Android-powered Motorola i1 hits Boost Mobile June 20

The Android-powered Motorola i1 will be available on Boost Mobile June 20 and it won’t be better than the EVO 4G or Droid Incredible, but the handset boats an impressive set of features (push-to-talk, 5-megapixel camera, WiFi) for a prepaid device.

The i1 will be sold in Best Buy Mobile stores and kiosks, and it rocks a 3.1-inch HVGA display and a rugged, military-grade casing that can resist wind, dust, shocks and drops. You don’t lose much in terms of design though, as the full touchscreen phone looks and feels pretty good in the hand. It’s also the first Android handset to work in the iDEN network, so you’ll be able to use push-to-talk to turn this thing into a walkie talkie of sorts.

It’s powered by Android, so you’ll be able to make calls, send e-mails and download apps from the Android Market on the go. It will have a few software tweaks, so it’s not just stock Android. It will come preloaded with Swype so you can trace out your text messages and e-mails. It will also come with Opera Mini 5 in addition to the standard browser. I don’t know how much of an improvement this really is, but we’ve seen there’s a strong demand for Opera’s browser on other platforms.

The i1 will also rock a 5-megapixel shooter, GPS, Bluetooth and it comes with a 2 GB microSD card (it can support up to 32 GB). The handset’s not going to be cheap, as it will cost between $350 and $400. That’s not that bad of a price because you won’t have to sign up for a long-term contract, which means there’s no subsidy. Boost Mobile has some decent prices too, as $50 a month will get you unlimited calling, text messages and mobile web access. That low monthly fee makes this a pretty tempting device, even if it isn’t at the top of the Android heap.

We had a chance to play with the device and speak with Dirty Jobs’ Mike Rowe about it. Check out the video below for some more details on how Rowe would use the i1.

  • GB2000

    Why in the world would they release it for boost first before Nextel. Sprint, that is a dumb move considering your post paid customers are loyal and more beneficial then prepaid boost customers.

    • Andrea


      • paul

        you've got that right .

    • mildred

      Their "loyalty" is based more on ignorance than on the more value-minded prepaid customers' mindset. People everywhere are certainly beginning to realize that paying $70, $80, $90 and even more per month of "FOREVER MONEY" is just plain STUPID from the comsumer's point of view!!!



      • Fred

        No your not, there are feature you don't get with Boost that you get with Sprint/Nextel. you pay extra for stuff like PTT. also your Boost Signal is weaker then Nextel so you will roam more often then on Nextel. the reason why Nextel hasn't released the I1 yet is because they are looking at the OS upgrade to the phone for Nextel "Subscribers".

        • Keli

          This is not true, I have been all around the country with my boost phones and it works fine in most area. Chirp does not cost extra. It is included with the monthly unlimited plan.

        • Felix

          Kind of full of yourself!! Huh?
          Have a friend show you the backbone the the Boost Mobile is working on! !!!Surprise!!

    • Dalton

      Gee… I've been with Boost since 2006. Sounds pretty loyal to me. And what are you worrying about? The ignorant people that sign up for contract plans get waaaayyy more phones to choose from.

    • marinperez

      I think the reason is that the prepaid market is expected to grow while the Nextel market isn't. I know Nextel customers are dying for something, anything good.

    • natxlaw

      I believe they are releasing it for Sprint at the same time, not later. Now all the Boost customers can have a decent phone (and pay Sprint for it), not just the ones who know a good phone hacker.

    • Ronnie

      So they can draw in paid to go customers on a product similar to contract customers which aint dumb.

    • cool guy

      uh, boost saved nextel. Check the revenue earnings.

    • Jerry

      I will agree with this customer! Forget boost mobile, I my self been recieving differant dates when the i1 will come out throgh Nextel and now I read that boost mobile has it first! That pisses a lot of Nextel customers off!!!!!!!!! I think that Sprint has a lot to do with this!! Not good at all!!!!!!

    • Nicole

      its being release to Nextel first….July 11th!!

      • Smarter Than You

        It was already released to Boost June 20th…. I believe June is Before July darlin'

    • sweetpea

      why not boost it a good wireless company.And further more sprint and nextel have all the good phone as it is.So why not let boost have some of the good deal's too.HURRYYYYYYYYYY for Boost its about time.

    • igetsitin

      boost is nextel fuckin idiot. Sprint and nextel are boost.

    • terralynn

      its a simple reason its not that boost customers like myself are undeserving but we are doing sprint.nextel customers like you a favor by testing it out first and then sprint/nextel upgrades it by review meaning you guys get the better version

    • MaKelly

      I was with Nextel for 10 yrs & the price keep going up & up especially after my contact ended they just bill me what every they felt like so I ended it & went to Boost ( I'M LOVING IT)

    • No surprises

      Maybe you haven't realized that alot of people with contract can't afford to pay those high a@$ bills verses the prepaid customers whose bill stay the same from month to month. Why shouldn't we be able to have the same cell phones you have? I choose to have pre paid I don't like surprises. May be you need to try it. You might be able to keep your line on from month to month lol

    • Niecy

      They get paid more by offering it to boost customers first because there is no contract, so you have to pay the full price of the phone and the service. With contracts the phone is usually used for promotional reasons, IE Contract extentions. (Free with agreement or renewal)

      Hope this helps

    • erintz

      ummm ya not everyone makes big bucks like you must… $200 a month is fine fore you but for me and many others Boost is awsome

    • Paul L

      Because there are alot of piss off clients of other carriers that said enough is enough. I purchase three of these and save over two hundred a month in bullshit cost from Verizon. Boost is the way to go and even though I had to pay the early termination fees I will save money in only a few months.
      I think its smart because they know that people like myself will make the switch.

