Kyocera Zio coming to Cricket next month?

Cricket it set to launch the Kyocera ZIO as the pre-paid carrier’s (and manufacturer’s) first Android handset. While it’s no powerhouse, it still a great option for Cricket customers looking for a cheaper Android phone without a contract.

If you don’t remember the Kyocera ZIO, we don’t blame you. Not only is it on the lower-end side of the Android smartphone spectrum, it’s also just not very memorable. The call and end buttons alone make the thing look cheap(er), and it’s running Android 1.6, with no definite answer on whether or not the handset will be upgradable to anything other than the current OS version it ships with.

Worse yet, the price isn’t that attractive, coming in around $250+. That’s the way it goes with carriers like Cricket that offer very cheap calling and data plans, they gotta get money out of you somehow. Likely, if you’re on Cricket, you’re probably not looking to spend a lot on your mobile phone service, so we have to wonder how many Cricket customers will be picking up a $250 Android smartphone that turns out to be barely better then low-end.

The ZIO isn’t all bad though. I was pleasantly surprised to feel how light the device is in your hand, and you can thank this to the extensive use of plastic through the entire handset. The ZIO is impressively thin, allowing you to get a good grip on it. The specs are acceptable for a mid-range smartphone, but we wouldn’t expect anyone dropping their current phone for this particular Android phone anytime soon. The ZIO will hit market with a 3.5 inch display, 3.2 megapixel camera with video capture up to 30 fps, Bluetooth, WiFi, 512 MB of on-board memory for applications, and a 600 MHz Qualcomm MSM7227 CPU. The specifications on the ZIO don’t necessarily read like a dream, but they aren’t terrible, either.

We can expect the ZIO to hit Cricket as soon as August 15th, making it the second ‘budget’ carrier in joining the Android army, right after Boost with the Motorola I1.

So Cricket customers, are you willing to drop a nice chunk of green for this thing?

[Via: AndroidSpin]

  • James

    This phone needs to come to Boost or Virgin, Ive never even heard of Cricket and after some research I see that they are not in my area.

    • Guest89

      boost has and android and its drop proof

  • AK1029

    Boost's current android only works on the iDEN network. Boost also has a CDMA network from Sprint, but they don't have an android on CDMA. The Zio needs to come to Boost CDMA.

  • Anonymous

    To the Author of this post:

    You must work for another major carrier. Way to tear apart this phone. Your post did nothing to inform me of the phones specs or features. The only thing that you accomplished was to make your point that the phone “looks cheap” and is “made of plastic”. The materials used in the manufacture of the phone dont weigh heavily on an informed consumers decision making process. You are a moron. Good day.

  • nikl235

    I have cricket and I'm buying the the day it comes out.

    • stlPrincess314

      The phone has come out online and it is only $229.99 It actually looks really good, I hope you enjoy it!

  • JML

    according to some sites i've read before the zio is comparable to iphone 3g in video, picture, and screen resolution. cricket did well in getting this phone. their phone selection wasnt that great but they are getting better with the zio and the blackberry curve. i will be getting zio also.

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