Windows Phone 7 shown playing nice with HTML email in video

Image of a generic Windows Phone 7 smartphone. Shows off the WP7 Metro UI.
Image of a generic Windows Phone 7 smartphone. Shows off the WP7 Metro UI.

Remember how the mobile tech world threw their arms up in frustration at the possibility that upcoming Windows Phone 7 mobile OS from Microsoft would not support copy/paste or HTML email? Right, well it turns out that Microsoft is not as short-sighted as some had believed. A new video has popped up online, showing the WP7 platform getting down with some good, old-fashioned HTML email. That’s right, folks, Windows Phone 7 will have fully functioning HTML email support.

The misconception that WinPho would not have be able to display HTML code in emails was initially brought to light by PocketNow. Today, we’re happy to tell you, dear reader, that the new generation of smartphones running Microsoft’s completely revamped mobile operating system will indeed play nice with any and all email that you throw at it. Since speculating that Microsoft may have left out a critical feature in their WP7 email client, the blog has clarified that their test build of Windows Phone 7 did not offer an option to download images in email, which made it seem like HTML email was a no-go for WP7.

The demo video you see here shows a prototype WinPho device running a newer build of Windows Phone 7. Notice that images are not automatically downloaded and displayed in emails – likely to thwart spammers, who often track image downloads to verify that a particular email address is valid and still alive. We like having the option to fight spammers, but that’s not what’s important. What’s important is that, once a WP7 user hits the link to download images, HTML emails will be displayed in all their media-heavy glory. You should also take note of the multi-touch pinch-zooming capabilities of the email client.

Windows Phone 7 seems to be getting better and better as time goes on. Especially since we last saw Microsoft’s public demonstrations of WP7.

[Via: WMPowerUser]

  • Jeff

    The email program in Windows Phone 7 still doesn’t have a universal in-box, to allow you to view multiple accounts together.

    Oh well. At least email is functioning somewhat.

    Now Microsoft might be able to get to work on fixing all the other shortcomings in Windows Phone 7. It still doesn’t multitask Silverlight-based apps. It still cannot copy & paste text from one app to another. It still can’t share its internet connection with a tethered laptop. Apps cannot access the compass or video camera. No VoIP. No HTML5. No Flash.

    But the email is now working. Somewhat.

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