    • G. Martinez

      Boost mobile get it first because we pay cash. And Nextel customers think that they get it free with a two year contract but in fact you r actually paying for the phone with interest on your monthly bill. you might think that Boost dosent have a good signal but you get charged for your roaming fees. By the way Boost is owned by Nextel. Give it acouple of more years and Nextel will no longer excist. Plus you guys pay alot more for the plans when we only pay $50. O and we dont have to pay taxes and surcharges. yes I did work for Nextel and yes now i sell Boost mobile commisions are better with Boost Mobile

    • adam

      im just wondering about the prossesser and the available ram……4 that much $$$$ it better come with a snapdragon and froyo……….

    • shawnn

      I think boost is doing great job. But Nextel had more than enough time to team up with somebody and making one. So I think Boost is make great and promising steps forward and there future. I would like them to take a step further and get some insurance for the phones. That would be GREAT!!!

  • chris

    well tell me where u can get unlimited talk text and web for 50bucks on a contract with sprint,

    • Guest

      You get unlimited talk time to anyone that has a cellphone but not to landlines, you get a min plan to make landline calls did you forget to say that part. Boost you get unlimited calls to both landlines and cellphones….

    • Guest

      tell me where you can roam with your prepaid phone. you can't.

      • BigAl

        Roam? I have the blackberry $60/Month plan and I don't have to roam. It's on the 3G network, I live in Chicago and went all the way to California with no roaming and no troubles. Love it!

        • Confused

          I’d like to know how any of you on Boost or Nextel roam???? iDen CANNOT ROAM. When you roam you are using another service providers towers. Nextel is the only iDen network in North America so again HOW THE HELL ARE YOU ROAMING ON NEXTEL/BOOST you arent.

      • sayswho?

        I have Boost prepaid. I can go ANYWHERE within the continental US and CALL ANYWHERE in the continental, WITHOUT incurring roaming charges! Boost customers have NO ROAMING to worry about…in case your wondering I called them to verify my info before posting it. I'd say that's pretty good for my $50.00/month crappy 'ole prepaid unlimited phone, web, e-mail, texting, IM'ing, & PPT service. Works for me!!! Which, by the way, I get great service even out in the country. I don't know how well it would do out in the country of the mid-west or in the desert, but I'm guessing that it'll do just as good as any other two year contract phone. With an IQ of 145, most people consider me to be smart enough, but I have to say, all this venom towards the prepaid companies has me stumped. I will admit however, that I wouldn't give you two cent's for Cricket!!

        The most I ever have to pay/month is $53.86. That's my $50/month charge and tax & others fee. PLUS, they have contingency plans for you if have financial problems. IF for some reason you can't pay your bill on time and your phone does get disconnected, there are no lame reconnection fees, not right then or on your future bills!. You simply pay your bill and turn your phone off and right back on and you have services again. You pay your bill every month before you use the phone (Thus the premise of the prepaid & UNLIMITED part) You NEVER have have to worry about getting a NON prepaid phone bill that's WAY over your regular bill amount because you supposedly went over your minutes when you know for a fact you didn't. And it's not relevant to the company that you never use much more than half of your regular allotment…, OR maybe you do accidentally go over your minutes…, or MAYBE you have a month that's way busier than most. You know,… it really doesn't matter. 'Cause my bill's only going to be $50, and yours, or anyone else with a similar plan to yours, the bill is going to be,…well ….who knows?

        Listen, in all seriousness, like I said before, I don't understand all the venom. Unless, your A) mad because your stuck in a contract (don't worry…I'd be mad too!), OR like me,….maybe you think that Boost or others like them are lame like I did, before I checked them out……THOROUGHLY! I've been contract free for over two years and not only have I given up my land line, but I will NEVER go back to contracts again!!

        Of course the last possibility is, you have more money than I do and you just prefer to throw it at your contracts instead of keeping it in your pocket or spending it something else of YOUR choosing!!!

        • Thebeautifulone


      • ArtFart

        Dude i've been out in the country and was able to use my phone whereas at&t customers couldn't. Overall boost service is the best. Unless your rich then the I4 and the Android htc is but if your not like many of us are then nothing compares to the overall quality of boost!

      • MaKelly

        I agree there is no contact phone with that price so I'm very happy Boost did it

  • pako mocote

    these low cost monthly phone services (boost, metro, cricket) have come a long way, they sure deserve a phone as a droid or an iphone. This new motorola i1 has opened up the door for at&t and verizon customers to look into other options than being locked in and paying big $$ for phone service.

    • guest

      exactly. just switched from verizon and the boost / i1 is amazing

  • Tommy

    SHUT UP !!!

