AT&T Data Network Suffering Outages in Southeast US? [Update]

AT&T logoAccording to the reports coming in from all over the web, AT&T is suffering some data issues across the nation Southeastern US. This doesn’t surprise us, as AT&T is prone to this sort of thing every now and then and it quickly gets resolved, but we at IntoMobile haven’t been affected so far. We’re in NYC, San Francisco and New Jersey and so far data is chugging along smoothly. The reports do state, however, that 2G is what’s being affected.

First of all, if you’re using a device that relies on AT&T’s EDGE network, point in the mirror and laugh. Secondly, when you’re done, let us know in the comments if your data is still spotty and how long you’ve been affected.

We sure hope these sorts of occurrences become less of an issue leading up to and after the iPhone 4 launch.

AT&T contacted us to clarify their position on the data outage in the Southeast US:

AT&T technicians are working to identify and resolve an issue affecting 3G data service for some customers in the southeast. We will provide more information as it becomes available, and we apologize for any inconvenience to our customers.

Are you affected by the data outage?

  • DeadEWOK

    As a corporate customer in Baton Rouge, LA, I can confirm that we have been down since 10:00-ish this morning. According to the AT&T technician I spoke to, the outage covers Louisiana, Alabama, Georgia and Utah (Yes, Utah). Still down as of 4:30…

    • tad

      mine is back up. i live right here in BR too. off of Florida Blvd.

    • Rossi

      Now Im getting text messages about Shell FCU.. has AT&T network been breached?

  • 234

    Actually it's not just 3G like the technicians said. The entire AT&Ts data service on both HSPDA and EDGE is down. Calls work, data doesn't.

    • tad

      edge worked if you turned off your 3g. here in louisiana at least.

  • Guest

    Yes, in Alabama I've been down for at least two hours.

  • iPhone-Free

    I have a 2G (EDGE) AT&T phone in an office full of co-workers using iPhones on 3G.

    I have had consistent, reliable service all day long.

    My colleagues have not.

    I urged my co-workers to deactivate the 3G service form their phones. Once they did, they were able to make calls once more.

  • rettter

    3G has been affected too

  • Lord Dextro

    Marc Flores,
    I really enjoyed your article. To the point and humorous!

    "First of all, if you’re using a device that relies on AT&T’s EDGE network, point in the mirror and laugh. Secondly…"

    Oh that was really funny! Well written sir… well written. Of course I never have issues with my network, but I just had to laugh!

  • Out in Alabama!

    Just north of Montgomery, AL and all data service is out.

  • Regina

    Visiting Reading Pennsylvania with an LA cell phone number. Can not receive calls. Can not access voice mail.

  • Markus

    Network in Baton Rouge, LA is up and down as of 6:45 pm. Edge netowrk appeears to working fine but 3G is not consistent.

  • amy

    Outage in Charlotte since 6 PM.

  • Christopher

    I live in Western NC and all phone service has been out since 5:00pm.

  • Pam

    I live in North Carolina and have no data or phone service.
    It is currently 10:46pm and its been out a couple of hours.

  • Ben

    10pm CT in New Orleans and still no 3G. AT&T has posted nothing about this on their site.

  • Jay bird

    In Atlanta… have been out since noon…. When I called in ATT said that they just received an email stating that most east coast states OUT… no resolution… all they can say… "I am sorry for the incontinence" What the Hell…. for a company that has the "fewest dropped calls" and "97%" coverage… I am not feeling covered…

  • Michael's been down in central NC most of the night with intermittment success on edge but, a complete mess..iPhone and iPad

  • Sugaman

    Out here in new smyrna beach florida…. Hopefully they get this fixed soon or give us some credit.

  • Lynda tilley

    I had on and off data service in northwest Alabama. Was out for a while yesterday morning came back then late last night went back out about 1:30 when I went to bed it was still out this morning seems to be working fine. The day will tell

  • Daniel

    Called AT&T last night around 8pm CT to report data outage in new orleans. AT&T rep stated they were upgrading 3G service on the gulf coast to increase coverage for oil spill workers. I find that hard to believe.

    • Linda

      It's just like after Katrina. Everything that didn't work got blamed on the hurricane. The post office is still blaming Katrina for not putting the letter collection boxes back out.

  • free

    Here in FT Walton it goes in and out lately

    notext or data

  • Susan Allen Feathers

    In Roswell GA still no service. Now down for the second day.

  • Annoyed

    Service here in Waco, Texas has been intermittent at best since Friday. It is really annoying to need to call someone and have no functioning phone.

  • guest

    Decatur Illinois – having problems all day hanging on the Edge. The "E" shows up, but I can't connect to anything. Tried resetting iphone and resetting network, but to no avail. Called ATT and they said, "No, no outages in your area …"

    • Chris

      The reason we had the outage in the Decatur, I'll area is because they were switching us to 3G, it came online about 10 PM Tuesday night.

  • dgonsoulin

    AT&T ought to hire someone with a telecom degree or something.

  • guest

    AT&T did explaind to me that there is an outage in my area, network access seems to be working now, but it is like I have dial-up. Don't know that I will be paying anymore for their fast access DSL (?). Actually, I had already gon eout and bought a cable modem. BY BY AT&T, forever.

  • Whippy

    My land line and mobile (data included) are fine but my DSL has been down since 10am or so on Monday the 14th of June. >:o( Hey, do you think my bill will be prorated? HAHAHAHAHA

  • Cristina

    I live about 35 miles south of DC and we had no service the night of the 13th and last night as well. Both times from about 7:30-midnight.

  • George

    No 3g data service in CT since Saturday.

    • Brian

      I live in CT and can unfortunately attest to that…

  • Valentine Garden

    Verizon data service has been out in Branson, MO since yesterday afternoon. (6/15/10) It's now a.m. 6/16/10 and still only phone service.

  • Brian

    I am out in new smyrna beach. Still, a while later and issues are around. Had about 20 minutes of coverage this week.

  • Natasha

    I have been down all day

  • Robo

    I'm in Connecticut and experienceing dropped or no service. Intermittent service availability seems widespread throughout Hartford County. Anyone else experienceing this too?

  • hmc

    Anyone experiencing a cell phone outage in San Diego, CA with AT&T. 10/07/2010

    Tried to chat with them online but they are unable to determine if there is an outage of their own system.

    This seems like a lawsuit waiting to happen and they can’t provide any service or knowledge of their own service n an emergent situation (heart attack and need to call paremedics but not sure whether its your phone or the system thats down?)

    Their AT&T site has no ability to evaluate for this either. any suggestions?

  • Biggk1113

    Does anyone have a cell phone outage in Bradenton FL.  zip code 34251?

  • Xdarkgeminix

    iam in miami beach area and iam getting signal but no data network i cant call text or web am i the only one in miami beach area?????

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