Two open source groups, LiMo and GNOME, get together to make a free-tarded baby

LiMo and GNOME, two open source groups that frankly have little to no mainstream acceptance, are getting together make open source more popular. A goal open source advocates have had since the beginning of time. The LiMo Foundation will become a member of GNOME Foundation’s Advisory Board and the GNOME Foundation will become an Industry Liaison Partner for the LiMo Foundation. What does this mean for you? Absolutely, positively, nothing, but this does present an opportunity to discuss openness and why in most cases it’s irrelevant.

When it comes to operating systems, developers want two things: the ability to make a living, and to have their application work even if the operating system they’ve developed for receives an upgrade. Windows solved both those issues, Mac OS X developers certainly make money, but as for Linux developers … they’re just little kids playing around showing what’s possible, no matter how impractical their technology demo is. Do people care that the Nokia N900 can run Doom? No. Do people care that the Nokia N900 can run Windows 95? No. Do people care you can bring up a terminal prompt? No.

On the flip side of the coin, thanks to WebKit, practically all the major smartphone platforms on the market today have an advanced browser rendering engine. Thanks to Mozilla, browser development in general has accelerated. Thanks to Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP, otherwise known as LAMP, people can launch web services for little to no money. Again, all of these positives involve the plumbing. The guts of software. Consumer facing open source products? You’ve got Firefox and Open Office to some extent and that’s it.

So what are LiMo and GNOME going to do together? Get a bunch of foaming from the mouth, unshaven, infrequently showering system administrators in a room together to discuss how Google is lying when they say Android is open, and how Apple is the antichrist, all the while looking at Windows Phone 7 and trying to recreate the user experience, but instead repeatedly run into trouble with their X.Org drivers.

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  • Martin

    I hate people that do charity work – they're all just a bunch of do-good hippies, who probably smell. Maybe cancer and starving children are important, but the vast majority of what they do is completely pointless.

    I mean, who really cares whether there are endangered species? They're probably going to die anyway.

    These people should just get a life and do something worthwhile : Like write comments on blogs saying how pointless charity work is.

  • The Fixer


    Normally I follow your posts and agree with you. However, today, I do believe you should have paused to have your coffee before writing this post. Do you have something against Linux/*nix?

    What on earth do you think Mac OS, iOS, Android is based on/written in? ANYTHING that drives people to develop in Linux/*nix is a good thing.

    Do your research a little better next time.

    • TomK

      Mac OS/iOS have nothing to do with Linux. They're open-source projects to some extent, and they use software from the BSD project, but Linux? Get your facts straight.

  • Dan

    Yeah. Promoting more freedom for the average consumer is so…. worthless. Everyone knows that open-source advocates are just uncleanly brats trying to seem "superior" to everyone else.
    Like their projects are ever going to make a difference!
    For example, look at Firefox, Open Office, PHP, KeePass, eMule, Audacity, Battle for Wesnoth, and Chromium (the base behind Google Chrome). Nobody serious uses those, or at least nobody that has an ounce of self pride.
    And Gimp! Don't make me laugh. I checked Sourceforge and it only has around 70 MILLION downloads.
    When are people going to realize that open source projects have just never really been successful?

    • amber

      You have been greatly misinformed. I do not know a single business or university that does not have either chrome or firefox installed on EVERY pc, Open Office is widely accepted and used amongst younger genreations (even Microsoft Office 2010 provides specifically for OpenOffice), and PHP is the dominant web scripting language among enthusiasts and webservers date. Where do you think microsoft and apple get their ideas? from non-patented ideas developed in the open-source community. how do you think android and mac osx can have apps by the same developer that perform the same functions? OPEN SOURCE. ford's sync technology? developed and maintained in an open source web based environment amongst it's engineers.

      do your research before you downplay tens of thousands of hours, of tens of thousands of a few gifted people who actually understand coding and can appreciate the variety and portability of open source.

      get lost, apple fanboy. i bet you wrote that post on your iphone4.

      • visitor

        What? Do you not understand sarcasm?

