T-Mobile Motorola CLIQ unofficially gets Android 2.1 OS ‘Eclair’

If you have a T-Mobile Motorola CLIQ in your pocket, you might be a little upset to see many other Android devices getting much-needed updates to Android 2.1 OS when you’re still stuck using the Android 1.5 OS. Luckily, your wait is now over to experience Android 2.1 (Eclair) on your CLIQ.

A handful of great developers have built a CLIQ-specific Android 2.1 ROM from Android Open Source Project, giving the Motorola CLIQ a much-needed face lift in the operating-system-that-runs-the-phone department. This particular build of Android 2.1 is still in Alpha stage development, but it’s functional enough to try out, if you have the time. You can thank travisjames, barakinflorida, otabbb for the functional build. They are working hard to get all the kinks out, giving the user a fully stable, fully functional ROM for you CLIQ users to play with.

With the exception of upcoming Motorola devices, we have yet to see any Motoblur devices upgraded to Android 2.1 OS “Eclair,” although we may not have to wait too much longer to be see updates coming down the pipes. The Motorola CLIQ was launched on T-Mobile days before the Motorola Droid, but has so far only received minor upgrades. Those updates may have helped in certain areas, but they were nothing like a full OS upgrade.

This CLIQ Android 2.1 build is not a Motoblur ROM, therefore you won’t be able to access any of the custom-made widgets you may be used to using. But, since Motoblur is pretty horrible, we don’t think many people will mind. We gotta hand it to the devs who have put this together, as it’s more than Motorola has released for the device, Motoblur or not.

From what I’ve learned from using Alpha ROMs it’s better to wait for a more stable build to be released than to jump right in and flash the an Alpha build onto your primary handset. Not because the Alpha is unusable, but because the development of said ROMs are being worked on rapidly, and you could see more than one release in a day to fix bugs and whatnot. I’d suggest giving it a week or two, since there will probably be multiple releases in that time. That way you’ll get a better feature set, more optimization, and an over all better experience in an Alpha 12 than an Alpha 4 (obviously). The real question is will anyone will actually miss Motoblur on their CLIQ?

If you’ve got a Motorola CLIQ or a Dext, head on over here to learn more about the project. Happy flashing!

[Via: AndroidCentral]

  • Motoblur-User

    "Motoblur is pretty horrible?"
    You're reporting on the Motorola Cliq, and calling the operating system horrible.
    Who, exactly, is this blog supposed to appeal to?
    It's obviously for Cliq-owners, but the only people who own the Cliq are people who like the software, or people who don't like the software and apparently made a very stupid purchase (and if they don't like Motoblur, why would they keep the phone and check around on internet blogs for updates to the software they hate?).
    Either way – this guy Blake (blog-author) must be a real moron. You're not commenting on a phone that's coming out, you're trying to talk to the owners of a specific phone that are waiting for a specific update to a specific operating system. Those are the ONLY people who would be reading this article – why the hell would you specifically insult that operating system??
    What a fool. Jesus.

    • JaeChang

      Im a cliq user that thinks motoblur is pretty horrible. Android is the only software that I care about on the phone not moto's crappy overlaid widgets.

    • blur hater

      Im a cliq owner and I love my phone. But I HATE motoblur. I bought it because of the phone thinking it would be able to be rooted. And I dont think I made a stupid purchase at all. As far as why youd keep the phone if you dont like motoblur, some of dont have an extra 500 to throw around every few months to keep buying new phones.

    • mark

      wow, you are a huge moron. the operating system is not motoblur, it is android. While all the other ANDROID headsets are moving forward to 2.1 and 2.2 we are stuck with android 1.5 which has been out since the g1 (even though the g1 has been upgraded to 1.6). One of the main reasons we are still on 1.5 is because motorola will not ditch motoblur which is their bullshit laid over the top system. It is horrible, eclair, hero, sense ui, and the original 1.5 are better running phones because they are not bombarded with motoblur.

      I am not a moron for buying this phone, how am I supposed to know motoblur will be so terrible before I even own it? I also bought it under the assumption that it would be getting an upgrade to 2.1 soon. (as was said by the president of motorola in january) so I have been waiting 5 months to get an upgrade to the VASTLY superior, much anticipated, and highly regarded 2.1 upgrade. but alas I am still fucking waiting. It got pushed back to the end of q2 and here we are. they have 14 days left to get it rolling. I wouldn't be surprised if this thing gets pushed back again. As soon as I save my money I'm buying a nexus one and saying goodbye to motoblur once and for all.

