Samsung Galaxy S, Vibrant, and Captivate easily unlocked to run on another carrier

Samsung-Galaxy-S T-Mobile Vibrant

Android Galaxy S - T-Mobile Samsung Vibrant

Owners of  the Samsung Galaxy S and its variants including the Captivate and the Vibrant take note. The folks on xda-developers discovered much to their surprise that unlock codes for the Android handset are stored covertly on handset. Rather than on some remote server under lock and key, the unlock code is stored in a .BAK file on the internal SD card.

All you need to do is mount your Samsung handset via USB, drag the file onto your desktop, and run a script to extract the unlock code. Too easy for you? You can up your geek cred by using a hex editor to locate the code yourself. Too hard for you?  You can cough up $10 and download the Galaxy S Sim Unlocker from the Android market which will extract the code automatically for you.

The unlock code opens up the door to the possibility of running a T-Mobile Vibrant on AT&T’s 3G network and an AT&T Captivate on T-Mobile’s network, though the Captivate reportedly only connected via EDGE. Good news! If you have to return a handset for warranty purposes, you are fortunate as the process does not require you to root your phone and the handset can be re-locked with minimal effort. All the detailed steps can be found here at xda-developers where there is ample support and conversation to help you navigate the process.

[Via Engadget and xda-developers]

  • pax

    Who would want to be on ATT network?

  • Mrwirez

    VERIZON… No thanks!

  • jerry

    Cannot find said application using Android Market

  • jerry

    If someone has found a way to download from Android Market let me know, I do not think that it is on Market yet..

  • Robert


    I have an extrange question. If I unlock the samsung captivate to use is in chile with the same 3G network of AT&T will the phone work?


  • Nana

    If I unlock the phone,can any GSM service provider sim card be used? I want to use the phone back in Africa.

  • karthhik

    1.Download the “android sideload wonder machine from this page”
    and install it.
    2.Also download “.net 4” application from windows website and install it.
    3.then download the “sgs_unlock” file and unrar/unzip it.
    4.unrar the “AC-SWM-v1.0” file.
    5.Inside that folder, open “AndroidCentral-SWM” application file.
    6.Now select “sgs_unlock.apk” file from the “sgs_unlock folder” which you downloaded
    7. now connect your samsung captivate orother galaxy s model with usb debugging enabled. (which can be done settings ->applications ->development)
    8. now press go button inside “AndroidCentral-SWM” application.
    9. now if everything is right then it should have installed sgs_unlock application inside your device.
    10. unplug your device.
    11. restart your phone.
    12. now run the sgs_unlock application.
    13. it will give the sim unlock code and unfreeze code:
    14. enjoy :–)
    15. Mine is rooted samsung captivate.
    16. To root your phone kindly download one click lag fix application from android market. then run the application.
    17. Inside that click root device recovery 2e.
    18. After the installation. go to recovery mode which you know. press reinstall package. n thats it your phone is now rooted. install all other features inside one click lag fix.(your phone will turn into a speed daemon).
    19. Allow Sgs_unlock application when superuser app calls for it.
    20. Thank you guys for reading this. I hope it will help you.

  • Yjk83

    i got mine unlocked from

  • Yjk83

    i got mine unlocked from

  • i want unlocked galaxy G4 T959

  • Camschub

    How much is it???

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