that you mistakenly included in your original review of the phone back on June 1st. If you read the comments on that review, you would have seen that I debunked your faulty “con”. I’ll copy it again here, below. I’m just trying to keep things fair by pointing out your long-lived mistake:

    I just wanted to point out that one of your “cons” or “the bad” items is incorrect. It is not a “non-standard hdmi port”. It is standard “type d” connector port, as defined by the HDMI 1.4 specification. You wouldn’t want a familiar type A port, as it would be WAY too big for the bottom of the phone.

    Type D
    A Micro connector defined in the HDMI 1.4 specification,[51][54] it keeps the standard 19 pins of Types A and C but shrinks the connector size to something resembling a micro-USB connector.[55] The Type D connector is 2.8 mm × 6.4 mm, whereas the Type C connector is 2.42 mm × 10.42 mm;[56] for comparison, a micro-USB connector is 2.94 mm × 7.8 mm.

    • Sam

      After reading the comments left in response to this article/comparison, I thought I’d point out some simple differences and how they matter in actual use. Some of the spec advantages of the evo look good on paper but aren’t necessarily an advantage in reality.

      Myth1: more megapixels equate to better photos. While this is true in terms of capturing image information, there are other important factors involved in capturing and processing a photo. In reality, how many people blow up their pictures taken with a camera phone to anything larger than a 5×7, much less, print them at all? Anything beyond 5mp is generally unnecessary in a camera phone. As any photographer knows, high megapixel ratings don’t mean a whole lot if you aren’t publishing photos professionally. If you are, you wouldn’t use a camera phone in the first place, especially with the limitations of lens and shutter sizes being so small to fit into the diminutive phone cases. At these small lens sizes, image quality trumps mp quantity. It’s not so much as having more pixels as it is to how you process those pixels. Picture quality taken on our phones is important to us nonetheless, so in my careful comparisons, I’ve concluded that the iphone’s 5 mp single flash camera consistently took more balanced photos (both in white balance and in color saturation) than either of the hTc’s 8 mp cameras and dual flash.

      Myth 2: bigger is better. A bigger screen on a cell phone is not always an advantage if it is too large to comfortably fit in your pocket or consumes battery life so quickly that you end up having to constantly plugging it in to make it last throughout the day.

      Myth 3:

      I’ve compared the evo, the iPhone 4, and the incredible, and they are all nice phones. What matters most is the user experience. Each have their advantages and disadvantages, so it’s pointless to claim that “this one sucks” or “this one blows all the other one away”. In the end they all do similar things and everyone will have their preferences. For me, the phone would meet my needs best of the ones mentioned above would be the iPhone 4 for the following reasons: 1. UI. Being that these are all touch screen phones, the first thing that stands out on the iphone 4 is how smooth and accurate the touch screen is, and how intuitive the UI is designed. Android 2.1/2.2 are much better than earlier versions, but still haven’t matched the OS on the iPhone IMO. 2. Video. Having done a side by side comparison, the video quality taken on the iPhone is clearer and more linear, not to mention, has much better white balance compared to video taken on either of the HTC phones. The reds tend to oversaturate on the hTc phones in medium to low light, and the blues and yellows seem pale in bright lighting. 3. Ecosystem. Love it or hate it, the ecosystem that Apple has created for the iPhone is the most comprehensive, yet, simplest, to use on a dat to day basis. Using iTunes, iMovie, and MobileMe, are incredibly easy to use. It makes the experience of using an iPhone more than the sum of it’s parts, and more than what specs on paper would suggest. Specs are important in their own right, but gadget bloggers tend to get caught up in the specs sometimes and forget about how important the overall experience in using a product is.

      In conclusion, there is a right device, or in this case, phone for everyone, and it could be any of the above or none of the above. Just don’t get caught up in polarizing your thinking that one shoe fits all or fits others as well as it fits you.

  • No longer iPhone fan

    As an iPhone user let me say, I’m over it! IPhone sucks. My Palm Treo had multitask three years ago. Apps, HA! What a joke. Hundreds of pages of junk & stuff you’ll never need or want. Many instances of wow, that looks cool only to open it and be very disappointed. I waited on i4, due to all the issues….now I’m leaving iPhone (iHype). I was not impressed with iPhone at all. Huge waste of money. No flash…and never will be. AT&T, ugh. I’ve had every carrier out there. Sprint dropped the most calls (this was PRE 4G rollout. At&T can barely roll out 3 G, while both Sprint & Verizon are moving 4G. I now drop MORE calls than sprint ever did post 4.1 update. Both AT&T deny any software/network incompatiblties. The apps were fun, but the phone it’s self (voice quality) is terrible. If all you want to do is surf the web & waste money on apps, iPhone is your answer. Just be prepared for a land line (especially if you actually NEED phone service).

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