    • Rasheed Bustamam

      Yeah, I've gotta say, you're the fool.

      Most people pretty much agree that Motoblur sucks. Even if Motoblur hadn't been present–we're on Android 1.5, where everything else is 2.1 and 2.2. Who cares how good the UI (which is Motoblur, Motoblur is NOT the operating system) is if the operating system (which is Android, NOT Motoblur) is back from the stone age?

      Wow. You're an idiot!

    • ninjaneer

      you have no idea what you're talking about. android is the os. motoblur is the crappy user interface motorola wrapped around it. and yes motoblur SUCKS. the only, and i repeat, only reason why cliq is still on android 1.5 while the rest of the world has moved on to 1.6, 2.0, 2.1, and now 2.2 is because motorola has to retrofit motoblur onto the android os, which has proven to be too difficult for motorola. c'mon, motorola! a 17-year-old has been able to fork out a 2.1 Eclair ROM from scratch in less time than it took you promise the update and is now entertaining the idea of developing a Froyo ROM.

  • Bobby

    Cliq=good, moto blur=bad

    Just give us 2.1

  • Moto-joke

    Cliq Owner. Awesome phone, brilliant design, and love the Android OS. However, Motoblur is nothing but a moto-joke.

  • @xen7

    Just de-blur the Cliq….I have the XT but it's pretty much the same thing

  • Rae

    I just added this rom onto my cliq, it lags a bit and just realized that it doesn't have a kernel version on the phone?? is there a way to add one? and I just noticed that it doesn't read my phone on the one as well. When you go to settings/about phone/status/my phone number it says unknown. A specific app needed that to be shown thats why…can someone help figure this out?? or know a way to change that? thanks

  • RootedCliqUser

    Here, empower your knowledge before making your stupid comment:

  • jou

    Cliq = GOOD
    Android = Excellent
    2.1 = Superb
    2.1 minus Blur = FREAKING AMAZING

  • barakinflorida

    I would say NO BLUR rocks.. but that could be do to me making this rom with Travis.. anyway.. if you want blur it's on its way.. (officially).. if not … we are still working.. and it's getting better …

    Barakinflorida you can find me on twitter

  • JMA

    I got the Cliq in spite of Motoblur because I liked the hardware best of all the phones available when I bought it last November. I'd originally been planning on getting the G1 but, stupid me, I figured a newer phone was more likely to get software updates.

    I've basically disabled all of the Motoblur stuff that can be disabled. I still think the hardware is the best, but the UI bugs the heck out of me, and I'm antsy for a software update so that I can actually use the phone for some of the things I bought it to do.

  • cannaclubmember

    The Motorola cliq runs an operating system CALLED "Androidf"..Motoblur is motorolas bullshit attempt to keep control over there phones. Now screw motoblur and get your custom roms installed and unlock the power of your mobile devices..running custom (my build) rom and loving every bit of the cliq now..for all you motoblur lovers out there there are roms (with blur) still avail out there so dont go stressing..for you that like your custom roms i say f it and do as you wish…why wait when you can do it your self?

    For more reading material plz visit MODMYMOTO.COM..ty

  • Mantondaley

    I upgraded my cliq from 1.5 to 2.1 Thursday night and that was the best thing i could have ever done, It’s better on battery, it has a faster internet, no more crashes, more screens seven of them. better colors, better android market, and the list goes on. The most important feature is that it makes your phone look and feel like any top cell phone on the market. Thanks t mobile and motorola for giving us this great upgrade and for making my cliq more stable. Now i can relax in knowing that this phone won’t fail me when i need it the most. Keep the upgrades coming and we will continue to use our cliqs. May God continue to bless you
    Rev. Manton Daley
    also Percussion Educator and Percussion Clinision

  • The new motorola cliq 2.1 upgrade is simply awesome. The upgrade from 1.5 to 2.1 is such a big gap in capabilities it’s like using a galaxy phone. The color is rich, it has a better android market, my phone does not crash anymore and the list goes on. Keep the upgrades coming guys and we will continue to be proud cliq owners. May God continue to bless you
    Rev. Manton daley also Percussion Educator and Percussion Clinician

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