Samsung Galaxy S Captivate for AT&T Gets Priced

If you were wondering when you’d be able to get in on the Samsung Galaxy S action with the Captivate for AT&T, wonder no longer. The Super AMOLED clad handset will be availble from AT&T starting July 18 and will set you back $199, but the good news is that it does not require a mail-in rebate. No more filling out forms and cutting up boxes and licking envelopes to get the Captivate at its retail price.

For those wanting a physical QWERTY keyboard and some 4G/WiMax action, you might consider the Samsung Epic 4G for Sprint instead.

If you missed out on our Samsung Galaxy S coverage from the New York City event, check it out here and catch a glimpse of the other Galaxy S handsets as well as a low down on what Samsung said at the event regarding phone features and future plans.

[Via: PhoneScoop]

  • knight

    ATT users who're locked into a contract dont have the option of switching to the Sprint version without shelling out even more money.

    Also the Sprint version is CDMA, so it's not like you can buy the Sprint phone at full price and switch pop in the ATT sim !

    • JSA


      Sprint and ATT do not use the same frequencies. Crossing one sim to the other leaves you stuck on 2G.

      • katlin

        how much is the captivate without a contract? i need the real cost!!!!

  • wekeub

    wonder what the cost would be off contract?

  • malinkle

    it's 349 off-contract

  • Matt Sunday

    349 out of contract? Come on!!! 200 less than a Nexus One for slightly better hardware? I am upgrading this month to Android, and this phone is enticing, but it's unsure of whether Galaxy S will get 2.2… let alone 3.0… And you KNOW that the N1 will receive 3.0, and has been running Froyo for almost 2 weeks. #Dilemma

  • jahy

    it's 500$ you idiot, story telling jerk it's not 349$!!!!!

  • dafuser

    Our Wal-Mart in Granbury Texas has the new Captivate, but they are not allowed to sell them until tomorrow for some reason.

  • Debysaalfeld

    where can i find ii to buy without contract in new york city?

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