FCC Helping Consumers with New Website

The FCC is finally reaching out to consumers and helping with a better understanding of the wireless industry and gadgets. You’ll typically see info all over the web with FCC filings and rulings on certain matters, and while they’re self-explanatory sometimes, there are cases when they might leave you scratching your head. Hopefully those days will soon be over as the FCC looks to open up directly to us, the consumers, through its new website designed just for us.

It appears to be a really helpful website so far. It offers security tips for staying safe online and guarding against Internet fraud. The reach goes out to gadgets and cell phones, too, with tips on your cell phone bill and what certain charges and costs mean. This is definitely helpful for those of us who look at those weird federal charges and wonder if we’re just getting duped.

Think early termination fees are unfair and unlawful? The FCC has a section on helping you know a little more about them and why they exist. That way you’ll know that cancelling your contract might cost up to $300 or more depending on your carrier and handset.

Basically, everything you wanted to know about basic wireless, gadget and Internet rules and jargon is explained by the new government website. There will even be regular industry updates and news delivered by the site, too. So if you have questions about your cell phone plans, what kind of TV you should buy or whether your Sprint or Verizon cell phone will work overseas, check out the new FCC website and be sure to pass the info along to your friends and family. Knowing about this stuff will help protect you and your loved ones from scams, fraud or just plain old bad deals.

[FCC via PhoneScoop]

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