Verizon Wireless iPhone again rumored for a January 2011 release

Another rumor strongly suggests that Apple and Verizon Wireless are gearing up to launch a CDMA version of the iPhone 4 in January 2011. According to sources in the overseas manufacturing supply chain, Apple has reportedly ordered millions of Qualcomm CDMA chipsets for a December production run of the highly anticipated Verizon Wireless iPhone 4.

Before you roll your eyes at yet another Verizon Wireless iPhone 4 rumor, this rumor is perfectly timed and completely appropriate given the previously rumored January 2011 launch date. While the CDMA iPhone may not debut until next year, orders for the individual components of the smartphone must be made several months in advance. It is sensible that, in August, Apple would need to order a large number of CDMA radios to meet the potential demand of this Verizon variant.

Much to the chagrin of Apple and Verizon, an order of that magnitude can not be made without attracting attention. Any blip in the electronics manufacturing industry will be picked up immediately as analysts and others who monitor the supply chain have been watching for evidence of the Verizon iPhone.

We have all fallen for this rumor before and still feel the bitter sting of disappointment. Unlike the early rumors, which were vague, these latest rumors are very detail oriented. We had the Pegatron manufacturing rumor from the Wall Street Journal, the January 2011 launch date from Bloomberg, and now signs from the supply chain that suggest Apple’s flagship smartphone is slated for a Verizon launch.

Verizon’s executives have also gone on the record about the inevitable iPhone and even our own inside sources hinted that Verizon is gearing up for a big launch at the end of the year. Add in the newly announced CES 2011 keynote speaker, which just happens to be Verizon Wireless CEO Lowell McAdam, and you can’t help but jump to the conclusion that the Verizon iPhone is coming soon. So what do you think- are we going to burned again or is it the real deal this time?

[via TechCrunch]

  • DavidB

    Doesn't the carrier that's confirmed launching iPhone4 in China the carrier that uses CDMA? So this could be yet another "analyst wishful thinking" rumor?

  • Guest

    So… what does this mean for those who were hoping for a Verizon iPhone 4G?

  • MekishaB

    Please stop playing with my emotions… I sooooo want an iphone but I will never leave Verizon so please if anyone from Verizon is listening please confirm this so I can stop being disappointed.

  • Jon Day

    I agree MekishaB! I am so wanting an I PHONE as well! I even considered buying an I Pod Touch. I just do not want to carry around 2 different items. I do hope that Verizon does offer this.

  • Amber

    I heard from a few friends at school today that Verizon was going to get the iPhone. My boyfriend got one for Christmas, and I’ve fallen in LOVE with it. I’m on my parents plan and can’t change but I want an iphone so bad. I really really hope this is right. They can’t play with my emotions!!!!

  • Justin

    I’m more than happy with my DROID. iPhone is something older people get to make them feel like they know how to use todays technology. The sad thing is, todays technology is an Android device. Apple is a scumbag company who tries to hide their mistakes instead of fixing them. They released a device and it’s already outdated by the Motorola Droid X and the EVO 4G. 8 megapixel cameras, 1GHz Processors, HDMI output. Congrats, iPhone 4 for finally accomplishing what the Motorola Droid had. You’re a couple months late.

  • Connie

    Although I do agree the Droid’s are looking sweet( as well as the Kin) with really nice features. So why are so many applications iphone specific? That is the only reason I would be looking into the iphone. And as for “older” people… I happen to be in that catagory and can build a computer from scratch so could you please remove your blinders.

  • Jrtu2001

    The Empire strikes back. Cuídense ya viene Windows Phone 7. El gigante Microsoft se pone las pilas y arremete con espectaculares smartphones. Según algunas pruebas sería superior al iPhone de Apple y a los Droid. La ventaja de iPhone son las aplicaciones.

  • sick and tired of it

    i work at a verizon store and let me tell you yes thee are rumors but please stop coming to the stores just to ask ” hey im just here to find out when are you guys getting the iphone” like you are the first person that has ask that and ill be gladd to tell you well sir i cant coment but if you meet me in the parking lot ill give you the scoop . come on people ven if we knew now whats happenning you are not going to find out by coming to the store ints not like we will be saying -oh you want to know ok well you are very special because we are currently denying it froim the rest of the world but just because its you and you took the time to come in the store while its 15 degrees outside below 0 we will tell you the release date.

  • Gmjcleaners

    I went with Sprint a few years ago when I moved from Cincinnati to Pinehurst NC because at the time Verizon, which is the carrier we had in Ohio, service sucked so Sprint was the only decent option at the time. Being with Sprint was the worst experience. We were with them for 6 years because they made it almost impossible to get out cause every time we made any change in our plan either minus or adding something, they would start our contract over. Finally AT&T came to our area and we’ve been with them ever since. My only gripe with AT&T is limited 3G coverage. Customer service and everything else is great. As of 12-28-2010, our home area is suppose to have 3G service by the end of 2010 so I’ll keep my fingers crossed.
    I just wish the iPhone would remain an AT&T exclusive. It’s nice to have a really cool phone that everybody wants but can’t because they aren’t with AT&T but I’m sure Verizon will get it and it will probably become the highest sold cell phone in history if it already isn’t now.

    • Gmjcleaners

      I agree. We live in the same Pinehurst area. All my friends are holding out to get the Verizon iPhone. It would suck for them if something happened and Apple decided to extend the exclusive AT&T contract…………..yeah right!!!!

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