Sprint 4G/WiMax Getting Ready to Go Live in New York City

When it comes to Sprint and its 4G or WiMax network in New York City, news of the speedy next generation being live in some areas wouldn’t be the first, or even second time we’ve heard about it. But now that more folks are latching onto WiMax capable devices like the Overdrive 3G/4G and the new Samsung Epic 4G, everyone is beginning to take notice. Is Sprint’s 4G/WiMax network ready to go live in the Big Apple?

Sprint PR spokesperson Stephanie Vinge says that the network is being readied for launch soon, but no exact dates or time frame has been given. Since Sprint has been saying “soon” for quite some time now, I’d say you should just enjoy the WiMax coverage you’re getting now while a full, official deployment is made. Otherwise, if you live or work in NYC but you’re not getting WiMax coverage, try to relax a little; it should be coming any day now.

In addition to the pending launch of 4G in New York City, Sprint has announced the launch of WiMax in Boston, Daytona Beach, Florida and Providence, Rhode Island.

[Via: PhoneScoop]

  • Alex

    Its frustrating!!!! the biggest market still without 4G coverage period!!!!!!!!!! Grrr!!! it’s frustratin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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