  • Cody

    I Had T-Mobile as my first cell phone, that was on contract but it didnt last long at all, from then on i have been using prepaid phones, i think to tell everyone the truth they are better because, you pay the bill on your terms. my first prepaid was Boost Mobile, it had great coverage in Delaware and Maryland, i didnt like how i had to download the text messages, i went from Boost, to Virgin Mobile, to Verizon Prepaid, and now im thinking of going back to Boost for this phone, it sounds like the most best valued phone on Boost’s lineup, leading the Blackberry, because its $50.00per month for an android, ccant complain about that and better, its all unlimited

    • Andy

      if You dont use the walkie talkie then get a cdma Boost Phone. They on the sprint network instead of the nextel, which is 50 times faster for the web, no downloading of messages and get free apps.
      Also… for those that have nextel with contract or sprint. You better have a different phone that doesnt do what boost phones do. Because Boost Mobile has the same plan as Sprint nextel It would cost you $50 in boost while Unlimited will be around $120.. on nextel.

      wise up… you are not getting any better services. Right nextel has insurance… but in a year you are paying 4-6 new high end phones by not having boost. Which some people have phones for couple of years.


      • Jen

        I have to disagree with you about choosing a CMDA phone over iDEN. My hubby and I have both have Boost but my cheaper iDEN Clutch phone has better reception and coverage than my hubby's CDMA Blackberry, along with faster web too. Not to mention if you go with a phone that runs off the CDMA network, it costs $60/month instead of the regular $50/month to run on iDen. So overall my phone cost a lot less to buy plus less to have every month. If the android ran off CDMA, I wouldn't touch it but since it's on iDEN, I probably won't mind spending $350 for it.

      • Sharon

        What is a CDMA phone…i don’t need the walkie talkie feature, but I would like the Android.


  • shawnee

    why dont u shut up he has a good point



  • marinperez

    I've found Boost's service to be pretty solid, it's piggybacking off Sprint's national network. Have only used it for about a month or two as my primary device, though, so I can't speak for its long-term coverage or customer service. I think it's cool to see a solid device like this come to a prepaid player.

  • Don

    I have a boost Incognito, and will think about changing. Boost service is ok, when u get out in rural area,s ie: midwest farm land the coverage is iffy. But in the city area,s it is always ok.

  • ferny elbowz

    There’s a couple of things: iden sucks for data sms and mms, walkie talkie is cool but I prefer 3g of the blackberry curve that runs on the sprint network. This phone WILL NOT have sprints 3g coverage, it uses the up to 10 times slower iden network from boost. Now, the wifi makes up for it somewhat but I just got this curve from boost in march for $250 I’m not up to spending another $350 plus for an iden android. Make it $300, 3g cdma, and keep the wifi and this phone would be perfect but no dice. And yeah I’m a loyal 4 year boost mobile customer so suck it anyone who says prepaid customers aren’t loyal, when the service is as great and affordable as boost only an idiot would be unloyal

    • Geno

      I have been with boost mobile for over 4 years, as for my loyalty; boost mobile has earned it by hands down being the best phone service I have ever had…… No shady contracts with fine print, no sneaky hidden fees and no ridiculous penalties…. I feel that we as bona fide paying customers deserve access to the same quality equipment as anyone else….. Having said that let me say BOOST MOBILE is the only real choice for the customer who hates being ripped off……….

    • Zee

      Clark Howard is advertising that the phone WILL USE Sprint 3G for data. They did not say about the sms or mms, which is gawd awful slow as hell. TXT messages come in like 3 hours later sometimes. This is why I got rid of the 580i which was one solid phone but I couldnt deal with txt delays that long.

  • Melkhi

    I had a sprint contract and it was horrible paying all that money and taxes on top of that for nothing. When I switched to boost I am saving $800 a year and the service is the same. $50 flat a month and no taxes included. Who's beating who?

  • Melkhi

    Who cares about loyalty to a cell network thats beating you for the buck and if you break your phone why pay insurance when you still got to pay a fee the get it fixed or replaced anyway (senseless). So loyalty is foolish in these cases. I am a proud follower of boostmobile and they deserve the android phone. Tell me where you can get unlimited talk, text, web, and direct connect anywhere else for only $50 flat a month with no taxes

  • kellee

    i have had plenty contracts, but boostmobile has been my carrier for 7yrs. how is that for loyalty, with no service interruptions. when the $50 unlimited plan came out, i cancelled my landline and use only boostmobile as my primary number. as a prepaid customer i think its great that they are beginning to make higher quality phones. i love to fb, email, & im, and some boostmobile are slow and not able to handle and move at speeds of other phones. i appreciate boostmobile introducing phones like the blackberry, incognito, and rant that works on the sprint 3g network, so that us, LOYAL customers can keep up on style and technology.

  • James

    I have had boost for years and I just got the Incognito and it is an awesome phone with excellent service. If this phone was on the CDMA side like my Incognito I would get it right now. But I have had the i465 before this phone and it is on the iDen side and the data was SLOW! like g1 slow. I don't understand boosts thinking on this point. Should have made this phone 3g to take advantage of the Android instead of crippling it with 1g speeds.

  • Javier

    Its about time boost came out with a touchtone phone, and what better time since every phone nowadays are touchtone, the future, and prepaid. What more can you ask for, if you ask your friend how much he pays for month and he says about 69.99 or 79.99, that means plus tax plus insurance plus the phone interest you havent paid for… Hello and u say i got the New I1 boost mobile phone . only 50 a month ….who do you think is gonna go home laughing , feeling good…. Boost mobile is the best company for the future…. 2010… so just imagine the phone for 2012???? still 50 dollars a month….ha ha ha…yeah. go ahead boost….keep making then nice phone… every one else, hate….haters.

