Side loading Android apps on AT&T HTC Aria is a no-go, again

We were very excited to see that HTC had updated it’s PC Sync software to allow AT&T HTC Aria users to load applications outside of the Android Market, but that little work around was short-lived. We can’t say we’re surprised, but the software has already been pulled, making side-loading of Android apps onto your HTC Aria nay impossible once again.

If you do have the HTC sync program, and it does include the option to side load applications, I wouldn’t update it anytime soon if you want to keep that option. AT&T was likely behind this, since they have spoken openly before about their stance on downloading applications outside of the Android Market. They don’t like it, and AT&T allowing the side-loading of apps would be as likely as Apple actually recalling their iPhone 4. Little chance of that happening.

There are ways to side load applications for the techy’s who know a thing or two about Android. There’s the ADB software, which will allow you to push applications from the device, but it’s much less glamorous than HTC’s drag-and-drop solution. An average consumer wouldn’t want to delve into those waters, and likely wouldn’t even care if they had the option or not. For the geeks, however, they are probably a little less worried about the matter, and are just waiting for the Aria to get rooted. After that happens, there will likely be a quick hack to  add the functionality back to the phone. Same goes for the Samsung Captivate, which we’ve already seen successfully rooted.

The blame here likely rests on AT&T’s shoulders, but, to be fair, they aren’t the only company trying to withhold features from their phones. Motorola has laid down an iron fist to its new Droid X’s hacking abilities, making it much harder for the device to even achieve root to begin with. But at least you can install any app you want on it, without rooting the thing.

Are you one of the lucky ones who nabbed the HTC Sync to side-load apps to the HTC Aria? Feel free to laugh at everyone who didn’t in the comments!

[Via: Engadget]

  • Bake McBride

    I just found it (v. 3.0. 5372) and it works fine! Finally got the long coveted SiriusXM app on my Aria..

    TAKE THAT AT&T!!!!!

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