Microsoft holds parade/funeral for Windows Phone 7

Windows Phone 7 gets a parade with a funeral for the iPhone
Windows Phone 7 gets a parade with a funeral for the iPhone

Microsoft just wrapped up a huge parade for the upcoming launch of its Windows Phone 7 platform and it reportedly included a funeral procession for the Apple iPhone and BlackBerry handsets.

The celebration took place at Microsoft’s Redmond campus and the Microsoft mobile team were the participants. The workers reportedly dressed in funeral-like costumes and marched throughout to celebrate the death of the BlackBerry and Apple iPhone.

We know that Microsoft Windows Phone 7 will be launching October 11 but is it enough to bury the competition? I’m cautiously optimistic about the potential of this upcoming platform because it does look like a fresh take on the smartphone market.

The user interface is the first thing that jumps out as it’s not just a bunch of icons in a grid. Instead, this uses a series of tiles or hubs which constantly stream in live data. This sounds wonderful but we’ll have to see how well this works in real life before we can make a real decision.

Microsoft Windows Phone 7 will also leverage the software giant’s services, as you can expect these devices to rock Zune, Exchange, Xbox Live, and Office software out of the gates. The Windows Marketplace for Mobile will also provide the ability to add third-party apps which can be standalone apps, or integrate with the tiles.

The handsets are also rounding into shape, as we’ve seen Microsoft Windows Phone 7 devices from HTC, Dell, Samsung, LG Electronics, Acer and more.

It’s going to be tough though because the Apple iPhone is well established, as are Android and BlackBerry. Additionally, the upcoming Windows Phone 7 will be lacking features that some users are expecting like strong Twitter integration and copy and paste. The platform cannot be as mature on its 1.0 version once it hits the streets but if it can be good enough, it should gain some traction as the platform matures.

What do you think of Microsoft’s chances in the smartphone spaces?

Update: Yes, the Microsoft team did the thriller dance.

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  • Argon

    Good article but very misguiding heading you chose!

  • Mike

    Very Cool. I’ve been waiting for the Windows Phones to come out. Then I can dump this lame ass iPhone.

  • T Jones

    Very misleading headline. Watching the videos of the phone – it does look easy to use. I will buy one for the camera and photogrpahy, OneNote, Outlook (email and calendar), and social networking side. I know people with a Droid or iPhone and they are good phones but a lot of apps and hours sorting them. If the phone is reset – ouch the time to reload everythign is an inconvenience. I like the idea of a smart phone that is simple but provides what I need – not only for work but personally.

  • Marin Perez

    Darn it. You guys are right about the hed. Sorry.

  • Streaky88

    Everyone wants to force Windows Phone 7 to win or lose the entire war the second it comes out. I think what Microsoft has done is build a unique platform that seriously improves the way we access information on the go. They have well positioned themselves to win this Smartphone war over the next decade…. ( see XBox for a pattern ).

  • You are cautiously optimistic, I am blatanly pessimistic and cynical. When I heard about this being done, I nearly fell over in laughter. My prediction for Windows Phone 7: DOA. Kin style. Well, maybe not as bad.

    • Jordan M

      It’s no more or less smug than Apple’s iPhone page on their website, which others would consider just as humorous.

      • mike

        Big difference is that Apple, and Google for that matter, have delivered on their mobile platforms. with a 6+ year head start Microsoft continues to fail.

  • Jrom

    This is so Ballmerish.. Not trying to innovate, just trying to kill the others, I’ll buy a used Simonsen instead of this crap, even if it’s better 🙂

  • Tom Hanks

    Android has already beaten the iPhone, so while the funeral might be appropriate, MS certainly had nothing to do with it and likely never will.

  • I find it hard to believe that the new Windows phone is going to dominate the market. While it has the potential to do well I doubt that the Apple obsessed fans that sat in line for two days to get their iPhones are going to throw them out and rush to the store to pick up a Windows Phone 7. Not to mention the fact that Microsoft has yet to make a phone that has done well.

    • Bubbles

      “I doubt that the Apple obsessed fans that sat in line for two days to get their iPhones are going to throw them out and rush to the store to pick up a Windows Phone 7.”

      True, but these Apple fanatics are a tiny, tiny minority of Apple’s own user base and an even smaller portion of the smartphone market.

      MS will likely fail here, but it won’t be the Apple nerds that cause it 🙂

  • revolver

    lol reminds me of the time Steve jobs did a funeral for OS9 when he introduced OSX……way to go microsoft, you once again show that you have NO innovation/creativity. windows sucks. especially mobile.

  • mike

    this is a complete joke. Microsoft is so far off. it is a great example of how utterly clueless they are in redmond. I wonder if it will sell well in on campus retail store.

  • Dave

    LOL. Well, that’s me had my laugh for the day. Thanks Microsoft for lightening my sombre mood 🙂

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