Apple goes live with iPhone 4 preorder – Pre order your iPhone now!

As expected, Apple has just gone live with iPhone 4 preorders! Starting right this minute, you can hit up Apple’s iPhone pre-order page and put dibs on a shiny new Apple phone for June 24th. Looks like all the nervous waiting and constant webpage refreshing that has consumed your every being for the past several hours has finally paid off all, eh? You can now be one of the first to preorder the iPhone 4 while inventories are still fully stocked and ready to be claimed. Oh, and as we half-expected, Apple is only offering up the Black iPhone 4 at the moment – the White iPhone 4 is listed as “currently unavailable for pre-order or in-store pickup.”

You’ll have to activate your new Apple smartphone on a qualifying AT&T rate plan in order to ensure that you’re charged no more than the advertised price – starting at $199 for the base iPhone 4 with 16GB of storage. Preorders are limited to two per order. In return for following the rules, you’ll get first whack at the all glass-and-steel handset that is sure to give even the most advanced and feature-packed Android phones (cough, EVO 4G, cough) a serious run for their money.

By getting your preorder in now, you guarantee yourself an iPhone 4 on launch day. If you don’t feel like leaving the comforts of your home/couch/bed, Apple will ship the handset to your door on Thursday. If you plan on lining up at your local Apple store – we’ll be at the Palo Alto Apple Store in full force – your preorder status will give you priority entry into the store when doors open on the morning of Thursday, June 24th. That also means you’ll be the first among your group of friends to start playing with the new iOS 4’s multitasking and app-organizing folders, the FaceTime two-way video chat feature (although, you’ll another iPhone 4-wielding friend to connect the call), the 5-megapixel camera, and the new super-resolution Retina Display.

Don’t panic if if you brain farted yourself into a recent iPhone 3GS purchase. Depending on how recently you rashly decided to buy a 3GS, you might be due for a credit towards the purchase of a new iPhone 4 (or a partial refund). And, even if you’re an existing AT&T customer, but still on contract,  there’s hope. Any AT&T service contracts that end in 2010 (anytime in 2010) will be eligible for upgrade pricing on an iPhone 4.

We can’t be sure how long preorder supplies will last, so if you’re interested in picking up the new Apple phone on launch day, we suggest you put in your order post haste. Otherwise, don’t come crying to us when you find out that your only option is to wait overnight in line and hope your Apple store doesn’t run out of inventory before you get to the front of the line.

iPhone preorder page:

  • Ray

    blah its taking forever for apple to talk to att to verify eligablity.. and keeps timing out after 5 mins.. gotta keep trying!

  • jaw

    it has been checking my at&t status for like 15 min??

  • sarge

    Just pre ordered a 32 gb black one from apple online. pretty excited

  • Peter

    I just ordered one, although I'm quite unhappy. I'm now stuck with a black model and I was so uninterested that I only ordered the 16Gb version instead of the 32. If Steve knew the white was not going to be available, then he should have made that announcement last week. Because my 2-year contract was not far enough in to allow me to pay the pre-order price/normal upgrade, I already sold my beautiful White 32Gb iPhone 3GS to help cover the cost of what should have been the White 32Gb iPhone 4; all I can expect now is the sour taste of using a phone that I don't want day in/day out.

  • blm

    freakin website is all locked up. crawling for me 🙁

  • Alan

    Haha yes just pre ordered my iPhone and I can't wait till the 24th!!!!!!

  • Ryan

    Hrmmm, I'm stuck on "Processing Information"

  • john

    Yeah, and I have spent the past 45 minutes attempting to pre order one and the website continues to slow down!

  • dickjuice

    i mean the site is definately busy because its showing me errors and making me try over and over again but its all good just wanted to let peeps know

  • Jjred

    the sites must be busy its taking a while for my order to go through

  • Justin

    I've been trying to pre order for the past half hour and Apple's servers keep kicking me out! So frustrating!!!

  • Luan Nguyen

    i've been trying to preorder. when i put my information in. keep saying processing.

  • Steffie

    Taking forever….

    Been on 30 minutes already…

    • Ronnie

      Ive been trying for a hour got to eneter payment info then got errors NOW the store says its busy updating!! I went on att site clicked pre order iphone 4 i just see 3gs models and customer service is now answering, ugh!

  • sandy

    This is just like ATT Coverage…Takes forever and slow.

  • Tom Langridge

    Processing……. this is yet another AT&T fail

  • Dave

    Just like the in-store launch of the 3G, the web site launch for pre-order is taking way too long. I'm sure Steve will blame everyone else for "jamming" up the site like he did during the demo. If it's barely useable now, at 530am EDT, I can't wait to hear the complaints once the country starts waking up and trying to preorder during prime hours.

  • jeff

    Apple and AT&T need to get their sh*t together. This processing time is crazy! 40 mins….. really?

  • Alexis

    I've been trying for 2 hours now, but every time that I add it to my cart, I get an error. Soooo frustrating 🙁

  • Tom Langridge

    Well it took a while but I got mine! 🙂

  • Arihant

    Try the att site, i just preordered there

  • Sagar

    hey Tim….was yours stuck on processing on the apple site???

  • Luke

    Are you guys logging in when buying via AT&T? All i see are 3g and 3gs options.

  • blogger finger

    just walked into the store as first customer. total time 5 min.

  • iPhone4

    pre-order from AT&T's online store. it worked perfectly (although it took a while to load, be patient. ). I just pre-ordered a 32GB and it was fine.

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