  • mike

    look man, i hope the next prepaid phone be like an iphone or a top or a line android phone cuz all prepaid phones has limited features and less of everything for example (boost i1 vs. sprint i1) wait and see………

  • Tiffany

    I am a contract holder, but when my contract is up with AT&T; I will be getting Boost Mobile. Why should anybody be forced to stay in a contract, when you have the opportunity to spend your money wisely for the same service. Just because it is prepaid doesn't make the consumer less loyal, just smarter. Contracts don't give anybody more or less power, they are just phones!!!!!!

  • awesomer

    when is sprint launching the i1?
    Im dying for it.

    • smoke blunts

      june 20th

  • Dave

    correct me if im wrong, but this phone wont connect to sprints 3G network like the boostmobile blackberry does will it since the i1 will be on the IDEN network??

  • big jizzle frum temple hizzle

    First off let me admit, I have been a dedicated, and I do say DEDICATED boost customer since 2003 when boost came out with that black fat starter flip phone. I have purchased about 70% of their phone up to the mmotorola clutch then ditching that to acquire the blackberry. Each time I upgraded it was a choice decided over function versus content. Did I need to have enhanced text capability over the ability to see youtube? Or did I need really have the web versus higher bills and a long term contract to receive such service. Only if it was justifiable did I make a purchase. I didn’t buy the silver text\touchscreen because of the lack of buisiness concerns it didn’t have vs the blackberry. I purchased the blackberry because of the keyboard and ease in which contact info and calendar data is updated. I read books, listen to pandora, text and mms, and shoot video, plus games, for 60 bucks. All on a phone that is 5 year old technology. Don’t get me wrong iden is slow as hell, but the price is a compromise I can live with. Now we got an Android phone and some hating ass is upset sprint didn’t get it first? Selfish bastard, kill yourself. Sprint has so many 3g phone with touch and all the bells and whistles and some lame ass wants to rant ” why didn’t sprint get this first, were loyal sprint customers” Really, whose more loyal? The ones who are locked into 2 year contracts and are taxed at the carriers whim? Or are the no contracters with no ties who continue to keep their phones on month after month for years more loyal. I choose boost everytime I pay my bill. You chose whoever your carrier is because you are compelled to keep your service or risk a hefty fine and damage to your credit. For some extra toys to play with while you wait for your next text or phone call. Is that smart contract slave? Get a life or kill yourself.

    • onesimo

      you are completely right, but the reason why i won't switch to boost mobile is the lack of insurance on the device… i know how to be careful with my stuff but i always end up having accidents (people throwing my phone at the wall) that make me grateful to have the handset insurance… but other than that, having a boost mobile is the same thing as having a nextel, but at a much better price…

      • Bojangles girl

        Auctually u can get some kind of insurance deal with boost to protect your phone from those little accidents or should I say walls. I have to say this argument about a phone is fucking retarded So what if your so loyal to some cellphone company charging you out the ass for a shitty ass iPhone w/ 3G coverage, or your loyal to boost mobile because of their unlimited everything for a low price of $50 a month. None of it matters to the companies, they could fucking care less as long as they get some money out of u. As for the phone being released to boost first, that doesnt matter either there is no reason to get all worked up because it got released to a pre paid company before a multi million dollar company with enough different kinds of phones to supply the world and pluto with. Those of you sucked ito a 2 yr contract with no way out, get the hell over it, it aint gonna change the fact boost still got it first, and those of you with boost it doesnt change anything for boost other then we got a whole other phone that wont matter 6 months from now cause they will come out with a new phone at sprint nextel boost and every other phone store, that will just so happen to be better then this phone.

    • tmc

      Well said

  • Baccardi

    I can't say that I am a dedicated, loyal Booster. BUT, what I can say is I hate ALL of the mainstream services. That is why I have had Boost for 3 years. I have had soooooo many problems with Verizon and Sprint that I will never go back to a contract again. I have had automated payment to pay my contract bills in the past and got billed $200 over what was supposed to happen. It got resolved after I paid the following month's bill. I had a faulty phone from Verizon (it was a slider that wouldn't end the call when closed) I paid overages for months before I figured it out. Then they made me pay for a new phone. I want an Iphone or a smartphone badly, but not bad enough to lock myself into another contract. WE are the reason that prepaid services are the fastest growing segment of the mobile phone industry (as seen on CNN and ABC). I have 2 for my young kids, too. I am glad to be offered a nice phone with Boost. I will buy it the first day it comes out.

  • Missy

    I'm Loving it. I will be switching from TMOBILE as soon as this comes out!!

  • Joe Bagg

    Boost Mobile stated on 6/14/2010 that the projected release of the i1 is being postponed with no anticipated release date.

    Walmart Corporation when called on 6/14/2010 stated their stores are no longer going to carry Boost Mobile products, apparently because of Sprints ownership of Common cent pre-paid services.

    Sprint also owns Virgin Mobile which it tends to sell off overseas.

    Currently Boost will NOT sell the i1 online itself, and with fewer retail locations selling it, getting one will be tough.

