Sprint HTC EVO 4G getting an OTA update next week?

Sprint HTC EVO 4G front shot

Image of Sprint HTC EVO 4G from head-on angle

The Sprint HTC EVO 4G has a nice little pile of issues hanging around it right now, but really, what device doesn’t right out of the box? Well, EVO lovers, an OTA (over-the-air) update could be hitting your handsets soon with some fixes to a handful of issues you may be experiencing.

The rumored update should include WiFi fixes, (which may mean WiFi N becoming enabled, but if it’s not, you can always do it yourself), better battery management, and better Exchange email support. Many EVO users will surely be happy to see the additional fixes coming with the update, yet it’s probably not the update they are really waiting for (ahem, Froyo, cough). Android 2.2 “Froyo” could be weeks, or months away, and the only people who don’t care about the Froyo update are probably oblivious to what Froyo can do for them – don’t let that be you.

The HTC EVO 4G may be the coolest HTC device on the block, but the big-screened Android phone has received some criticism from people thinking it’s not yet ready for the masses. Add to that the fact that Sprint’s 4G coverage, although expanding, is not rolled out in most parts of the country, and you can see why some users are complaining that EVO is not ready for prime time.

Whatever people may think, The EVO is most certainly the best device that’s ever graced the carrier, and in due time, it should suit the users needs just fine. The EVO is still an great phone and should make anyone happy (who likes freedom). Throw in some fixes, and some working 4G, and this device may soon see a rebirth of sorts. I’m just hoping the update will already come pre-installed once the white EVO finally becomes available.

Although this wouldn’t come in the form of an OTA update, I’d love to see Sprint drop the stupid $10 data fee for users who aren’t in a 4G coverage area. Why make customer’s pay a fee that you can’t seem to provide them with fast enough? Why, Sprint?

Anything you’re wishing to come from the update?

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  • BrieZ

    I Second The Whole Drop The $10 Fee Thing… Why should I pay for it, If I cant use it?!? They "Promise" by the end of the year it will be available in my area. It better be or Im puttin up a fight about it!

  • FeeBlows

    $10 isn't a data fee….its a 'because we can & you will like it' fee.

  • Greg

    I wish they'd fix the pitiful excuse for audio in the camcorder. Could we at least have 16 khz? I don't care that it's mono, but to limit the codec to a paltry 8 khz is shameful.

  • D 415

    I pay $10 insted of what I paid for the Iphone 3Gs and that was $130 every month

  • mu$h da great

    Improvement on battery life would be greatly appreciated.I would love for sprint to do away with there premium data fee but I don't see it happening.I don't even use the 4g option on my phone cause it drains the battery way to fast for me to even enjoy it…

  • Tom Secreto

    If Sprint would add 1 or 2 device router support included with the $10 fee I think most people will feel they are getting something more.
    The EVO and the service is still the best I have seen so far.

  • stevereenie

    If Sprint priced their equipment by area, it would be easy to drive to an "unscheduled" market and buy the phone without the $10 fee. I live in S. Fla 1-2 the year (a planned 4g market) and in Columbus OH 1/2 the year. (non announced market). I can choose either and still get the 4g with no additional fee.

  • Mwari Porter

    ability to remove the unwanted bloatware…i have no problem with them promoting software. but at least give the customer a choice to uninstall it if its not for them. some of it is nice but some of it i will never use, and should be able to uninstall it on a device i have paid for and own, kinda goes against what android is all about, just saying

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