HP files for ‘Palmpad’ trademark – webOS tablet surely on the way

If you had any doubt that Hewlett-Packard (HP) is prepping a webOS-powered tablet, you can rest assured because the company has applied for a “Palmpad” trademark. That’s quite an interesting choice of name, huh?

The company recently wrapped up its $1.2 billion acquisition of Palm and HP said it will “double down” on webOS. This means we can see the platform on a variety of devices like smartphones, printers, computers and tablets.

That last category has been gaining a lot of traction lately, particularly as the Apple iPad has sold more than three million units in a few, short months. The HP Palmpad could be a strong counterbalance to Apple’s “magical” tablet but it could also up the ante by including things like a front-facing camera, USB ports and other things that are lacking from the Apple iPad.

Of course, this is all speculation at the moment but it makes a ton of sense. We already know HP is working on a webOS tablet that has been code-named “Hurricane” and it also reportedly axed its plans to develop tablets that run Windows 7 and Android to focus on its own software. This seems very smart to me because the Apple iPad has shown that, right now, tablets can be successful with tight integration of hardware and software.

I really think webOS will rock on a tablet with some good horsepower. Throw that finger-friendly platform on a device that rocks a 10-inch screen, 1 GHz processor, WiFi, 3G, Bluetooth, multiple cameras and various ports and I’d buy it yesterday (assuming it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg). What would you readers like to see in the HP Palmpad?

While an HP Palmpad would be good, I’m still waiting to see when it will come out with the next Palm smartphone. With the iPhone 4, Droid X and Samsung Galaxy S devices kicking behind, HP doesn’t have much time to waste.

[Via Precentral]

  • Jeoy Johnson

    I think this is great and all. And good for HP and Palm. I think competition is good. But seriously, Palmpad??? Why does every company do this?? How many companies out there have i_____ products now?? How many companies are named i_____! Im not saying they are all copying Apple, but that what’s it looks like. Do your own thing. Stop trying to emulate each other.

  • Daniel

    I would like it to have awesome battery life! Batteries really haven't progressed at the rate the technology has. I remember when cell phones used to last days on a battery charge. Now they barely last hours. The point of being mobile is so you aren't tied down by a cord. Palm phones have never been great in this area. Plus the palm pre (I know because I sold them) used to get sooooooo hot when you charge them. I hope that doesn't happen with the "Palmpad." I agree with the author. I would buy it yesterday if it had all the above and a great battery life.

  • Sporty

    In addition to what was mentioned in the article, include a rectangular HD quality screen resolution, an HDMI port, include an app to download movies with licensing rights to also watch on an HD TV, and decent gaiming I'll consider buying it. The only show stopper for me would be lack of applications, including games of the quality produced for consoles and MS Windows.

  • Sporty

    What qualifies as an acceptable comment? As a guest, I submitted one for consideration the other day and the one and only other comment that was here is now gone. Please advise.

  • Sporty

    Thanks for re-displaying our posts. 🙂

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