    • Andy

      I have a few stores. They will be on pre order only ( My guess if there is shortage of them, like the incognito which the regular price was 130. but on ebay it was like 220 when it came out because Sprint didnt make enough.. ( or the demand was much bigger than anticipated) I hope they make more of the i1's. And actually the i1 probably could be used on nextel. But, hey why have nextel when you get same service for more than half the price. They kn ow that if they have the i1 on Boost it will sell 20 times faster than on nextel. Every week I am getting at least 10 people from nextel. POst paid will be obsolete soon.

      personally I dont use the walkie talkie so, I keep the CDMA Boost better. I talk on it 2-3 hours for customer service and it never drops a call.

    • Jen

      Best Buy carries Boost phones. There's plenty Best Buy stores out there or even order online.

    • James

      Sprint DOES NOT own Virgin Mobile. Sir. Richard Branson does!

  • jaime

    how much is it going to be

  • 2krusty

    how much it goinn 2 be????

    • Ganja

      Read the fuckin article dumb ass!!


    how much iz it goin to bee

    • YeaIsmoke

      Umm..did you not read the article LMAO dude I mean c'mon and it's one "e" not two

  • sLip_roMpe

    ive been a boost customer for barely a year and the little problems i dom incur are indeed little and manageable. unlimited everything for 50 bucks when everyone else was paying 125..ill take it. and ill take the i1 to. screw the haters!

  • Chip

    The review says "The handset’s not going to be cheap, as it will cost between $350 and $400."

    I imagine probably, maybe, it'll be between 350 and 400. Thats me guessing tho.

    • Jen

      Best Buy has it on sale for $329 online. Don't know if that price is in-store too.

    • danni

      lol, love the sarcasm! bahahahahahahahaha

  • ALGoddess

    It's been out in the Best Buy Mobile stores near where I live…Saw it the store early last week. Might have been there before then…Didn't think to ask the rep when they got em' in…I'll be getting one before the end of the year…I've had the clutch, i9, and now the Blackberry…I have the incognito too, but I gave that to my bf to use…Didn't have to get new phones, but as long as my other bills were taken care of, I didn't care, so I upgrade to what I feel are better phones as they come out…Since Southern Linc, Sprint, Nextel, and all the other places are owned by the same company, I never understood why they didn't release better phones for Boost until now…Bout time Boost got a phone powered by Android technology!!! Love paying less than 65 dollars a month for unlimited EVERYTHING!!!

  • Ni Ni

    It’s 349.99…Saw it in the store last week…

  • Ni Ni

    Whoever said it will be tough getting one of these phones does not have accurate information. I just so happened to go to the Boostmobile site and they said that it would be out soon…It is in Best Buy Mobile stores…Looked right at some hanging in the store early last week. The price is 349.99…Highest price phone Boost has out to date, but I’m still gonna get it…I’ve paid almost 500.00 for a touch screen phone before, so I don’t mind paying less for another one…You don’t need to pre-order it…It’s already in the stores, BEFORE the official release date stated…

  • jay

    it's here 400.00 the store by me has them in!!!!!! Ya haters.

  • Michael

    BestBuy and authorized Boost will be i1 carrier. Upon returning from Iraq, I switched from Sprint to Boost. I've travelled all over, and the phone/texting coverage is outstanding! I've had a few problems receiving downloaded texts from time to time. If anyone is in the military, dump your Tmobile phone, becasue you will not get coverage at the National Training Center, in CA (At&t was shottie at best), & you'll be stuck borrowing other people's phone to call family/friends for thirty days (Recommend Verizon, Boost, Alltell).

  • lis a

    love boost after having stupid att sucks had em for 12 years
    and it's stay on the line for an hour to get customer service bullshit that sent me to BOOST LOVE BOOST

  • Melanie

    I have had Boost for 6 years I love the coverage, Downloads are slow but my two way radio is outstanding. Couldn't ask for better I got tierd of the surprise monthly bill's from AT&T one month $100 next $300 no customeer service help etc… I will be with Boost forever couldn't ask for better for $50.00 a month with no surprises! Thank you Boost

  • bob smith

    i hate boost with a passion…i gots my calling but not inernet, walkie talkie or text message. the customer service always sends me to tech support and they make stupid excuses. i got the motorola i1 on june 20th and 5 days later i still don't have my full features…wtf!!!

    • elderduarte

      boos mobile is my super cpmpania i love it i have a samsung ultra transform and i have  a good signal

  • RedRum

    Exactly right i mean theres no suprising $400 dolor bills as in where with boost it always 50 bucks a month i have the i1 and its incredible the download and youtube speed is ok but who cares its on iden and its all for only 50 bucks best phone ive ever had other then with verizon or at&t so GO BOOST

    • LivinNLovinLife

      Also if you have monthly unlimited and pay on time every month your monthly unlimited bill drops from 50 a month to 35 a month! Totally worth it in my book

  • joe

    lets keep on boosting

  • oriep21

    i1 is officially $349.99. You can also choose from the 3 plans, $50 per month, daily text and chat plan ($1 per day plan) or the pay go.

    • LivinNLovinlife

      they also have a new plan thats a $2/day (dail unlimited plan)

  • szilvia

    I got the motorola i1 yesterday at Best Buy. I took it back in 2 hours because of sound issues. It has ridiculously low volume while I am talking. Anybody else has similar problems?
    Best Buy was very helpful, tried to download software to fix it and also tried settings but unfortunately that is the maximum what this phone can do. I will try an other one today, but if it will have the same problem I will be in trouble cause I got so much in love with this phone in that 2 hours.

