New York City Getting Sprint WiMAX?

Hey Sprint HTC EVO 4G owners, you’ll soon be able to get your high-speed data fix around New York City, according to early reports. Apparently some people have been able to not only detect 4G networks, but are even able to transmit data, though it’s far from a stable connection or widespread. In all likelihood, Sprint is in the midst of testing, and it may be awhile before they open the pipes for a full release.

Sprint has dedicated itself to expanding WiMAX to not only New York City, but also Los Angeles, Boston, and a variety of other major urban centres across the U.S. this year, in addition to those they’ve covered in ’09. New York City is particularly daunting market however, not only because of its population density, but manmade canyons that can make reception a problem. WiMAX is pretty awesome for now, but in the long run LTE will likely become widespread and Sprint will need to switch. Still, the HTC EVO 4G has managed to to catch a lot of attention, and will give them a chance to cash in on all of this infrastructure investment.

If you’re in New York City and have an HTC EVO 4G or Overdrive, leave us a comment and let us know if you’re getting a WiMAX signal.

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  • jose

    i got 4g connection around queens center mall.

  • paul

    I got a 4g signal with one bar and I’m in new jersey about 15 mins from the city… I’m pretty sure I transmitted data because the web browsing speeds were better than I’ve ever had.. blazing fast.. I just hope they put a tower or 2 in northern jersey…

  • Brian Theriot

    4G just turned on in Washington heights, 174th street

  • Edwin Rodriguez

    I been getting 4g since the release of the Sprint Evo. But lately its been coming and going but when its on its super fast. I live in Brooklyn around Atlantic Ave. Just hoping its release soon because there are planning to release around 4g phone and it should have the service it and the Evo deserves

  • cory

    I got 4g yesterday in east village on my overdrive but could not transmit data. It’s out there we just can’t use it yet….

  • juan

    Just picked up 4g signal and ran a speed test using the speedtest app and wow it is really fast I just hope the signal is here to stay this time.

  • David

    Low, but usable signal in the Bronx. Drove through Crotona park between Tremont and Prospect with a low, but stable signal. Quickly pulled up and consistently clocked 2.5Mbps down and fluctuating, low ups. I’ve reached 2.5 on EvDO in the past but not in recent months. Hopefully with a stronger signal, we’ll get around 10!

    Also got a moderate signal in the city on 86th and Lexington. Maintained walking up through park to 90th and lost going towards Madison. Looks like Sprint is really trying to dig in before big red releases LTE later this year.

  • darwn

    I am in Flushing Queens (near Flushing Sprint store), I am getting full bar 4g reception for 3 days now. speed around 4mbps download, upload 1.8mbps

  • marcflores1

    Down in Brooklyn, just noticed 4G go on from Sunset Park all the way down to Fort Hamilton.

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