Boost Mobile boosts international calling options

Boost Mobile is making a stronger case for itself by boosting its international calling options.

As you may or may not know, the company already offers unlimited talk, text, push-to-talk and mobile web for $50 a month and it has an International Connect option for an extra $10 a month. It has added a few enhancements to that international plan, as you can now make unlimited calls to landlines in more than 150 cities in Mexico, in select countries in Asia, to landlines in Dominican Republic and unlimited calls and text messages to Canada.

“The Boost Mobile International Connect add-on makes it simple and affordable for customers to connect with family and friends worldwide,” said Neil Lindsay, chief marketing officer, Boost Mobile, in a prepared statement. “The International Connect add-on also is a great alternative to international calling cards that can often be laced with abusive hidden fees.”

I’ve been using and paying for a smartphone for the last three years and have never really considered a prepaid provider like Boost Mobile. The truth is that I’m getting pretty darn sick of paying more than $100 a month for service.

While I can’t really ditch my Droid X or EVO 4G because of what I do, I have often recommended services like Boost Mobile to non-industry friends. The monthly service fee is quite a value for what you’re getting and the company is slowly getting some decent devices like the Motorola i1 (review coming soon, I promise).

I generally recommend Boost Mobile first but other prepaid providers like Virgin Mobile (like Boost, its owned by Sprint) and MetroPCS do offer good value on solid handsets. These providers have good service plans at reasonable monthly costs and you never have to sign a long-term contract.

In fact, we’re working on a prepaid shootout to test out the best handsets on these prepaid providers. Look for that soon, friends.

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