  • Matt Cochran

    To those of you fools out there that think loyalty to a mobile service provider by way of their ever lengthening service contract, which by the way is obviously lengthening to combat the fact that exactly the opposite of what you so ignorantly claim is in fact true. You are a free market consumer. That free market is what brought these products to begin with. Simple logic should tell you that in a free market consumers want competition, businesses do not. Competition costs them money in the form of research, advertising and other obvious area’s that a service contract is implemented to negate. I have left so called “contract” mobile providers for considerably longer than “prepaid” and have tried more than a few on both sides. WAKE UP, USE the free market to MAKE businesses COMPETE for OUR money. If whichever provider you’re currently indentured to had to worry about keeping you as a “loyal?” customer every day rather than every two years we would ALL have BETTER, FASTER and CHEAPER service from companies competing for our wireless dollars. Many of us using prepaid providers understand this all too well, but we are changing the landscape of the mobile market, and that is why the i1 (which is irrelevant) is coming to Boost first. More of us have had it with the surprise bills, horrible to non-existent customer service and last but not least the two year ball and chain.

  • Kimmie

    Wow!!! Cool………finally a high-end phone that's prepay. My only concern is when paying top bucks for these non-contracted/prepaid cell phones/droids/smartphones can insurance (for theft/stolen lost, breakage, faulty equiptment) be purchased? I currently own the Boost Clutch….great plan, but poor coverage via Metro rail system (though back in Oct 2009 cell service was opened to other providers). Verizon was the only cell service provider that would work underground proir to Oct 2009. Would love to get the new Motorola i1 from Boost……….what happens after one pays $300-$400 for the phone and for some forsaken reason its dropped, lost, stolen or has a manufactures problem? Can insurance/warrenty be purchased?

    • Phelps toussaint

      The answer to your question is yes. Now boost will provide insurance but an additional amount of money will be added to your bill monthly. But i think its worth it and its probably only a few bucks so why not?

  • George

    I had purchased this phone the day it came out. I was planning on switching from my high priced iphone plan to this phone. Going from $150+ a month with ATT to $50 a month was very attractive and worth a try. I don't like BlackBerry's so I saw the i1 was coming out and headed to my local best buy and was one of the first to get it.

    Day One: The first day I had the phone, got my phone number switched to boost, got the phone setup, and it was a pretty seamless process. The phone itself had the standard android features which I liked, great speaker phone, and my bluetooth devices worked great. I tried the tethering app and was getting great speeds in my area. All that day I had the phone plugged in charging.

    Day Two: started to actually use the phone. Of course I forgot to shut all the apps down that I wasn't using so the battery went dead within hours. I mean 2-4 hours. The phone itself was good, but when holding the phone to your ear, was VERY bad. I had a hard time hearing people. The only way I could use the phone was to use my bluetooth or wired ear piece. That night I went without a phone and charged it for a good 16 hours.

    Day Three: After charging it all night, I was sure to turn off all the applications with exception of exchange. I only made one phone call which lasted about 15 minutes. I ended only getting a total of 6 hours on that battery. I thought that I might have some other apps running so I downloaded an app killer. No luck… No apps enabled.

    That afternoon, I called ATT, and moved back to using my iphone 2g.

    Let me say, Boost mobile, had very good service. In areas where my phone would normally drop, I had full bars. The people at Boost were very friendly and US based. So no complaints about them.

    The Motorola i1 only had two problems, battery life, which I realize is a problem for all android phones, and the speaker when hold the phone to the ear. Being someone who has had cell phones since they came out, I am used to dealing with issues like this. But 4-6 hours is totally unacceptable. Even my iphone 2g last 12+. Either the android people need to figure out how to extend the battery life or better optimize the applications, or they need to create a bluetooth battery pack that we can harness to our belts….lol As for the ear volume and quality, that was unacceptable. Motorola needs to go back a fix those few items and this would be a great phone and an even better service.

  • Sharon

    The i1 is out now at Best Buy stores for 349.99—ebay also has some but they have them jacked up to about 375. and up.

  • shane

    Be smart go pre-paid. had a contract for years and now only pay 60 a month for for the blackberry plan. love the phone and have fewer problems then all the other phones that i used. don't know if i will be buying the new i1 as i am loving the blackberry. sprints 3g network is fast and very reliable. will be with boost for a long time. droped my land line and i am paying about 70 dollars less for my cell service wow thats 120 dollars a month i am saving. love the boost

  • Missy

    Responding to….. correct me if im wrong, but this phone wont connect to sprints 3G network like the boostmobile blackberry does will it since the i1 will be on the IDEN network??
    My response:
    You are so write on the 3g network you will get a faster response talk wise and communitcation wise. But on a iden network, the towers pretty much “bing” off of each other only every so often so their for the iden network, the data is alot slower. This is per experience switching back and forth, studying, and speaking with several reps for Boost mobile and other providing companies. But, this also depends on where you live A 3g network may have more towers/better service then a IDEN network or vise versa!

