Verizon Wireless fall roadmap leaked, 2nd Edition

Earlier this month, we had a preview of the upcoming primarily Android smartphones, tablets, and mobile broadband devices slated to hit Verizon Wireless. Today, the remaining devices in the wireless carrier’s portfolio were identified in a another roadmap leak that focuses on the feature phones, BlackBerry handsets, netbooks, and more that are expected to land this fall. The impressive lineup includes the following devices:

  • September
    • Motorola DROID 2 World Edition: Global version of the DROID 2 available in black/blue and white
    • Motorola Citrus WX445: entry level Android handset
    • LG Octane VN540: touchscreen feature phone
    • LG VN270
    • Pantech Crux: entry level handset
    • ZTE Salute: entry level handset
    • Dell Vostro V13 netbook
    • HP Pavillion DM1-2010 netbook
  • October
    • BlackBerry Storm 3 9570: running BB OS 6 with surepress touchscreen
    • BlackBerry Curve 3 9330
    • Samsung Fascinate: Verizon version of the Galaxy S
    • Samsung Continuum, I400: mid-range Android handset
    • Samsung Gem I100: Entry-level Android handset
    • Motorola XT610: low-end DROID X with 4.3-inch touchscreen and slower processor
    • Motorola A957: possibly named/codenamed “Sick”
    • Palm Pre 2
    • Casio Ravine: PPT handset
  • November
    • enTourage eDGe: dual-screen eReader running Android
    • enTourage Pocket device
    • Motorola Z600 tablet: rumored Stingray
    • Samsung I800 tablet: version of the Galaxy Tab??
    • Several 4G LTE cards including the PCD 290 and the LG 600

While you peruse this list, keep in mind that this is still filed in the rumor category and not all devices may launch within the expected timeframe. Also noticeably absent are any Windows Phone 7 handsets. With AT&T as a preferred launch partner for Windows Phone and Verizon’s relationship with Microsoft rumored to be strained following the KIN failure, this dearth of Windows Phone 7 handsets is not entirely surprising. Even with the given uncertainty over launch dates and the lack of WP7 smartphones, the rest of the year looks quite dandy for the nation’s #1 wireless carrier. Anyone agree?

[Via Phone Arena]

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