Samsung Galaxy S Fascinate Training Docs Leaked for Verizon

The Samsung Galaxy S Fascinate is making its way to Verizon very soon, last of the Galaxy S series devices but not in the bit least. So, in order to get employees ready for battle, training docs have gone out and, as usual, leaked for all of us to see. And hey, maybe if you read it thoroughly and daily while on the toilet with your smartphone, you just might out-smart the sales reps when it’s time for you to go in and grab your Super AMOLED equipped Android phone.

There isn’t a whole lot new on the training docs if you’ve been keeping up: 4-inch Super AMOLED display, 1GHz Hummingbird processor, 5MP camera and 720p HD recording capabilities. All this wrapped around Android 2.1. Adobe Flash support is shown as being available by the end of 2010, so it’s likely that Froyo won’t be coming until then. Or perhaps Verizon is just playing it safe because these upgrades can be so damn unpredictable.

And according to BGR, it will come preloaded with all kinds of goodies and crapware/bloatware thanks to the beauty of Android openness:

Some of the more mundane things we discover are that the device will come preloaded with Bing Maps, Google Maps with Navigation, NFL Mobile App, Amazon Kindle, Visual Voicemail, Backup Assistant, Blockbuster, Skype Mobile, Vcast Videos, and VZ Navigator. Hit the jump to view all the goodies.

If you’ve been waiting out your contract or hanging onto Verizon watching on with envy as your friends frolic around with their Samsung Galaxy S variants, it’s just a short matter of time now.

In the meantime, to get a small taste, check out our Samsung Vibrant review or our Epic 4G hands on, both of which are Galaxy S phones by Samsung. And if you’re interested in seeing the innards of one of these devices, you can see that here, too.

[Via: BGR]

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