Get the T-Mobile Samsung Vibrant for $100 from Amazon

Android Galaxy S - T-Mobile Samsung Vibrant
Android Galaxy S - T-Mobile Samsung Vibrant

We’ve talked about how good the T-Mobile Samsung Vibrant (the T-Mobile variant of the Samsung Galaxy S) is, but now you can get the stellar Galaxy S Android device for less than $100 from with a new service contract. If you’d rather go through a T-Mobile retail store, you’re more than welcome to do so, but getting a Vibrant for about a C-note just seems like too good a deal for the kind of features you get in the Galaxy S.

Amazon is offering the Vibrant for nearly 50% off the official Samsung Vibrant price from T-Mobile but the only downside is that you won’t get to touch the handset before you buy it. Wouldn’t it be great if someone already reviewed the Galaxy S Android device to help you make an informed purchasing decision? Oh yeah, we did.

What was the verdict on the T-Mobile Samsung Vibrant?

Overall, the Vibrant is the best device that has ever hit T-Mobile. It’s not just the best Android phone to ever hit T-Mobile, it’s the best smartphone to ever grace the Magenta network. Samsung has taken so many cues from its competition, namely Apple, that the similarities start to become obvious after a while. From the way your apps are displayed, to its media player, right down to the design of the phone, someone could easily mistake it for an iPhone 3G.

Most importantly, the Vibrant sports a feature-set that T-Mobile desperately needed. The stand-out feature is obviously the Super AMOLED display, and to tell you the truth, after seeing its power, you could take out half the bells and whistles and the phone would still be great. Is this the smartphone for you this summer? If you’re looking for an Android smartphone on T-Mobile this summer, the T-Mobile Samsung Vibrant is as good as it gets!

That Super AMOLED screen really pops out at you and the T-Mobile Samsung Vibrant also sports Android 2.1 OS, a 5-megapixel camera, a 1 GHz processor, a gyroscope for motion controls, TV-out, GPS, and more.

The Samsung Galaxy S lineup will be hitting six major carriers in the United States but if you’ve already set your mind on the T-Mobile Vibrant, you might as well save a few bucks by buying it from Amazon.

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  • Joshua Cohen

    Unfortunately, if you are an existing T-Mobile customer you are out of luck and have to pay the full $199. You would think T-Mobile would want to keep customers from leaving.

    • Rob Clancy

      Unfortunately, this kind of thing is standard. Sometimes carriers will extend most offers, but the sweetest are used for bait.

    • Rob Clancy

      Actually, I was curious so I did a little digging and 2 other sites( & that are offering the Vibrant for $100 are offering upgrades for $150 (though it looks like you have to be truly eligible and not just close: at the Tmo store the rep said I was eligible, but these guys checked and said wasn't eligible until Nov, 2 years exactly from when my contract started. Now, I don't know either of these sites and they looked the same to me, their pages had identical presentation and navigation design.

    • Steven

      I switched over a year ago to a "noncontract contract" (Even More Plan). I wanted to buy this phone this week and was told I had to pay $500 for it or wait for another year. I pointed out that I was willing to pay $199 plus add $25/month in a new data plan plus sign up for a new 2 year contract. No luck. With these kind of silly rules, I'll switch in a year to a better service provider. Too bad t-mobile; would have liked to stay with you but you seem to continue shooting yourself in the foot.

  • Lex Lee

    I am an existing T-mobile customer and all I did was call them and tell them AT&T version is $99 and T-mobile would be stupid not to treat their loyal customer with the best deal. I got it for $99 after half an hour of call.

  • Brandon Parker

    I never get my phones at the Tmo store, Walmart beats them out on price any day. I just upgraded to the Vibrant for 148.00 through them

  • Greg in L.A.

    I got mine at Costco for $99. It was not a new contract, but it was a two year extension. Plus, they throw in a car charger and a little belt-clip pouch. PLUS they only charge sales tax on the actual cost, not the whole MSRP that T-mobile wanted to charge. All in all, I saved about $175 over the t-mo store

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