Google holding mobile event August 12 – What Android goodness is on tap?

Google Mobile Android event August 13
Google Mobile Android event August 13

The search giant will be holding a Google Mobile event this Thursday, August 12, and it promised to show off some new features. Let the guessing games begin.

The invitation only says that it will be “unveiling a couple of cool new mobile features.” I’d immediately think this would be for Android, but it could very well be a cross-platform roll out that will work with Webkit-based browsers like on the Apple iPhone and, I suppose, the BlackBerry Torch.

But if I were a betting man, I’d say the event will be focused around Android and potentially it could put a new emphasis on the Google music service we’ve been expecting ever since Google I/O. This will let the search giant sell music through the Android Market and, more importantly, allow users to stream their home music library to their Android handset. Let’s just hope the streaming quality is better than what’s in Froyo.

A Google music service with Android would give the company a fine counterbalance to the iTunes juggernaut for the Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Granted, the Amazon MP3 store is already on a ton of Android devices but I think the multimedia buying and playback experience need to get a lot better if Google wants Android to outclass the iPhone.

With that said, this is all pretty much speculation now, as the last time we saw an event like this, Google threw a major cool curve ball with the introduction of Google Navigation.

Maybe it has another cool feature to show off that will be exclusive to that little green robot. One thing is for sure, check out IntoMobile for the very latest on the event.

What do you think the search giant is going to show off? What would you like them to show? Is it too early for some Gingerbread action?

  • Harold Sharpe

    Google is going to announce
    that they are owned by the U.S. Government and we have all been watched for the last 10 years.
    Furthermore there is a reason for the little green man for the logo.
    The ones running the country are Aliens.

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