  • crato

    I've had one for a couple of weeks. I probably got one of the first ones to hit Best Buy. I still haven't seen many in the stores. Slow as Christmas unless connected through WiFi. A lot of fun when connected to Wifi. Runs many of the Android apps that I've tried without problems. As long as I'm near a Wifi, I really like the phone… Except for the fact that my 13 year old is screaming bloody murder for one now 🙂
    For $50 a month, I think it's worth it. Just my 2 cents worth

  • Darrell

    fuck contracts, they always fuck you, if i can get prepaid for the same price and buy my phone outright instead of having to keep it on lock down to protect it then i will, i hate to get one then have problems be locked into a contract then they want to give you a free piece of shit till you can use your upgrade and sign a new contract…… Down with the contracts, bring on good top shelf pre paid phones!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Travis

    If the Motorola i1 was on the boost 3g plan i would buy it. Going to stick to my boostberry for now. Plus the i1 has the old version of android.

  • nikkie

    I am in agreement. I love boost and i will not trade them because when you save over 600 bucka a year you can afford a 400 dollar phone. Thats right i said it and aas for the haters all yall can suck a toe.

  • mario

    boost is great i had nextel at the same time as boost and cant belive my cheap boost mobile always has service where nextel doesnt have it…. been a costumer of diferent carriers , at&t , t-mobile,sprint, verizon…. and so far boost is the best deal price wise.. the only thing it was lacking was good technology phones and hving this unit now is going to kick ass!

  • Jeff

    I had Metro PCS and decided to give this phone a try. I can't understand why people pay $100 a month for the same damn thing as Boost Mobile. Sure your iPhone is cool and fast but look I'm not into all that. Its nice to have a touchscreen phone with Android. I will tell you this now also that within a year or two pre paid service companys will be taking the business from the other companys. Sprint is just the first one keeping it real. This phone is awsome by the way!

  • roc

    i got my my i1 n im f@$%$ lovin it, n while u idiots payin $100 plus im i got $50 plus 2 do wateva wit.. lmao @ u haters….. ya jus mad u dont no wat ya next bill gonna b, i do, $50 singles. lmao

  • DM…

    My husband & I have had Boost service for about 3 years now and we love it! We had Nextel for a minute. My husband alwys stayed within his minutes for our plan so his bill was constant. My bill was ridiculous! Then the icing on the cake came when Sprint bought Nextel-their customer service went to hell in a basket, along with the rates. So we broke the contract, which incurred that fee that comes with that, and changed to a smaller company named Ntelos.

    That started out ok. Unlimited local calling for a fixed rate. Prepaid plan. After the termination fee, we begain looking into the companies who offered pay as you go service, but on an unlimited plan. And actually this service worked quite well for us for a minute, until we started going out of town more often. The prepaid plans from NTELOS had us paying roaming fees like crazy! And with prepaid, we had to continually add money for minutes to call while out of town. If you didn't have direct debit, you were screwed with your cell phone.

    After one weekend of visiting DC and paying $30 in roaming charges we got fed up. Started looking for another cell phone company. My husband was ready to go back to contract, but I wasn't. Found out about Boost. At first my husband found it hard to believe when I told him we could have unlimited calling, text, AND our chirp back for $50/month. It took some convincing but he finally agreed to try it. We have never regretted it. In DC it works. In Ashville NC and the Smokey Mtns, it worked. In Vegas it worked. No roaming, no excess charges. We love the walkie talkie portion of the service. And the Boost customer service team is very nice as well.

    No regrets whatsoever….

  • Jen/ chicagoland

    Been considering getting the i1 have had boost on older phones like the i880 etc. very happy with service, but love my friends iphones through att. I DONT WANT THE CONTRACTS OR BIG MONTHLY BILLS ANYMORE. so I LOVE the BOOST UNLIMITED for only $50. Does the i1 have the same kinda of apps and games and online capabilitiesbas the i phone does but just a bit slower. other then the reviews on the volume and battery life. what is the diff. in online apps.,features etc.??

  • aLeJo

    hey can someone tell me how the texting is on thaat phone because almost all the phones that have wallkie talkie have horrible texting! Does the i1 have slow ass textng?

  • tyler

    ok boost service sucks thats why its so cheap the run off of the own kind of sim card imed or something now they have cdma which runs off sprint but the android phone is sim based so the service on it will suck anyways

  • Vienna

    I have had boost for almost 4 years and I like boost the best. No Contract. No Stress. Right now I have the Blackberry for boost. Love it. Only have had it since about Jan or Feb this year. I'd like to get the i1 but I'm in no hurry due to not having my Blackberry that long. All the haterz that can't deal with the fact that Boost gets it before you, just suck it up because you guys have wayyy more variety for cool phones (more upgraded phones) than we do.

  • prepaidisbetter

    i am willing to return my blackberry for the i1.

    i will pay the diffirence, is worth it.

    this is probaly the best phone from boost after the blackberry.

    i will just pay, 150 dollars for whatever is left..


  • JJ

    Constance Moore….you’re an idiot

  • Dar

    I have the sanyo incognito for boost. I get pretty bad signal here in michigan, espcially in my home. I have either bad reception or lose calls. I would say i have bad reception at least 40% of the timein my home. May go to sprint because despite what others think the signal quality is better.

    • Chefjaney2

      I have the same phone as you do,and I get lost phone calls also. It’s not Boost mobile’s fault, it the type of phone which is the Sanyo.

