Skype Mobile for Android Now Works with Wi-Fi on Verizon

Skype Mobile, which still only works with Verizon thanks to a deal made earlier this February, can now connect over Wi-Fi. Odd, isn’t it? You’d think that Wi-Fi would have been an option from the start to relieve the U.S.’s best 3G network (in terms of coverage) of some strain. However, until now Skype had only worked over 3G and not Wi-Fi.

A minor update was pushed out last night for Skype for Android which should now allow users to initiate or receive calls while connected to a Wi-Fi network. Oddly, however, calls are not handled over Wi-Fi, but over Verizon’s 3G network. The only difference now is that calls can be made without having to disable Wi-Fi when it is turned on. Strange.

[Via: PhoneScoop]

  • Fred D.

    Another “feature” if one tries to Skype call a U.S. Phone number a message appears that states calls to U.S. Phone numbers will be handled using the cell phohne and plan minutes. A nice little sneak placed in there to prevent unlimited calling to phones.. Only Skype to Skype or overseas calls won’t burn plan minutes now!

  • sajeesh

    i wish to use skype in my samsung it possible?

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