Microsoft Bringing Windows Phone 7 in Late Summer?

Everyone is getting pretty excited about what Microsoft has in store for Windows Phone 7 and the handsets that will come along with it. So far, we’ve come to expect that the new WP7 devices will be launching in October in the U.S., but it looks like there is a chance that devices may become available a month earlier than that. This is good news if it pans out for those who have been holding off on the hot line-up of Android devices or the iPhone 4 to get their hands on Microsoft’s newest operating system and hardware from its partners.

Word is that, according to leaked AT&T retail signage, the Windows Phone 7 devices could be as early as September. Along with the launch could come a store signage change, too, to reflect the new line of handsets from Microsoft. So, just what can we expect this coming September? According to reports, we may see a handset coming from both LG and Samsung, and based on what we already know about the three chassis that are required for WP7, and demo units we’ve seen so far, we can get a pretty good idea what these handsets will look like and what they’ll deliver.

On the other hand, we also saw the HTC Mozart as possibly being one of the first Wp7 phones to hit the market. The Mozart is supposed to be for Telstra in Australia, who is expected to launch its Microsoft WP7 device in October. Only time will tell who gets to call themselves first in getting the first Windows Phone 7 device out to the masses.

The sooner, the better for Microsoft, who seems to be playing catch up in terms of the mobile space. After seeing Windows Mobile dwindle down into oblivion, and the clear failure of the Microsoft KIN phones, timing is getting even more crucial if the software giant wants to compete in a highly saturated and extremely competitive market.

[Via: Electronista]

  • Johan Ekblom

    IPhone and Android are far far ahead. I will never use a closed operating system again. Free and open to me:)

    • Smth

      In some respects, yes the iPhone and Android are ahead. However, in other areas they will not compare to WM7. UI is different (and IMO better for the consumer), XBOX Live Integration, Social Network is built in, Push Notifications, MS Office, Exchange and Sharepoint will be beyond anything iPhone or Android provide, and lastly Cloud computing (MS is far far ahead here). Also the beauty is that some functionalities that need Apps on other phones are built into WM7. No need to download an App to access Facebook anymore!

      I'm surprised you listed the iPhone and in the next breath posted about your love of a closed operating system. The iPhone is the definition of a closed system?

    • Dustin

      Far ahead? How?? Have you ever seen the device?

      FYI — iOS is not open and Android really isn't either (both mostly due to app market restrictions).

      Typical apple fanboy.

  • Julio

    I'm curious to see what these devices will be like. iPhone is the best so far. Not impressed with Android. Who cares if the OS is closed or open. As long as the phone is solid, I don't care. Development is supposed to be solid on this OS but MSFT hasn't proved anything yet.

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