Sprint HTC EVO 4G helps carrier add 111K customers in Q2; First gain in years

EVO 4G Sprint second quarter
EVO 4G Sprint second quarter

Thanks in large part to the success of the Android-powered HTC EVO 4G superphone, Sprint was able to add 111,000 net customers for the second quarter of 2010. This could be considered a tipping point for the third-largest carrier because this is the first net addition of subscribers in three years!

Sprint has been bleeding subscribers over the last few years for a few reasons. First and foremost is the Apple iPhone on AT&T, as many customers fled Sprint to use Apple’s smartphone. The carrier tried to rely on devices like the Palm Pre to hold on to customers but that was a clear failure. The Sprint HTC EVO 4G helped change all that.

The HTC EVO 4G may help turn the tide, as the Android superphone could credibly be called the best, or one of the best smartphones on the market. The EVO 4G has been delighting users for a few months now and it can still be difficult to find in stores. The big-screened smartphone might not have been responsible for single-handedly giving Sprint net subscriber growth for Q2, but it certainly did its part.

Still, It’s not all roses for Sprint, as the company reported a loss of $760 million for the quarter and its net subscriber addition this quarter came from a growth in the prepaid market from Sprint subsidiaries like Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile. The company lost 228,000 contract customers in the second quarter and this now gives Sprint 48.2 million total subscribers. There’s no doubt the EVO helped keep those contract subscriber losses to a minimum.

Sprint was also notorious for poor customer service but that appears to be changing as the company has topped multiple customer satisfaction surveys. This could be a reason why it reported its best-ever contract churn rate of 1.85%.

The third-largest carrier is not out of the woods yet, as AT&T and Verizon still have much larger subscriber bases and both are making tons of money each quarter. But the strength of the Android-powered HTC EVO 4G and the symbolic nature of its first net addition in years should help it build momentum. It will be fun to watch, friends.

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  • rawr

    uh what is that on the phone screen..? just curious..

  • willpark

    That is actually a clip of a Halo animated movie. Halo Legends, I believe…

  • Mr. Wet

    Hey Sprint. Just keep selling hot phones and you will be alright.

  • honkj

    uhh, Sprint added PRE PAID subscribers, and lost "post paid" subscribers….

    last time i checked, the EVO required a contract……. judging from the numbers, the EVO didn't really contribute except to mitigate the losses to post paid subscribers… and that mitigation was something like 300,000 judging from the numbers between quarters…. just as a rough guess… (SINCE SPINT NOR HTC WILL NOT GIVE US THAT NUMBER)

    lets put it this way, Sprint did not release how many EVO's were sold, why would they do that?, because they are embarrassed by what that number is?

    Money talks, and BS is just BS…. and the net increase in subscribers is from prepaid customers… EVO is not a prepaid phone…

    • willpark

      If the EVO helped to reduce the net loss of post-paid subscribers, it certainly did its part to give Sprint a net add for the quarter. If postpaid losses were greater, it would have diminished any gains in the pre-paid sector.

  • honkj

    yes, but 300,000 (or maybe even less, sprint wont tell us and that is not a good sign) this 300,000 is not even in the same league, as a matter of fact it is similar to Palm numbers, so they gave up one failure for another?

  • zaxonne

    Whether it was 300k or not, the bottom line would havd been a lot better if they were able to keep up with the demand for the Evo. It still continues to be sold out online and the nearest Best Buy that has one in stock in my area is 350 miles. I will continue to wait because I think its worth it.

  • shane

    if you have to pree pay you need to get a job and credit so you can get a cantract with any phone company

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