iPhone 4 vs. iPhone 3G: Battle of the Displays

We already know that the Apple iPhone 4 retina display is something to really behold. Just hold it in front of your face and try to find a pixel. Try! If you manage to make the pixels out, perhaps I just have bad eyesight, but there is no denying just how amazing it is. The clarity and crispness of text and images makes the previous iPhones look ancient just by display alone. Take a gander at the image above – it’s the iPhone 3G display compared to the iPhone 4 retina display under a microscope.

According to PhD candidates Ryan White and Bryan Gauntt of Penn State University, the iPhone 3G’s pixels measure 13 x 40 microns. That’s pretty tiny until you consider the iPhone 4’s pixel size: 6.5 x 20 microns. Game over. Those are outrageously tiny and it really does seem like there isn’t going to be much smaller in the foreseeable future, but I certainly hope I’m wrong.

[Via: Engadget]

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