T-Mobile Motorola Charm spotted in the wild

It looks like the Android-powered Motorola Charm isn’t too far away from release, as a tipster was able to nab this photo from a retail package shipped to a T-Mobile store.

The Motorola Charm is an odd fellow, as it looks to have a small, short, squat form factor. I guess it could be best described as a quick-messaging device that could be appealing to text-happy teens but that screen (which probably can’t be bigger than 3 inches) just looks too small. What’s more, the Motorola Charm will be rocking MotoBlur – this custom Android user interface has typically had a space-eating tendency with its widgets, which could make this screen even worse.

Still, the handset is expected to rock Android 2.1 and we’ve heard rumblings that T-Mobile will offer this smartphone for free on a new, two-year contract. While we know very little else about the device (processor speed and on-board memory remain a mystery), this could be a solid device for budget-conscious users.

There’s also a chance that it could have that weird touch panel on the rear end like the Motorola Backflip, but I found that thing pretty odd to use. T-Mobile will undoubtedly give us full specs and details when it makes the device official and you can be sure we’ll be on top of that.

So, I get what Motorola is doing by making a variety of devices in different form factors but you have to wonder if the odd-shaped handsets like the Charm will be able to find a large audience. The initial price tag of zero bones should help this out but you have to wonder if this will be enough to move the needle for the handset maker.

As Motorola is preparing to split into two independent companies, I hope the one-time mobile pioneer focuses more on devices like the Droid X than the Charm.

[Via T-Mobile]


    the world NEEEDS a form factor like a Balckberry or Treo but with a touch screen (Treo already had it) and the latest Android software for sure. Perhaps the size of the original Blackberry BOLD (or even a bit larger)—- If either Palm (Treo 755) or Blackberry had done this right from the "get-go" when they NEEDED to (when the I-phone came out there were TONS of people who were hooked on this form factor)—-NEITHER company would have suffered as much….!!!!

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