Notion Ink Adam Android tablet gets priced at $399, November launch on track

Notion Ink Adam
Notion Ink Adam

This has been a pretty decent week for the upcoming Adam Android tablet from Notion Ink. After not hearing a peep about the device, we’re now seeing a little more news on one of the most anticipated tablets to come out this year, hopefully. This time around, we have the predicted lower-than-iPad pricing for the Android 2.2 Froyo powered “super tablet”.

According to the Notion Ink blog, the Adam will be made available in four different variants. Two variants will boast the Pixel Qi Display, while the other two variants will rock a standard LCD display. Each display option comes in either WiFi-only or WiFi and 3G trim – making for four total variants. Prices should rang somewhere from $399 for the LCD WiFi only option, and go up to about $498 for the fully-loaded Pixel Qi display with WiFi and 3G. Prices of course, are subject to change, but they are sure keeping it low, especially when we initially thought the highest-end variant would cost us around $800.

While the Adam has still yet to grace the FCC testing labs, the company remains fairly confident that the tablet will be released sometime in November. Lets hope so, because I know what I’ll be getting for my birthday if it does indeed launch in November. As far as the Android version is concerned, we’re really hoping that it will ship with Android 2.2 Froyo, and the company is making it’s best efforts to ensure that the device will be able to receive the Gingerbread update what that’s good and ready, though hardware requirements are still not official for 3.0.

Speaking of Gingerbread, the Adam 2 (AKA Notion Ink Eve), which was given a questionable launch window of Q2 of 2011, will be shipping with the Android 3.0 Gingerbread operating system. It’s good to see that Notion Ink is looking into the future, but let me just get my hands on the Adam before we have to worry about the Adam 2 (Eve) – one step at a time, guys.

The Adam grabbed the number one spot on our Top 5 most anticipated tablets list for 2010-2011, and I couldn’t imagine what the Adam 2 might have in store for us.

So what say you, loyal reader? Does the Adam do it for you?

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  • That one guy

    The Eve is NOT the Adam 2, they are two different future projects. We don't know what the Eve is going to be except that it is different than the Adam in some way. The popular believe is that it's going to be a phone. Cheers

  • kwikitti

    This sure looks SWEET! The Adam Android tablet looks like it will have just about everything i’ve been waiting for in a tablet: Android/Chrome/Linux based OS, large color screen, and WiFi only option. I plan to use it primarily for reading research and medical journal articles, my magazine subscriptions, and an occasional e-book.

  • A dream machine for sure. I love my macbook but apple seems to be moving away from open system to a closed [app] system so they can go suck it. Can’t wait for the ADAM to take a byte out of Apple!!

    • Clayton Jones

      Hahahaha, dream maching……hahaha.

  • RockSolid

    Can’t wait to get my hand on one. Anyone know notionink’s plan on distribution?

  • Franky

    Will the Eve be bigger that the Adam?

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