Acer Android 2.2 Tablets Coming in Q4 2010?

Acer appears to be alive and well in the Android game with some solid handsets under its name, a 7-inch tablet that might be released later this year and possibly two netbooks coming in just two months. Now it looks like it has a 10-inch Android 2.2, or Froyo, tablet coming in the fourth quarter of this year along with the 7-inch model. If the rumors of that other set of tablets turn out to be true for a similar time frame release, Acer should hope that its offering is compelling enough.

The rumor comes from DigiTimes, who claims to have spoken with “sources from notebook players.” According to the sources, the tablets will be powered by ARM chipsets and will have a stronger focus on multimedia and entertainment. Acer is also reportedly working on relations with carriers to support the tablets, so we could see some nice subisides on these tablets with data plans.

[Via: Android Community]

  • tk

    i wait like android 2.2 OS update part is ?

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