        • rezonant

          There can be no expectation of sarcasm understanding without the obligatory "¡"! After all, sarcasm on the Internet is always the clearest thing ever¡

      • The Captn

        I think you missed his irony. Or was that sarcasm? What is the difference again?

      • Zarkle

        Even though this post might have been intended as sarcasm, I take it seriously. I ditched linux for Mac years ago simply because from an user experience viewpoint, linux was still going nowere. What open source has produced are many nice, few impressive and numerous half-assed and abandoned mechanisms for someone else (Apple, for example) to do something for the end user. Open source per se does nothing or very little for the end user.

        I have tried using Open Office, but always abandoned it for Microsoft's, because Oo.o still felt like a car with wiring visible and panels missing. The open source guys know their product and know what they are doing. That is why they are so simpleminded, careless, thoughtless, unoriginal and clumsy in what comes to user experience. I'm now getting used to Gnome, but for a very long time it felt like a fanatical recruit to a cult of "user experience" instead of actually providing one.

  • Leo

    Wow. I'm no hardcore open source whore either, but good grief. To think I actually mistook this site for something professional. You call open source advocates uncleanly little brats, and yet this entire article seems to have been written by a 14-year old with a grudge against some free software advocate who peed in his cheerios. My guess is that this is a troll designed to reel in the wrathful comments of the open source fanboys. Try to resist the urge you guys. Not worth it.

    • rezonant

      I agree, this is a worthless article.

  • Chad

    Wow this guy needs a stool softener. For something so worthless and irrelevant, you certainly are passionate about it. Most likely just flamebait. Or his girlfriend dumped him this morning.

  • tonybaldwin

    Yeah…nobody uses Free/Open Source stuff.

    Like, nobody uses django, joomla, wordpress, livejournal, drupal, zope…

  • steampoweredlawn

    Whatever they pay you to contribute to this site, it's too much.

  • Mikko

    Trolling trolling trolling wintard or mactard

  • Hank Heathen

    Haha – you're all pretty much proving his point.

    Hilarious! ;-D

  • Phil

    I have been a close tech follower since the amiga 500 and have been in and out of every platform and OS offered on them since then.
    I must say I partially disagree with the article and fully disagree with the approach…
    Unix based systems and Linux specifically have shown great development in every aspect thinkable and will continue to endure and most likely expand due to their flexibility (and devoted comunity…)
    I believe it is truely amazing what is done (mostly out of free working hours and good perspective) on the Open Source comunity, whatever the platform.

    Critics… Cinic and ignorant such as this one should travel and observe that not every one on this planet has the royalties to go Microsoft or Apple shopping…
    Technology as a source of information should be freely available to everyone!

    Comments on

  • A.T.

    playing old joke of throwing journalist wording on fan in order to gain some attention, huh? 🙂

  • Ernesto Manríquez

    I recommend you to get yourself a 1998 computing magazine, and read there a review of the amazing OpenLinux, Red Hat Linux 4.2, Slackware 3, or SuSE 4.2. Have you seen screenshots of those and actually compared them with Windows 98? Do you remember how did they sucked hard compared to Windows 98 desktop clarity? I do. I remember when the most advanced thing in FOSS file management was TkDesk. And the Linux desktop evolved.

    Do you remember when in 2002, while Windows XP was released, there wasn't even a decent display for scalable fonts (a feature Windows had since Windows 3.1), let alone font smoothing (since Windows 95)? The Linux desktop evolved to overcome that. It evolved fast. It allowed me to use wireless Internet. It is overcoming its last frontier (graphics drivers).

    Until now, the Linux desktop was playing catch up to Windows experience. Now things have changed. KDE 4.5 has more desktop power, although in a less refined form, but it still has more power than Windows 7 desktop. Microsoft will never be able to fit the entire Windows 7 desktop in a smartphone, but KDE Plasma Desktop can do it.

    Your conclusions are too early. When KDE defeats the Windows desktop running under Windows, like it is expected to happen, we'll see the first horde of people migrating to Linux. The same thing that happens with OpenOffice and Firefox now.

    Resistance is futile. You will be asimilated… by Free Software.

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