Incredible and EVO 4G Android 2.2 source code released by HTC

Good news for DROID Incredible owners as HTC has released the 2.6.32 source code for the latest Android 2.2. update. The source code is available form download from HTC’s developer website. For the non-developer, this large list of files may appear to be gibberish but in the hands of a developer or savvy hacker, the list of possibilities is endless. Custom ROMS based on Android 2.2 can be built for the handset, CM6 can now fully support the handset, and over-clocking and under-volting kernels can be developed. It is also a good sign that the Android 2.2 update will be officially hitting the handset soon.

Also released by HTC was the Android 2.2 source code for the EVO 4G. Another fantastic development for EVO 4G owners not afraid of flashing their handsets. While the EVO 4G is already rocking an official version of Android 2.2, the release of the source code allows devs to hack it apart and build back up into ROM capable of over-clocking, under-volting, and free of the crapware installed on the smartphone. We personally cant wait to see what Cyanogen does with this one.

[via Cyanogen and HTC]

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