Infographic: Texting teens take the top slot in this SMS explosion

SMS received

Some eye candy and interesting stats on texting have been fused together by Mashable into an infographic that details the explosion of SMS over the past 18 years. All texters would agree that SMS is on record pace to surpass email as a primary communication tool. Not surprisingly, the biggest adopter of texting is not the 20 or 30-somethings with their QWERTY-packing smartphones but teenage girls who manage to peck out an astounding 100 texts per day (or 3,000 per month) on their LG or Sammy feature phone. That figure provides some context for those all too frequent stories of parents who are facing a $5,000 monthly bill from their wireless carrier. A little PSA for parents: if you give your teen a texting phone, pay the extra $10 a month to get the unlimited plan.

[Via Mashable]

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