Nokia to introduce the E7 and other smartphone models at Nokia World next week

Nokia’s most important event of the year, dubbed Nokia World, will begin next week in London and sources who have spoken to Reuters say that the E7, along with other smartphone models, will be announced at the show. If true, and we have no reason to believe otherwise, then the E7 will become the first Eseries device to feature a touch screen and also the first to run Symbian^3. The photo above, leaked in June, is what people think the E7 will look like, but the design language is far too similar to that of the N8 for me to believe that.

One month later, in July, we got word that the E7 will be launched in the UK in November, along with the Samsung Cetus. A spec sheet was passed around that said the E7 is going to have a 4 inch screen, which if true is going to make it one of the biggest devices Nokia has ever produced.

Then there’s the “other smartphones”. Are we going to see other devices in the Eseries lineup get an upgrade? It’d be interesting to see if the Finnish firm can squeeze a touch screen and full QWERTY keyboard into a device with the same form factor as the famous E71. Are we going to see the N9, the first device based on MeeGo? Doubtful, there’s a dedicated MeeGo event in November. Are we going to see more cheap smartphones, i.e. devices that belong in the Cseries such as the C5 and C6? Hopefully.

What else is Nokia going to talk about? Their service strategy is on the minds of everyone in the industry, espeically after announcing that Ovi Files is going to be shut down and that Comes with Music is now called Ovi Music or Ovi Music Unlimited or some other thing that the marketing department is going to have to pour $500 million into just to get the public to remember the proper name.

  • AT33

    I dont like it!!! Only because it has only one button in the front!!! It needs three!!! A call and kill button is missing like in the C7!!!!!

  • Yahoo Serious

    Hey, one button is good enough for the eyefone…..

  • Jim

    So just curious: you don’t think Nokia will unveil a flagship Meego device at their premier event titled, ‘Nokia World’?

    If that’s the case, this strategy makes no sense to me. What, is Meego just not ready for prime time yet? They’re not going to get customers that have moved on to Android to move back to Symbian. Meego is their shot.

    • Correct, I don’t think it’ll happen at Nokia World. MeeGo only hit version 1.0 recently and a dedicated event to explain the progress, future, and device, makes more sense to me.

      But hey, it’s just a prediction.

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