iPhone 5 Concept Design is Ultra Thin (and Ultra Fake)

iPhone 5 Concept Design?

A little iPhone 5 love to go with your Sunday morning coffee, anyone? If you answered yes… read on!

Concept designs and rumors are something that go hand-in-hand with upcoming generations of anticipated gadgetry…. especially when it comes to our beloved mobile devices. Case-in-point this morning, a new iPhone 5 design concept I stumbled across. Yes, it’s September 2010, and I’ve already spotted a next-gen concept. Have mercy. 🙂

Pictured above, this iPhone 5 design from the folks at HandyFlash gives us a glimpse (possibly) into what the next generation of Cupertino’s iOS-powered device could look like. Note how thing they’ve made the darn thing. Reminds me of that old iPod Nano I have sitting on my desk. Also, by the looks of things they’ve done away with the external ‘band’ visible on the 4th gen. No ‘antennagate‘ with the next generation according to the designer.

Of course, this is all fiction, so take this for what it’s worth… it’s something cool to look at and think about. What do you think we’re going to see packed-in to the iPhone 5? Or is this… TOO SOON!? 🙂

  • Now that is sexy.

    • les

      It’s a cardboard modal of an iphone ?

  • Gman

    Who would want a phone that thin? It would be like holding a slice of cheese. NO thanks, there is a point where things are TOO thin/small.

    • Georgey

      That was the same thing your wife said about you before she left.

      • molves


      • Josh

        Ahahah. Classic

    • Random Shit

      Yea too thin too small is true but by the time u get a quality, most of the time bulky(otter box) case on it you will have a regular sized fone again we can once again fit inside our pockets instead of looking like a bunch of old farts clipping them to our pockets and belts like I see most ppl do…

  • mr.function_over_form

    @Dave Klein
    Sexy?Maybe…But to me when it comes to anything li-io/li-po batt powered devices,THIN=BAD period.Current mobile batt tech just aren’t efficient and powerful enough to be physically scaled down to those levels of slimness.

    3rd party acc makers such as Seidio has proven time and again that they’re able to come up with replacement batt add-ons that does not completely or radically change a default supported products overall design and heft.

    1800-2000MaH batts should be the way forward especially for device/smartphone makers such as Apple.Inc with HUGE R&D resources.It’s astonishing really that we’re subject to 3rd party designs with far less endowed funds in the same aspect.

  • Cool design,

    but as you know, Apple does not print model name(iPhone 5) on the front panel. :-p

  • where’s the antenna now????

  • Brandon

    My vote is for 100% fake. It’s showing freakin’ iOS 2… If anything was as serious as even an early concept, it would AT LEAST be showing iOS 3!

    • Pete

      You think? Even the title of the page explains it’s concept! Jeez…

    • We know it’s fake – it says so in the article title and body – idiot.

  • Phil

    Keep dreaming fanboys, this isn’t even physically possible

  • Jenny

    I’d buy it. ?

  • zach

    looks like crackers and soup for dinner?

  • nice spoon.

  • Shinyhat

    Well this is a nice exercise in rendering, but even as concept it’s far too impractical. No thickness for plugging in the dock connector or headphones. Even if you went completely wireless for sync & sound, the battery life would last about the duration of a sneeze. Not to mention that if it were constructed of anything less than carbon fiber it would snap in half in your pocket. Pretty though.

    • Soufian

      If it were as thin as a ipod nano it could actually work. So snapping in half wouldn’t occur with such a thick design. Unless you’re a retard.

  • This is possible if they have discovered how to deal with the battery. A battery soo slim that can fit on the above design will innovate the whole tech world.

    Cool concept but not possible in this time. Maybe Apple will surprise us just like how they introduced the ipod.

  • Pola

    Geez, what’s the point with such a thin phone? Keep the thickness the same as iPhone4 and give me a bigger battery with the extra space available. I only want to charge it once per week…..

  • The Cynic

    Is the spoon there to help pick up the phone? Because I don’t think it can be done any other way.

  • JR

    Why do most concepts make the phone unsymmetrical? For the 2 handed use, iPhone needs both the top and bottom thumb area.

  • Nick

    Fake but accurate. The iPhone 5 will be super thin and sexy but still toute a 4×4 grid of ugly ass square icons that don’t rotate when you turn the phone sideways.

  • Looks great… shame it’s fake.
    I think having a phone that thin would be awesome, but most people here don’t seem to agree!

    • vijay madaan

      if its fake than coming technology must be fake

  • Me

    Now it can actually also slice cheese!

  • Enter the MacBook Air of phones.

  • Bill

    Will it be waterproof?

  • there is macbook air, now there is iphone air … till ppl use it as a frisbee

  • iphone 5 it very thin >< i like it!

  • Klo


    • Myemail

      O realy? Mister Obvious 😐

  • Maham

    wow look how thik it is

  • Maham

    i have got a iphone 5

  • Rosey

    wow! look how thin it is a iphone 5 is better than a iphone 4 i am getting a iphone 5 its the best maybe a iphone 6 might come out or maybe all of the numbers might come out but since the iphone is been out i vote for iphone 5 !…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!……………………………………yeah!.

  • jessie rose

    wow very thin i like it how much does it cost!!

  • Xinemdungradi_92

    tuong lai no co phai la 1 the he so cua toan cau ??

    • Myemail


  • Caca

    wow.. iphone 5 😀
    where i can buy it?

    • Kumar

      Are you fucking shitting me???? Dude you high? Jesus christ wanna party?

  • Miwanik

    thats just a piece of metal with a sticker.
    1). No speakers,
    2). No buttons on the left of it, which all iphones have,
    3). The software is of the iphone 3G, why would they go back to that after just releasing the OS for Iphone 4,
    4). No arear at the bottom for charging,
    5). ITS FAKE,

    • Jbrpossard16

      this is 100% FAKE LOOK AT Miwanik COMMENT HE IS RIGHT AND FACTS. unless every thing on other side and there is a pad u charge it on.

  • Jbroussard16

    never mind every one look at the heading i quote “iPhone 5 Concept Design is Ultra Thin (and Ultra Fake).”

    • spyder

      dreams can become reality

  • Filh

    this breaking easly

  • Obitumx

    “Note how thing they’ve made the darn thing.” should be “Note how thin they’ve made the darn thing.”

  • hi

    that is fake

  • omg this phone idk what to really say but its hottt i mean jus look at it

    • PJ

      that makes no sense at all ! learn how to write you idiot !!!

  • hmmmmm how in the world would you connect this to your computer… fail

    • Mipatry

      ios5 has wireless sync

  • hallo

  • wat sop bitchs

  • Caffoholic

    Damn.. people who commented this are plain stupid! Obviously he made a good job with making this image since it looks real! Who cares if it has no buttons (visible anyways).. Nice 3d skills! Big ups!

  • Mrdjfresco

    iPhone 5 look nice but still expensive,can you sale more cheap this year?

  • Bumhole

    bum hole

  • Whitebunny

    i bet you can break that in half with your own hand 

  • Ffb

    maybe in 3000

  • Whewitt98

    they probably will be like that very soon ! its sexy tho !

  • Whewitt98

    they probably will be like that very soon ! its sexy tho !

  • Only One prob If It Drops it will Blow Away 😀

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