Motorola Droid X gets one-click root; Let the hack-fest begin

Droid X one-click root
Droid X one-click root

From thinking that the Motorola Droid X would commit suicide if you tried to hack it, hearing that eFuse is not as big of a deal than we previously thought, to getting root on the Motorola Android superphone shortly afterward, hacking the X  just got a lot simpler – as in click-one-button simple. The Droid X now has a one-click root method to call its own.

The new Motorola Droid X rooting program is currently only available for Windows. There’s no need to have the Android SDK setup, which can be a pain for those who are new to hacking their phone. All drivers come pre-installed, so there’s virtually nothing set up prior to running the program. Simply hook up your Droid X to your computer, making sure you have USB Debugging enabled in Settings > Applications > Development. One you have everything up and running, all you have to do is click the “Root Me :)” button (see graphic above). Once you click on that button, the application installs the Superuser app onto the phone, and you may receive a notification on your device asking you if you want to give root access for this particular process. Click “Allow.”

You have root now. Furthermore, you can UnRoot your Droid X just as easily as you rooted it.

Since this is a newer program, there’s little feedback on how reliable is. Some people are saying that it’s not working for them, while others are seeing the application working perfectly. As such you may want to hold off a bit if you’re worried, but just know that this program shouldn’t hurt your X. Likely, the worst it could do is not work.

In future updates, features such as bloatware removal, application installation, and backups will be implemented. Expect some good things from this root method that people are already calling the “Blackra1n for Android”. Now that root is among so easily, let’s hope the custom ROMs start flooding in sometime soon!

Willing to give it a go? Let us know how it went by giving some feedback in the comments below!

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  • Daniel

    The rooting worked perfectly and was super easy! I had been debating for a while whether or not to root my Droid x because their weren't any roms, plus 2.2 will be out soon. But it is definitely worth it to have the free wifi hotspot feature! Instead of paying $20 for 2GB from Verizon (highway robbery!)

    • Kevin

      Where can I find info on setting up the free wifi hotspot?

  • Step

    Didn't work for me. It gave me a continue button on the pc and said to toggle bluetooth in the application settings at the same time. It then keeps running then the continue button comes up again. regardless if you click continue a 2nd time to toggle bluetooth it says root failed.

  • Joe

    Does the unrooting process work? I'm skeptical about this right now.

  • James

    I have run it previously and even updated to Froyo, but I went back to .604 and now the program will not complete the root no matter how long I wait. It gets to the point where it says it is copying the Superuser.apk and just hangs there.

  • Jerzey12

    i can get to work any help!

  • Jerzey12

    i can get to work any help!

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