HP planning PalmPad / Hurricane webOS tablet for early 2011

Mockup of the HP PalmPad Hurricane weboS tablet
Mockup of the HP PalmPad Hurricane weboS tablet

It seems that all the speculation about HP bringing a webOS tablet to market is starting to come to a head, as HP has reportedly told employees that the company will be aiming to launch Palm-pedigree device – codenamed the “Hurricane,” and possibly to be called the PalmPad – in early 2011. Following on HP’s recent Palm acquisition, HP Personal Systems Group vice president Todd Bradley is said to have told employees yesterday that the webOS-powered tablet is being prepped for a Q1 2011 launch, which falls roughly in line with previous speculation that the tablet could debut late this year.

The word on the street has it that “trusted sources” have tipped Engadget on HP’s plans for its rumored tablet. Previous rumors had HP reviving Palm’s mothballed project under the codename “Hurricane,” and this latest rumor suggests that the codename is most definitely legitimate and will eventually birth what may come to be known as the “PalmPad.” HP recently filed for the PalmPad trademark, which sparked massive speculation that a webOS tablet was in the works inside the computer-maker’s R&D labs. Now that the existence of the tablet is all but official, it’s quite possible that the device will be known as the PalmPad.

And, even more exciting is the possibility that, given the launch window that HP has set for itself, the PalmPad could hit market with webOS 2.0 in tow. We’re not yet clear on what new features webOS 2.0 will bring to the table(t), but there’s no doubt that we’ll see some parts of the multi-tasking mobile OS optimized for a larger touchscreen display.

So, with all these new-fangled tablets due to go live later this year and through the next, we have to wonder if the iPad can continue to hold on to its current market advantage. What say you, dear reader? Is a webOS-powered PalmPad on your radar? Or do Android tablets powered by NVIDIA’s dual-core Tegra2 processor – Notion Ink Adam – take top-billing?

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  • kdarling

    Great, so it'll probably get launched after an Android tablet and/or iPad on Verizon have already sucked up all the buyers.

    Why do I foresee a repeat of the giant mistake Palm made with the Pre debut.

    HP… get it out sooner!!

  • Liangatang

    I wasn’t always a loyal Palm guy – last year when my wife and I got new phones, she got the Palm Pre and I got Android because I was the “techy” one. However, after the first month, I literally returned the Android to get a Pre. The interface of WebOS is completely SUPERIOR to any other interface I’ve used as a technology specialist. With Android and the iPhone, everything is in one-dimension – one thing at a time – and they honestly remind me of old Windows 3.1 where you forgot what you had open and couldn’t find programs all the time.

    We’ve been in the market for a netbook/pad for the last few months, and the limitations of the iPad astound me – no multi-tasking and flash is unbelievable in today’s world. But hey, I give credit to their marketing team. Anyways, before we even heard about the PalmPad, numerous times we have said “why can’t Palm just put this smooth webOS system on a laptop? It’s superior to Windows, Linux, and Apple”. Looks like we’re going to get our wish – and we’re definitely going to wait for it!

  • KingDude420

    Bring it on HP, and get it out SOON! But… WebOS needs flash, enough said. Hopefully 2.0 will bring it.

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