Rumor: Nokia N9 Specifications: 4 inch OLED screen, Qualcomm 1 GHz Snapdragon, 512 MB RAM

Nokia N9 leak showing keyboard and tilting screen
Nokia N9 leak showing keyboard and tilting screen

Last Thursday we brought you some photos of a Nokia N9 prototype running MeeGo, and today I’ve got something even better to share; a full list of specifications. Now if the rumor given to NokNok by some guy named “Lee” is right, then this puppy is supposed to have a 4 inch OLED screen with a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels, 1 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon QSD8250 processor, 512 MB of RAM, 1 GB of system storage, 64 GB internal memory, and HD 720p video recording. Add to that 802.11 b/g/n, HSPA+, GPS, and Bluetooth 2.1, and you’ve got yourself Nokia’s first real chance at a come back.

Today specifications don’t make or break a device as much as they used to back in the day. The first iPhone, as we all remember, was a joke in the hardware department, as was was the 3G. It only started with the 3GS that Apple started putting in processors faster than what the market was using at the time. Then with the iPhone 4, Apple blew everyone out of the water with their super high resolution display and HD video recording capability. All those features will eventually come to Android, but where Apple once lagged, now they dominate.

I bring this up because Nokia used to be the leader. When the N95 came out in 2007 it made everything else look like a toy. Then something happened, I don’t know what exactly, but everything since that device has pretty much been the N95 guts, but in a different body. The N97 is what happens when you’re too confident that your brand will make up for a lack of horsepower. The N97 is what made Symbian-Guru stop blogging because, and I quote: “the pissant processor in the N97 is another aspect that completely kills the device.” The N900 … yes it’s powerful, but the software didn’t really take advantage of what was under the hood.

With the N9, if what NokNok is right with what they’ve published, it at least brings Nokia up to parity with the rest of the industry on a hardware level. Now we just need to see how awesome MeeGo is.

  • Al Pavangkanan

    This will suck if its powered by the Snapdragon. The GPU on that is hella weak. Much better off with an OMAP3 like the Galaxy S has.

    • Stefan Constantinescu

      Ummm, do you have any idea what you’re talking about? OMAP is what Texas Instruments calls their line of processors. Samsung makes their own stuff, and they call the chip inside the Galaxy S the Hummingbird. Both the OMAP 3 and Hummingbird use application processors based on ARM’s Cortex A8 reference design, while the Snapdragon is built by Qualcomm from scratch to be ARM v7 compatible, aka the same instruction set that their Cortex A8 uses.

      Now you’re right about the GPU. The one in the Hummingbird is faster than that in the Snapdragon, but really, it doesn’t matter at all if MeeGo is crap.

      Bling for the sake of bling isn’t going to save Nokia. A competent alternative to the iPhone and Android, as well as a thriving ecosystem for developers, will bring the company back some recognition in the high end smartphone space.

  • Titanas

    Stefan, i couldn’t agree more. Let’s wait and see what MeeGo can do and if Intel variants will follow

  • momchil

    no way, nokia stated that omap3 line of chipsets will be used again in the first meego device. i hope it will be omap3630 as the one in droid 2/droid x. omap3 is way faster than snapdragon at the same clock.

    also the pictures show that the battery bv-4d has capacity of 1320 mAh

    • Stefan Constantinescu

      Been working at Nokia long enough to know that a 10 month old PowerPoint is just about useless. A lot, and I mean a hell of a lot, can happen between now and then.

      Say you’re right and I’m wrong however, it still doesn’t matter. The operating system matters.

  • Jason Lackey

    I played with a Nokia prototype over the weekend that looked a lot like this although it seemed to be running a Symbian variant. Certainly seemed fast enough to be snapdragon powered. Although software was early and beta-ish this was by far the best Nokia device I have ever seen. HW is very nice and finally the UI is snappy and responsive. This may not topple devices like the Evo or iPhone4 but it certainly would get Nokia back in the game.

    • momchil

      Maybe that is E7 which i Symbian^3 powered. It has similar shape and the same keyboard

  • Christopher

    Meego will do amazing things in time. I don’t know if it will start with the N9, but one can hope Nokia will get it off to a good start. Much like Android and iOS ( not always known as iOS), operating systems often have lukewarm welcomes and are only adopted by the few hardcore fans. However, if this device is good enough to get excited about, you better believe Meego will take off with it. They really are making big steps at Nokia, lets just hope they deliver in time to make any market share, and it better have a USA/CDMA flavor. As for the GPU race, Omap and humming bird have the snapdragon beat, but they are also later generation 1ghz processors. Qualcomm however just joined the linux board (including supporting Meego), and could easily be compared to the intel of cell phones. (Has anyone heard of BREW)? So Meego has more friends than anyone else did when they were released (even Android).

    -To Stefan, the development ecosystem for Meego is by far the best of any platform. Soon all applications written for Meego will be portable to Android,Palm OS, and other prevalent operating systems (not including iOS, but who cares about crapple), thanks to Qt. Though only time will tell if this catches on. Also accompanying app stores are crucial.

  • $e@lblaighter

    I hope the specs are true. 64 GB of internal memory. :X Awesome! 1 GHZ CPU! This is awesome too, finally a Nokia with such a powerful CPU. 🙂

  • Noel

    Way to go Nokia, lets just hope MeeGo will vastly improve on the already powerful capabilities of Maemo 5..that will put Nokia firmly in play for Smart phones game. Now it may be a battle of the OS…Android, iOS4, Windows 7, MeeGo, Blackberry OS etc. Hmmmmm…choices choices.

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