Barnes & Noble’s NOOK Android client gets an update

Barnes & Noble has released an updated version of its NOOK for Android app. The most important new features of this release are quite a few UI tweaks and additional options that make reading on your smartphone more enjoyable. Here’s what’s new:

  • First, there are pop-up menus in Library that appear around eBooks in Library to offer frequently used options such as “Details,” “Lend Me,” “More By” and “Buy Now” (for samples). This is done using QuickActions, which is a new best practice in Android UI that is also used in the Twitter app.
  • Second, reading experience is now more customizable. For instance, there’s the four-line spacing option (in addition to the previously introduced four margin) and text justification can be turned on or off, while the Settings screen has been revamped to accommodate the latest updates. Moreover, you can hide the status bar and leave more screen estate for the content itself.

Finally, there are other performance enhancements under the hood, all of which make this a worthy update…

[Via: AndroidCommunity]

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