Two New Apple iPad Models Launching Q4 2010?

Whether you agree think the Apple iPad is really magical or not, its success so far has been pretty astounding. Apple managed to sell 3 million units during its first 80 days and plenty of stores are still sold out and doing pre-orders only. However, there’s a rumor that Apple is already working on the next generation iPad – two of them, in fact. One model is said to be a 5.6-inch display version and the other a 7-inch version, both using OLED screens instead of the LED display on the current Apple iPad.

The rumor comes from DigiTimes, so I’m going to take this with a grain of salt:

The sources noted that Apple has recently placed new iPad orders to Taiwan-based component makers for the fourth quarter of 2010 and the first quarter of 2011 with 9.7-inch, 5.6-inch and 7-inch models all included.

The 9.7-inch model will see some minor changes, while Apple will add Chimei Innolux (CMI) as one of its panel suppliers.

The new 5.6- and 7-inch iPads will mainly target the e-book reader market, separating them from the 9.7-inch model, which mainly targets multimedia entertainment, the sources stated.

The only real issue here is that some analysts speculate that Apple, if it does go the OLED route, might not be able to meet demands with limited OLED display supplies. Samsung is the world’s largest OLED display manufacturer and it still has difficulties meeting its own supply needs.

It’s really tough to say whether there is room for two new iPads with different screen sizes, 5.6 inches and 7 inches, in addition to the current 9.7-inch model. The smaller one might not be compelling enough for those who already have or want the iPhone, and 7 inches just seems to sit in an awkward spot between the iPhone and the current Apple iPad. These new versions are supposedly geared toward the e-Reader market, but again the current iPad is, in my opinion, the perfect size for reading books. Instead, I’d much rather have a front-facing camera on Apple’s tablet so I can do some video chatting on it.

[Via: MacRumors]

  • Pat

    I disagree. I held off on buying an iPad, because it is too big. I wanted a 7 inch iPad. That is the perfect size for me. If I'm carrying it in the airport, which I will often, I would much rather have a lighter device. And since it is smaller, it in theory should have longer battery life. It's the difference between carrying a hardback book and a paperback. For me, I personally prefer lighter, especially when the functionality difference is negligible.

    • KennMSr

      I think you have a misconception about size and battery life expectancy. Since this is going to be an OLED screen it will have proportionately lower current draw for the screen but all the other electronics will have the same draw and now that the battery is that much smaller your battery life will be that much reduced. Consider that probably 80% of the current iPad volume is Battery and that remaining 20% is packed with necessary iPad electronics. That 20% is already as compressed as Apple engineers can design so now the remaining volume of the smaller iPad can be dedicated to a much smaller Amp Hr battery which in turn means shorter battery life.

    • Scott Duval

      seriously the larger model can be cumbersome but at the same time its the perfect size and you get used to it pretty quickly/ I cant imagine using a smaller model to do the stuff i do on it…

    • I agree too. I would prefer if it was 7 inch. It is quite big, especially if you want to carry it with you.

  • Arnie

    Pat, why dont you just buy the dell streak or the archos tablet. They are more the size you want

    • monkey boy 666

      An Archos? are you kidding me?That thing is rubbish and its french!… and a Dell Streak?? you gotta be yanking my crank…

  • Brian

    I think the 9.7 is a perfect size for all things iPad. I like the idea of face time on the iPad and believe that flash is crucial.

  • My Opinion

    Different strokes for different folks… The current iPad is too big for me to carry around where I want it to go (I don't carry a purse or a briefcase). The iTouch's screen is too small… so, I would very much like to see if a middle-ground, 5.6 model, is small enough to go with me, but not too big to make it an inconvenience.

  • Mike

    Ive been holding of buying the Ipad until the next generation comes out as i was hoping it would get flash multi tasking plus front and rear camera. I really like the look of the ipad and would reqlly like one but from what Ive read there is little to no chance of flash being added which has kinda put me off as I like to watch things on megavideo novomovie etc. Has anyone heard any further updates on what will come with the next generation and an idea of when?

  • Anothai Seesinsuk

    To whom it may concern. Whatever makes your new Apple Ipad the most complete than ever. Just do it and the users will admire you.

  • R Capra

    will the ipad ever have a USB port for flashdrives??

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