Sony Ericsson promises Android 2.1 for Xperia X10 series by the end of September

Sony Ericsson promises Android 2.1 for Xperia X10 series by the end of September

I know many of the Xperia X10 (whether the original, Mini or Mini Pro) smartphone owners keep asking – WHEN? When will Sony Ericsson finally release the Android 2.1 and hopefully soon afterwards the 2.2 Froyo update for its devices?

We don’t know the latter, but regarding the former, the Swedish-Japanese handset maker used its Twitter account to inform the world the Xperia X10 family of phones will get the Android 2.1 update by the end of September. Actually, it was Sony Ericsson UK which tweeted the news, so we’re not sure whether the whole world will get the same treatment in September. AT&T, which carries the Xperia X10 in the U.S., hasn’t issued any release on the matter, leaving us with nothing but pure hope. As soon as we hear something new on this front — and whether any other Android device gets an update — we’ll definitely talk about it on IntoMobile. In that sense, staying subscribed to our RSS feed could prove beneficial. 😉

[Via: Engadget]

  • Edward

    Even with Android 1.6 the Xperia X10 is way ahead of iphone. The battery is replaceable, ergonomics are better, more real estate and it cost a whole lot less. Multitouch is the only missing iphone feature and not a big deal. Would nt swap it for a hundred iphones.

  • rishav

    If i own a X10 mini pro, will i b able 2 upgrade 2 d android 2.1 when it is released??

  • Andrew

    Well let me be the first to say that its the end of September today and surprise surprise no release of 2.1 SE are making fools of all its customers. The only thing worth doing niw with this uselss phone is keep it for 30 years as an antique to commemerate the demise of the 2nd largest mobile phone company.
    I think i hear breaking news coming in….
    SE are to buy microsoft, the next version of winows from SE will be ruining microsoft with the re-release of windows.95 64bit

    • Andrew

      …..with their logic, the PS4 will be coming with cartridge games.
      MP3 walkman players now with 8-Track
      HD camcorder with Nitrate film
      and not forgetting their new 6″ black & white 3D tv’s.

      Multi-billion pound company ran by money grabbing “individuals” with absolutely NO customer respect.

  • I hate to having to say this, but SE sucks.To the point that i just want to throw my X10 in the trash. Don’t get me wrong, i am not a hater. Not until now, that is. The only reason that Sony still survive today is because it’s eating of it’s good ‘HARD EARNED’ reputation built by those who managed the corp in the past. To compare…. Apple have way better sound quality in the music devices….. and lots of other small ‘less popular’ companies have better pictures quality…. I personally thinks Samsung is by passing Sony in pictures quality. And last but not least …. the people who runs the corp…. makes me sick now….. they treat us like we’re morons and dont know any better. They can shovel all their promises up their behind. I’ll take anything over a SE now.

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