Apple holding last-minute press conference for iPhone reception issue

Think Apple isn’t taking the iPhone 4 antenna issues seriously? Well, the company has called a hastily-put together press conference this Friday to address the problem.

The press conference will be held this Friday at 10 a.m. and it’s unclear what will transpire. When the company first introduced the new Apple iPhone 4, many were wowed that the stainless steel band doubled as an antenna. By taking the radios out of the inside of the device, Apple was able to implement a new, sleek body. But then it got into the wild …

On the first day, we were seeing scattered reports of the “Death Grip” – users were reporting to us that holding the Apple iPhone 4 in certain ways would lead to demonstrable losses in signal and it could drop calls. Initially, this seemed like a scattered problem but as more and more reports came in it began to look like a fundamental design flaw.

Apple didn’t help its case by flippantly responding to users that they should just hold the Apple iPhone 4 differently. This was also the first time that it offered a case – a bumper case that just so happened to fix this problem while killing the design aesthetics. It finally said it was “stunned” to find out that there has been a long-running software issue on the Apple iPhone which incorrectly displays how much signal a user is getting.

So, what should Apple do? Some are suggesting that it should do a complete recall but this could cost up to $1.5 billion. A cheaper alternative may be to give every impacted users a free bumper case. These things retail for about $30 but that’s probably with a high markup. It will be far cheaper than a full recall, that’s for sure.

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