Skype comes to more Verizon BREW phones

Verizon BREW handsets get more Skype love
Verizon BREW handsets get more Skype love

The Verizon and Skype partnership is bearing more fruit as the VoIP calling service is coming to variety of 3G BREW phones on Big Red.

Skype is already available on devices like the Motorola Droid but it is now coming to devices like the LG enV Touch, Chocolate Touch and the Samsung Reality. With the app, you’ll get free Skype-to-Skype calls and reduced rates for international calling.

The VoIP-calling service is also available on other carriers like AT&T with the Apple iPhone app but the Verizon deal has a standout feature: Big Red uses its voice network to ensure a higher level of voice quality on VoIP calls. The best part about this is that this won’t use any of your Verizon Wireless minutes.

This relationship could be an important differentiator down the line, particularly as the Apple iPhone to Verizon rumors heat up. If both AT&T and Verizon have an Apple iPhone a high-quality VoIP-calling app could be a key reason to pick the Big Red version if you’re on the fence.

You can get the VoIP calling app by going to the Verizon Media store or by texting “SKYPE” to 2255 for a download link. Smartphones can get the app from their respective app stores or by visiting the company’s mobile site.

[Via Skype]

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