Windows Phone 7 ‘Metro’ calculator for Windows Mobile phones

Image showing Windows Phone 7 Metro inspired calculator for Windows Mobile

Image showing Windows Phone 7 Metro inspired calculator for Windows Mobile

Are you a Windows Mobile smartphone user that’s feeling a bit burned by Microsoft’s decision to leave you by the wayside when it launches Windows Phone 7 later this year? Well, here’s a little something that might make it easier to deal with your aging Microsoft mobile operating system. What you see here is a calculator that’s obviously been inspired by the “Metro” UI (user interface) seen on the upcoming WP7. There’s no telling how far this single calculator app will go in helping you cope with your smartphone shame, but hey, it’s better than nothing. Right?

And, like every other worthy piece of third-party software that’s either been hacked or unofficially coded by enthusiasts, this Metro Calculator is available from XDA Developers forum. The calculator was coded by Kamil Murawski, but it looks like it was created by Microsoft for Windows Phone 7.

If a simple calculator app isn’t enough to make you forget how awful Windows Phone 6.5 looks in comparison to the new WP7 hotness, you’ll be glad to hear that Murawski is hard at work creating a Windows Phone 7 skin for all WM phones. Once that skin is released, you’ll be able to customize your WM handset to look like WP7. Unfortunately, all the awkwardness of WM6.5 will still haunt your dreams.

Grab the .cab download file here. (download directly to your WM phone and install accordingly)

[Via: WMPowerUser]

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