    • Mami Chula

      Sprint is worse. I also live in Michigan, and i just switched after five years of service with Sprint to Boost. I have an Incognito and its working far better than the Epic I just bought from Sprint a few months ago. I have been looking into this i1 and it looks like I will be getting it next month. Boost and Sprint have the same towers only Boost also include the Nextel towers so service is a lot better than Sprints. good luck if you go to Sprint. (i live on a golf course and we are secluded so service is not to grand over here but with boost its better)

    • Tony Perez

      I also have the Sanyo Incognito. I’m sorry to hear you’re having problems in Michigan with the reception. However; I’m in Philadelphia, PA and I have had this phone by Boostmobile for about 5 to 6 months and I have never lost a call or had problems with the reception. Calls, texts, and web work perfectly for me out here. I do have one advice for those reading this. The Sanyo Incognito is not a phone that was built properly. If you’re not careful you can dial a call and loose it by hanging up when you put it to your face. Another thing s that it gets smudged and scratched easily. That’s the reason why I’m planning to buy the i1 for my next phone. $349 is not too much to pay if you have it and the phone does what it claims. Boost is an awesome company. No complaints. However; they should have more smart phone choices. Peace.

      • Tony Perez

        One thing I forgot to mention is that I also had Sprint and T-Mobile service overhere in Philly. I had small issues with both of them but what troubled me the most was the price. On T-Mobile I was paying $72/month for just calls and text (Unlimited after 9pm/weekends- with 400/month texts) and on Sprint I was paying around $65 for calls and texts (Unlimited after 7pm/weekends- with only 300 texts/month. This was with a 2 years contract. These companies are making a ton of money. The least they can do is to provide us with good phones and fare prices. That’s why I applaud all those companies out there who are trying to make us and themselves happy. My choice for now is Boostmobile. No contract and $50/month for everything? Are you kiddn? No brainer.

    • Katyrae2

      Boost piggybacks off of Sprint…….you’ll still get the same reception.

  • ricky

    I just came from Boost mobile. I broke my old cell but I can still use it. I am a t-mobile customer. my contract expires Dec. 1, 2010 but screw it. I can break it and only pay fifty bucks being so close to my expiration date. I was actually looking to get a Blackberry Curve under Boosts $60 a month unlimited plan. I like the iphone but I do not want to be locked into a contract and high monthly rate. The Boost guy pointed out I can get this iL phone its $349 in the store but the monthly charge is ONLY $50 unlimited everything. I came online to do some research on the phone, I’m not too familiar with droid or android but apparently they do damn near all that iphones do. I AM SOLD!!!!!!!

  • Annette

    been a happy loyal boost costumer for over 5 years never had any problems with calls…prices are great for unlimited….& there phones are getting better & better 🙂 whoo-hooo lol!! just 1 problem i cant decide wich phone to pick 🙂 ill stay with Boost payless & remain that happy loyal Boost costumer true story lol

  • lisajoy

    VERY PLEASED since switching to BOOST from ATT!
    service reception is great better than att in my opinion and i am north forida…
    This phone will serve its purpose at a very low price cmon
    folks this is the deal for a great price and no commitment how can you go wrong?

    • Weirdkittyvampire13

      how did you switch companies?

  • Paul_K_32436

    is it good

  • Stacey5269

    if you have a SPrint/Nextel I1 can it be used on Boost also?

  • Geema

    I’ve had too many problems with my i1… even had to send it to Motorola to repair after just having it two weeks. The store I bought it from which was the boost mobile store on Dacula Road did not want to exchange it for another one “That’s Bad Customer Service” for ya! And still even after I get it back from Motorola it still does not act right… bad experience!!

  • ay5635

    i recently went from the boost Blackberry Curve to the the new i1 phone and i have to say it was a bad decision. Yes the i1 has way more apps and features to it, but it runs sooooo slow, and takes forever to download anything. I have tried to download photos from my phone straight to Facebook and after 20 minutes of waiting, and error pops up in my notification box saying that the photo was unsuccessfully uploaded and to try again. WTF?? I dont have patience for this phone. The quality sucks. Going back to my blackberry.

  • Bobmcgee55

    Big deal, I had boost mobile for about 3 months and it was the worst decision ever. This phone is a piece of garbage, my friend had it and his calls would always get dropped. I just picked up a Straight Talk phone from Walmart and the service is amazing. Not only does my phone rock, but I always have 5 bars wherever I go.

  • Answer this porfavor :p

    So this phone gets insurance right? How much extra do they add onto your bill ?

    • Magpie200769

      $5.00 a month.

  • Oceandolphins9

    I love my i1 phone, there are few phones that work in my town and boost mobile i phones are one of the ones that work.  I have had no trouble’s with this phone and I can also do my schooling on it.

    • weird i have the same phone and i think its one of thee worse phones that motorola has made!!!

  • I have tha i1 and i swear itz one of the worse phones ive ever had.. Is there anyway that i can download an app to better the reception? I fboost wasnt so cheap i would have been gone!!!!

  • i1 LOVE IT!

  • Tamilyn08

    my daughter locked my i one phone and i have no way of getting it unlocked  she’s 10 and can’t remember the password can someone help me? I dont have the time to send it in and someone told me if u keep trying to put in the pass word the phone will lock up if it is locked up then what is my phone f***ed

    • QUEL D


    • QUEL D


    • helen lucas

      i am havn the same problem rght now

  • Mark Tucker

    my cousin gave me her i1 and when i reset it the the app market is empty could you please tell me how to get my apps back

  • helen lucas

    i wan 2 no do u unlock it wen u lock the phone and  4 got the code plz sum 1 tell me how,i lock my phone up ,an now i cnt use it,

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