Waiting In Line to Wait In Line for the iPhone 4, Oy! (iPhone preorder madness)

Are you waiting in line so that you can wait in line all over again next week for an iPhone 4? If you are, I’m not sure whether I admire your dedication and fanaticism, or if I just feel plain sorry for you. Either way, I’m wishing you all the best and hoping that you get the iPhone right when it becomes available.

If you happen to be one of the folks who decided to do the easy thing and preorder the iPhone 4 when iPhone preorder went live on the Apple site, how did that go for you? We’re hearing from all over the web that it took some people up to 60 tries in order to get their iPhone 4 preorder all squared away! Of course, all it means is that they’ll be sitting at home comfortably watching TV and scratching themselves while the delivery truck brings the goods home.

So, if you’re physically in a line or you’re clicking your mouse button until it falls off, or you had luck with getting yours ready to go from Best Buy, let us know how the iPhone preorder has been going for you and whether you’re all set to get your iPhone on launch day!

Image courtesy of BusinessInsider

  • David Klein

    Is the IntoMobile team waiting in line at the Palo Alto store again?

    • Simon

      I'm pretty sure Will is going to check it out – hit him up on Twitter if you want to meet up: @WillPark.

  • iphone

    Went into Apple store at 11:30 PST. No line, preorder took less than 1 minute.

  • Scott

    I didn’t even have to go to store or log on to pre-order. An AT&T seller called me first thing in the morning on 15th an took information over the phone. No waiting. I’m good to go to pick up new iPhone on the 24th.

  • Christina

    If you reserved your phone at the Apple store, what time is everyone planning on arriving?

  • justin

    i pre ordered my iphone 4 on tuesday morning the 29th… how long would you think the wait will be until i get it?

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