Virgin Mobile USA launches new prepaid plan – payLo

Virgin Mobile USA, which as you may know is owned by Sprint, has recently launched a new prepaid plan called payLo. Available in two “flavors,” it either offers 400 voice minutes per month (5 cents per minute) or 90 days of basic service (20 cents per minute). Additionally, text messages cost 15 cents, picture messages – 25 cents, while the data costs $1.50 per megabyte per day. Both plan “versions” cost $20 per month.

Along with the new plan(s), Virgin Mobile is offering low-end handsets starting at $10. Among the models you are able to pick we find Kyocera Jax, LG Flare, Samsung M340, Kyocera TNT! and LG 101.

In a nutshell, this is the offer for first time phone buyers and/or those folks who don’t like all the complicated mambo-jumbo of today’s high-end smartphones. In that sense, the MVNO may have a winning offering for the targeted market it wants to reach…

[Via: PhoneScoop]

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