Samsung’s future AMOLED screens : flexible and unbreakable[VIDEO]

Put this up on the top of the coolest AMOLED display technology we’ve probably ever seen in the mobile space. Samsung is working on new AMOLED displays that are not only flexible, but unbreakable as well.

We’ve seen flexible displays before, but it’s not too often we see a demo of this kind. The video below has two contenders – the existing and new AMOLED displays – going heads-up with a bona fide hammer. You can see pretty early on that the existing AMOLED screen loses the battle with shattering results (pun most definitely intended). When it’s the new display’s turn, it takes quite a beating, and still plays the video just fine. Later on, you can see just how flexible the new screen is when it’s folded almost in half, with absolutely no effect on the video playback. Pretty amazing.

Unfortunately, it looks like we’ll have to wait about two years before we start seeing the new AMOLED technology actually shipping with new devices. By using plastic panels instead of the regular glass panels used today, it gives the AMOLED panel some serious durability. No longer will you have to worry about dropping your device and find a broken display.

As a clumsy person myself, I have to say that this is something I need rather than want. The video is rather short, but when you watch it, make sure you have the volume up a good amount, the song is too funny to miss!

Let’s hope Samsung can make the displays a little faster than their other AMOLED displays. Hopefully in the future we’ll see this type of display on phones, tablets, and whatever else Samsung is willing to slap this thing on.

[Via: Phandroid]

  • Craig

    Very cool, but being made of plastic rather then glass – is there any worry about susceptibility to scratches?

  • Edward

    Wow… all those cool things we see in movies… see transparent screens, virtual HUD, etc. will be made by Samsung.

  • Cuseguy

    Yeah, cool and all but it reminds me all too much of the cheap plastic screen on my HTC Mogul which would scratch if you looked at it wrong. I’ll keep my glass display, risk and all.

  • Bob

    Can they make the plastic AMOLED in large format? Imagine gluing that to your wall at home?
    I'd like a Cinema 4k (or Super Hi-Vision!!) resolution video display on my living room wall.
    (hell, put it in every room of the house)

    The cable and satellite companies will shit bricks if this takes off. They'll have to completely revamp their transmission systems to even remotely hope to deliver enough image fidelity to not look pathetic on a 4k tv set. For those distributors who CAN meet the challenge (FiOS?) imagine how compelling sports television would be in 4k or Super Hi-Vision!!!!

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