MetroPCS: Our first LTE phone will be the Samsung Craft, and we launch in Las Vegas and DFW this year

MetroPCS, the little operator that could, is racing against Verizon Wireless to launch their LTE network and claim the title of having the first proper 4G network in America. WiMAX doesn’t count. During MetroPCS’ latest conference call, CEO Roger Linquist dropped a few new tidbits: the Samsung SCH-r900, which was a mouthful to say and even harder to type, is now known as the Samsung Craft. The price is expected to be in the $300 range. Operating system is still unknown, but if we had to take a guess we’d say it’s running Android.

Roger also said that the LTE network is going to launch in initially two markets: Las Vegas, Nevada and the Dallas Fort Worth area of Texas. The upgrade to LTE should be done by early 2011, and just to give you an idea of how small MetroPCS is, they have only 7 million customers. Compare that to Verizon’s 92.1 million, or over 13x as much as MetroPCS, and you start appreciating the complexity Verizon faces when getting their network off the ground.

No mention of expected speeds were given. Verizon has stated their LTE network should do 5 to 12 megabits per second. Clearwire said that they expect their LTE network to deliver 20 to 70 megabits per second. T-Mobile, with HSPA+, is delivering real world 10 megabit per second speeds today and there are rumors that they’re going to upgrade yet again to be able to hit double or even triple that.

Speed isn’t the only good thing about LTE, it’s also snappier, with much lower latencies than previous wireless technology. It’s also more efficient in terms of how many customers will be able to connect to the towers already in place. All of these small improvements should add up to a wireless experiance that’s leaps and bounds better than what’s already out there.

Sweden has LTE, Norway has LTE, Japan will get it in December, so come on America, you can do it!

  • Richard

    Metropcs is a joke so are the selections of phones

  • a1by

    How the hell are you going to claim WiMAX is not a 4G network?

  • Noelle

    WiMax doesn't count? It is 4th generation of wireless technology along with LTE, however both are not "4G" by the 3GPP group b/c they are not meeting the current standards of 100Mbps mobility and 1Gbps stationary

  • android/win7phone

    Metropcs is proving to be no joke and is quickly expanding. If they continue with the tech advances in their markets they could become the apple of the industry. Best value in country, and when and if they succeed in going 4G they will be able to offer the most advanced tech at a fraction of the price of the competition. Not national yet but that is their strength to keep the network manageable.

  • bigboybig

    WTF? 4g for metro PCS? Seriously? I’ll be glad to have EVDO (3G) running in my area LOL.

  • vmzulu

    i find it funny that all this ranting about quality is driven by gadgetry. Really now what is the purpose of the mobile phone? to play games or watch videos or perhaps text someone?!? any as i can assure you, The big three are laughing all the way to the bank at those faithfully loyal bankrolls known as customers. If the coverage is good and the price is good then why know it. I have used Metro PCS for over 4 years now and have had no problems and have often times laughed at my comrades who spend all day complaining about their ultra expensive service. Ain’t capitalism grand !

    • Mark M.

      I hope I just missed your sarcasm tags, because capitalism is exactly why MetroPCS exists and is thriving in the face of major competition.

  • M. Perea

    Metro PCS has a lot of potential because of it’s CDMA technology, Sorry SIM card lovers.

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