Symbian PDK 3.0.0 Released by Symbian Foundation

Symbian, the most widely used mobile operating system in the world (but for how long?) has just announced that the product development kit, or PDK, for 3.0.0 is now available for download. The PDK is for Symbian^3 now that the OS has reached Functionality Complete on June 16. It has a full build of Symbian^3 and the entire source code so application developers have all the information and tools they’ll need to work with. It looks like things are moving right along for S^3 as the entire reference library was released just two short months ago.

According to the Symbian blog:

S^3 represents a major step forward in the Symbian platform, providing a greatly improved user experience, multiple personalised homescreens, an exciting and advanced multimedia experience including HDMI support, the introduction of Next Generation Graphics, better data networking and much, much more! Symbian also commissioned a great new theme for the S^3 platform called “Fresh” which is included for the first time in this PDK. Take a look at the screenshots.

This is the first time FC has been achieved for a fully open-sourced Symbian release and represents the transition of this latest version of the platform from largely feature submission and stabilisation into the “hardening phase”. This is a key message to the community to engage with S^3! PDK 3.0.0 is the first release to support a full UI ROM executing on ARMv5 platforms.

It looks like the platform will finally join everyone else in this century, so I’m looking forward to seeing what it has in store. Features such as multiple homescreens, advanced graphics and HDMI support seem like standard fare for most smartphones these days, so it’s good to see that they’re coming to Symbian.

However, looking at the screen shots, it’s easy to tell that this isn’t a major overhaul and facelift as much as it is just an advancement. Quite frankly, it’s a little disappointing and makes me wonder whether it will ultimately hold its own against iOS4, Android 2.2 and 3.0 and the coming Windows Phone 7. After all, dedicated Symbian sites and Nokia fans are fleeing in droves.

[Via: Symbian Foundation]

  • andref1989

    Android 3.0 does not have a concrete release date, MeeGo 1.1 is due by october and S^4 is currently being worked on, much the same as android 3.0. Not sure I see the issue here.

  • Chris P

    "multiple homescreens, advanced graphics and HDMI support" What!?? Symbian was on eth the first OS's to get multiple homescreens, also HDMI support pretty standard?? Isnt the soonest released phone you will be able to get a Symbian phone!?
    I might be wrong but you've go some fairly ill informed comments made there.

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