Steve Jobs: Cavalier and Out of Line Regarding iPhone 4 Reception Issues

There’s a really old joke that goes, “Doctor, my arm hurts when I move it this way,” and the doctor replies, “So don’t move it that way.” It’s stupidly funny because it’s such a simple solution, but it doesn’t really fix the problem. In the case of Steve Jobs, however, if he were the doctor he wouldn’t just tell you not to move your arm that way, he’d tell you that your arm really doesn’t hurt at all.

When users started complaining about the iPhone 4’s reception problems, some decided to take it straight to Apple’s CEO. “My iPhone doesn’t work properly when I hold it this way,” some user cried. In typical Jobs fashion, his terse response was, “Just avoid holding it in that way.”

Oh, but it didn’t stop there. After receiving another e-mail complaint, the megalomanical Jobs asserted us that there is no iPhone 4 reception issue at all and asked us to “stay tuned.”

So here we have a widespread problem that Apple has acknowledged with an excuse that all phones do the same thing to a degree, and its response, along with its CEO, is that it’s not that big of a deal. Then we’re hit with another follow up that assures us there is no issue at all. I’m confused!

If I bought a new Macbook Pro and the “E” key didn’t work, would I accept a response from Steve Jobs that said, “Just don’t us that lttr. Not that big of a dal.” Hell no! So what makes him think, aside from his ego and the idea that he creates some of the world’s most magical products, that iPhone users would accept his unusual and insulting solution to the smartphone’s antenna and reception problems. Oh wait, there are no reception problems.

Steve, I like your products. I think they’re some of the best gadgets on the market, if not the best, today. But please make up your mind on the issue/non-issue we have with the iPhone 4 and fix it fast. Thanks.

Image courtesy of Gizmodo commenter Cheetah Eldrick Woods

  • Simon

    Well, he's a dick. It's kind of par for course.

  • Zed

    They should have tested it better….!!!!!!….and steve shud have kept his mouth shut for once!!!!!!

    • marcflores1

      Like Marin said below, it didn't do much to hurt their sales. But your'e right, they should have tested it a little better. When the iPhone 4 was announced and Steve Jobs mentioned the antenna system, I thought of the 1980s when I had a boombox whose reception would be affected every time I'd poke or grab the antenna.

  • marinperez

    It's an arrogant and anti-consumer stance. You know they knew there was an issue because this is the first time they've produced a case that magically solves the problem. Didn't seem to hurt their bottom line though, as they sold 1.7 million over the weekend and it would have been more if they coulda shipped more units.

  • @WillieFDiaz

    If they were some of THE best products – they wouldnt he having this issue would they?

  • Joe

    The phone looks nice, but let's face it, it's crap. Still horrible reception from AT&T (no signal in many parts of SF still after 3 years). The glass cracks super easily. Everyone I know who bought this phone has already cracked the glass!!! That's insane. Can't hear a damn thing out of that little slit of a speaker.

    • Brad

      Joe, you’re obviously just making things up out of thin air. “everyone” you know with the phone has cracked glass? I know at least a dozen people who have the phone (me included) and not a single one of us have cracked glass or scratches. Either your friends are profoundly stupid people who enjoy throwing their phones against a wall, or you’re just plain lying. Not a single one of us have any reception issues either. I’ve spoken to several friends who have tried repeatedly to replicate the “death grip,” but have been unable to do so. The reception on this phone is much better than in my old 3G. The speaker is loud and clear without distortion as well. I don’t know why it amuses you to troll comment pages and lie, but perhaps you should do something more productive with your time. As far as the above article goes, the writer obviously missed the whole point of Job’s reply. Obviously, he was suggesting that whatever issues people might be experiencing (and again, I’ve had no issues personally, but I can imagine that some people must or there wouldn’t be such a furor over all of this), are being solved with an update. Hence: “stay tuned.”

      • Matt

        i second Brad on his Opinion lol

      • yowtai

        Continue to worship your GOD you iSheeps…

        • Brad

          If I like a product, I'll use it. I like the iphone 4. It has worked flawlessly for me. If you don't like it, you don't have to buy it. I don't understand why it annoys you when other people like something you don't. Oh, and the plural form of sheep is still just "sheep." no "s" on the end.

          • jimmijam

            Dear Brad

            I agree,although he is entitled to what he has gone through. I own a cellphone repair shop and I get all types of phones. The most phone I recieve to fix is the Iphone. 85 percent of the time its the screen cracked or shattered. They are stong screens but they still do break. So in conclusion if joes experience with the iphone is that it has a weak screen who are u to judge. He can voice his opinion just like the rest of us. Doesnt make him wrong. Btw im an iphone user for the past 3 years and never broke my screen once. But i am changing to android.

  • Brian

    Yeah it does seem like Steve Jobs is a real dick. And I have a suggestion to Apple, come up with a fix (and not a damn bumper) for the titanic design flaw or I will be returning my iPhone 4 within the 30 day window and moving to Android. How doe that sound? I love it, but this antenna/reception debacle is unacceptable. My guess is Apple has no idea how to fix it so it is pretending it's not a big deal or it doesn't exist.


    It's a damn phone !

  • huu

    brad = fanboy

  • iEve

    I too am having reception issues. More than dropped calls from placing my hands in wrong spot. I have problems hearing folks I'm on call with. Folks on the other end of my call say the "line" is noisy, like talking in a wind storm. I get no ATT signal In areas where I had decent signal with my iPhone 3G even when I am not holding the phone. 90% of my waking hours are spent without reception or poor reception with this phone. In many industries this would be a significant quality incident and a recall would be made. I intend to go back to Apple and exchange it for a new 4G. If problem is not resolved, I will switch to non-Apple phone. I'm not going to reward Steve Jobs/Apple response to these issues by buying an older model iPhone or sticking with a defective product. Sell your Apple stock.

  • iEve

    Brad – Obviously you don't rely on communications via your phone. It's been a week since launch. Yes there's a lot of furor over this phone. Jobs has made my job almost impossible. If it is a software fix, it should have been implemented by now. if Jobs wasn't so arrogant, perhaps the issue would be solved. But my guess is software will not fix these issues. It's a hardware piece of crap.

  • iEve

    Brad – I replaced my iphone 3G with the 4. I like Apple which is why I purchased it. I'm not annoyed that you like your 4 purchase. I'm not even annoyed that you are an asshole.

  • andrew

    ? it does upload 720P video

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